LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Lindsay Lohan is free on $40,000 bail after pleading not guilty to felony grand theft charges involving a one-of-a-kind necklace worth $2,500.

However, TMZ reported Thursday that four days before Lohan allegedly stole the necklace in question, she tried walking out of the same store, Kamofie & Company, with a diamond earring. Lohan had reportedly left her own, more expensive, earrings on the counter when she tried to leave.

And, as CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker reports, these incidents are aren’t the only times the troubled actress has been accused of stealing a valuable item.

A crowd of cameras captured Lohan, 24, making a Hollywood entrance at a Santa Monica, Calif., courthouse Wednesday, facing a new judge and new criminal complaint that could land her behind bars for up to three years.

Through her attorney, Lohan pleaded not guilty to stealing the necklace from an upscale jeweler. She was photographed wearing it. She says it’s all a misunderstanding.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz warned her she’s now facing a felony, and said he won’t tolerate more bad behavior. “What I’m telling you,” he said, “is that you need to follow the law just like everybody else. … You’re no different than anyone else, so please, don’t push your luck.”

Lohan has been accused of stealing before, Whitaker points out. In January 2008, she was spotted in an $11,000 mink coat. The coat’s owner claimed Lohan took it from a New York club. Like the necklace in this case, the coat was quietly returned.

Last April, Whitaker notes, Lohan was caught on-camera wearing a missing Rolex valued at $35,000.

Lohan wasn’t charged with a crime in either case.

She’s now violated her probation stemming from a pair of drunk driving arrests in 2007, and Schwartz told Lohan if she breaks the law again, he’ll lock her up without bail.

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Comments (30)
  1. Mrviking says:

    She is a Kleptomaniac!!!! Just becuase she is a Celebrity,she thinks she can just walk away with the goods without anyone noticing or paying for it, then conspicuously returning it…Hmmmmm

  2. Why? says:

    That’s IF she breaks the law again!?
    How many chances will this idiot get? She was caught smirking at the camera!

    There is no doubt in my mind that Lindsay Loserhan thinks she is above the law. The thing is that she has a history of kleptomania and is obviously a pathological liar.

    As long as she is enabled and not treated like the rest of us, she will continue to do what she
    does best–have sociopathic tendencies.

    1. Unknown says:

      Get a stupid life.

      1. Why? says:

        Obviously you have a stupid life! Moron!

      2. ES says:

        “UNKNOWN” is probably LILO.

  3. ed says:

    This girls is a loser. And her parents are just as bad. They should all be locked up

  4. ed says:

    LOSER. Throw her in the pokey.

  5. Tricia says:

    If any “regular person” (non celebrity) was in court for the same things they would have been locked up long ago.. Its a fact!

  6. ray says:

    The hell is wrong with her? Youre a celebrity fine, our jails can accomodate you too

  7. Fed Up Passenger says:

    Keep the gossips in the pen please, they have been merciless for the last week. Hearing nothing about Lohan from the Cal State U students is outrageous, sinful, even the people on my bus are SICK OF IT and the drivers are starting to get fed up with this too.

    Let the legal system take care of business and let her deal with the responsiblity herself. I am not a part of this foul gossip generation who does not give a darn about annoying people.

    I hope people will realize that they should not blabber about this because it is NOT their responsiblity and that they should not worry about her because they are not invovled.

    Is there rehab for sick gossips?????????

    1. UCLA Rules! says:

      Fed Up,

      I agree. This darn generation wants to get their celebrity fix rather than focus on their own lives. It is their own wrongdoing. I agree, the CSU kids have been relentless with this all week.

      She needs to deal with this herself without anybody else’s concern.

      The next thing I hear about her, I will SCREAM, CRY and POUT. This darn society needs to focus on what’s important in the community, not just one person.

      I feel sorry for those who are tired of hearing about this. I like to hear stories about regular joes and that affects us like the weather.

      1. Why?? says:

        If you are fed up then you don’t have to read it, hear about it, least of all comment about it!
        Turn off your radio and TV! The “CSU” students as you call them, can speak their minds and state an opinion..and you don’t have to listen or agree! You sound like a pathetic moron who needs to get a life, whiny bimbo!

    2. Why?? says:

      Then get off the bus!

  8. tellthetruth says:

    ……………gee why are other people in jail for stealing and she is not…….this is a game for her and she will keep doing these things because she knows she can……..and she is right!!!!! She is making the legal system here in Los Angeles look like the corrupt system that it is……and what it is , is about $$$$$$ and status!!!!

    1. shush says:

      Focus on your life, not hers………….This society is falling apart. Goodness, do you cal state kids have anything better to do?

      1. Why?? says:

        How many comments under different names will you leave?
        All your stupid tirades are about the cal state students!
        Quit whining! This isn’t about YOU!

  9. WR says:

    ………. to Feed Up Passenger………..if you are sick of hearing about Lindsey Lohan, then get off your computer and don’t leave comments…….this is important because it shows how there is a double standard when it comes to crime and status!!!!!!!!! go cry to someone who cares to listen…..

    1. Fed Up's Friend says:

      You’re rude. You should walk in the shoes of the public and see why people are so stinking angry. Think b4 you gosspi.

      1. Why? says:

        People are entitled to their opinion just like you are. If you don’t like it..don’t read or leave comments!

        Get a life moron!

  10. Ken Petrbok says:

    This is beyond stupid! Puuullllzzzzzz come to your senses and drop this charge against Lindsay. Celebrities are always showered with free or loaned items from retailers if the celeb happens to pop into their store. It’s free advertising. The more expensive loaned items are returned after an agreed period of time. An assistant will return the item, but probably ran a bit long in this case, or some mixup/misunderstanding at the store initially. I’ll tell you what’s criminal- Ms. Lohan’s mother taking Lindsay’s free Carvel icecream card and RAIDING the icecream shop several times a week. Lindsay stopping in for a cone brings throngs of additional patrons. What her mother did was STEALING. Drop this ridiculous theft charge NOW, PLEASE!

    1. Equal Justice says:

      Ohhhh Puuullllllzzzzz! She is so used to people making excuses for her…

  11. Equal Justice says:

    If ANYONE of us regular citizens disregarded/disrespected the judge and probation we would be in general population in jail and everyone of us knows it. Maybe a bit of hard tine would give that little girl the “spanking” the spoiled brat should get!

  12. ES says:

    I am amazed that there will always be some idiots that still approve of this trainwreck’s behavior pattern. So, for those that still support her actions i will say this, a few years ago i almost got into a head-on collision by the then trainwreck Brittney Spears as i was driving home from work on Mulholland Drive. She was driving her sports cars at a high rate of speed which caused her to drift onto my lane while turning the curve! Lucky for me she got control of the vehicle at the very last second and here i am. So my question is, who is it going to be???? Who will pay the ultimate prize because they decide they are above the law and the rules don’t apply to them? How many chances can one get before its too late?

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