Burbank Woman Picks Fruit To Help The Needy

BURBANK (CBS) — Helena David braves bugs and branches and the elements so that the less fortunate can eat healthy.

David says some of her clients include former providers. The need is that great.

She says at the moment, 10 percent of Burbank families qualify as “needy,” about 6,000 families and 9,000 people.

If you want to help David, or want to offer fruits/veggies from your own garden, call her at the Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC), 818-848-2822.

BTAC helps homeless families as well as those facing financial hardships.

  • Yoram

    I have a fruits for you.

  • Barbara Coleman

    I have lots of lemons, but live in Alta Loma.

  • C Boley

    What a wonderful thing to do.

    A couple years ago I put a shelf on our front side yard and have been putting mom’s fruit in that — every few days or so. And it occurred to me that with a taller ladder I could get more of mom’s fruit out front… but sending it to a food bank sounds like a better idea. hmmmm… I gotta find someone with a big ladder and a truck!

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