LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles City Council has voted to create a special committee tasked with reviewing issues related to a downtown NFL stadium proposed by sports and entertainment company AEG.

The officials voted unanimously Wednesday to form the ad hoc panel made up of council members.

The committee is separate from the stadium working group of city staffers approved by council members last week. The mayor has also convened a commission of business leaders to evaluate the proposal.

Council President Eric Garcetti said at the hearing that the panel would make sure the 64,000-seat stadium, which would be built on city-owned convention center property, is a good deal for taxpayers.

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Comments (9)
  1. ZOM says:

    Quick and easy forget this nonsense of spending Millions on a Football area, and lets fix the PUBLIC TRANSIT,TRAFFIC AND PARKING CRISIS in DOWNTOWN L.A. GOOD for TAXPAYERS my FOOT!!!!!!!

    1. rich says:

      think about it if they build this stadium which i personally could care less about im not a sports person but it will bring much needed money to the area through JOBS TO RUN THE PLACE, TICKET SALES, MERCH SALES FROM WHAT EVER THE TEAM IS SALES FOR SURROUNDING BUSINESS DURING AND OR AFTER GAMES so i think its a decent idea to build this

  2. Dave says:

    Great idea, wrong location. You are never going to get 30,000 cars into and out of that area for any event in a million years. Besides, you automatically exclude two thirds of Southern California. Put the stadium in City of Industry. Access and parking will be slicker than snot on a door knob . . . . . . . .

    1. rich says:

      dave correct me if i am wrong down town is the same place the staples center and the LA colesum are right??? if so they have had and handled huge events there for a long time so why would this one be any diffrent?

      1. Bob says:

        I don’t know why anyone would think the traffic on the west side is good

    2. Marco says:

      I’m in agreement with Dave. Lets stop trying to act like this would be good for the city and the people. Traffic would be HORRENDOUS. Lets have at least one venue away from the city where people can enjoy themselves without the frustration of traffic. The stadium proposed for Industry seats more people and they have the land for tailgate parties and I have read a skate park and other family themed venues. It would take 2 days to go 2 miles with a stadium in the middle of an already traffic congested area. And besides everything involving retail around Staples Center is overpriced. So who can afford it?

      1. rich says:

        the econ where sports and events is clearly not bad seeing as how there is no such thing as a sporting event that is ever empty 1000s pay what ever to see the lakers dodgers angels and who ever else so no matter where they put this venue it will be a cash cow for more sports and thus help the econ as a whole plain and simple

  3. LA's BAD ECONOMY says:

    LA’s economy & Traffic Jam issues, any NFL heading towards LA is leaning close to Bankruptcy in 5-10 years from now.. LA fans are Bandwagon fans, NFL teams will not survive in this LA market.

    Learn from the LA RAIDERS & LA RAMS mistakes. There is a reason why they left LA..

  4. rich says:

    the rams and raiders were both teams that came from some place else before they came here and their owners choose to take them back where ever they came from a HOME GROWN team i feel would have a better shot because the town would buy in more

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