Reality Star Survives Botched Boob Job To Warn Other Women

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Reality star Gia Khay had an all too unreal experience with a bad boob job.

Now, this Sherman Oaks native is warning other women to make sure they do a good job of checking out their doctors before they have any procedure done.

Khay stars on VH-1’s “You’re Cut Off,” a series about nine women who find out their families have cut them off financially for being spoiled.

Americans spend more than $10 billion a year on cosmetic surgery. That’s a lot of plastic.

Khay readily admits her money was not well spent.

She says there was an emotional — and financial — price to pay for her ordeal.

Khay wants to now spread the word … look up your doctor on the California Medical Board Web site and check the American Board of Specialities to find out if your plastic surgeon is certified.

For the California Medical Board, click here:

For the American Board of Specialities, click here:


    It’s not nice to fool with mother nature, you stupid-A$$ women!

  • Ron C.

    Almost as ubiquitious as l o n g hair extensions. Fake and faker.

  • tv

    boo hoo not satisfied with what you had idiot!!!!! i feel no pain for these people

  • Jim Gates

    she is right in one poiint you do need to check out the doctor before you have any kind of surgery

  • sfv41901

    BooHoo……its been said too many times to ckeck out the Dr before you have anything done, besides, with all that money, she should have gone to a real Dr to get her boobs done. We feel no pitty

  • linda

    I was so impressed by her courage to come out and talk about something so private to help other women. Thank you Gia!

  • cal

    Women need to have more self esteem and be happy with what they have. Stop trying to be what you are not…the real you will show. I know men don’t help by liking big boobs…I’m one of them. If a man likes you, partially, because of big fake boobs, then he only likes you, partially. He needs to love you…FOR YOU…not your cup size. All he wants is a trophy girl that all his friends can envy. You’ll be gone when a bigger pair of boobs come by.

  • natural size 38F

    I have big boobs, from nature. They cause me back pain, clothes fix wrong and I can not run. I can not understand why any women would pay to get big boobs!

  • Jayce

    Or maybe she could warn others to not be pretentious self-involved skanks. Just an idea

  • amcosta

    Going to a certified surgeon does not protect you from harm, and the Medical Boards are there to protect their members, not the public. This is a very big problem. See:

  • Arzu Metin

    She should spend some of that $$$ on her teeth…. BWAHAHAHAHAHAA…GIDDIE UP…..

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