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Picture Proof: We’re NOT the Worst Drivers

Question: Does manufacturer Chevrolet appreciate the implied endorsement?
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suv wreck
(credit: Su-E Tan) Kent Shocknek
Kent Shocknek, anchors weekday prime-time newscasts on CBS-TV's KCAL9...
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The sign on the left says “Pull forward before turning,” and the driver did,  in Boise, Idaho.  You know how traffic reports often include a line that a lane’s blocked by a “car versus SUV”- wreck, or something similar? Well now we know that an SUV can take on TWO cars, and still come out on top.  (Literally -Ed.)

The driver reports putting the SUV in gear, and just zooming right over a curb and the two cars. Nobody hurt; and because it happened on private property, apparently, the driver didn’t even get a ticket. Sweet.

(Photo: KTVB.com)

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