YORBA LINDA(CBS) — A controversial Arizona sheriff talked illegal immigration in the Southland Tuesday night.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio whose strict law-enforcement policies have drawn global attention to Arizona’s Maricopa County, is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m. Tuesday as part of the Liberatore Lecture Series held on the grounds of the Nixon Presidential Library & Museum in Yorba Linda.

He is expected to focus on his experience as an officer with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics during the Nixon Administration.

The event is hosted by Philip Liberatore, an Orange County radio-talk-show host and conservative activist.

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Comments (40)
  1. NOT DREAMING says:

    joe while here,,,,will you run for mayor??? PLEASE?

  2. Stars and Stripes forever says:

    OmiGod, I love that Sheriff! How come this news didn’t come sooner? I would have loved to drive out to Yorba Linda, cheer, and blow kisses toward him. You are the Man, Joe. We love ya!!!

  3. Green Eagle and Red says:

    This prick should also be in jail wearing pink boxers. Racist prick!

    1. Silence Dogood II says:

      How is he a racist? He wants to protect America from foreign invaders (i.e.- people who are here illegally and are raping our country socially and economically). This isn’t being racist- IT’S BEING A VERY PATRIOTIC AMERICAN!!!!!

    2. Alan C Rhine says:

      why so foul mouth and uneducated O i get it SORRY ANCHOR BABY

  4. Rascal says:

    Go Joe….a real American hero

  5. Adolph says:

    Joe should wear Green Eagle and Red boxers and take a big brown turd in them roll it up in a tortilla and sent it to post # 3

  6. marthawashignton says:

    I would have love to give you a BIG SMACK too Joey! A big smack right between the eyes.

  7. john lindauer says:

    the hilarious thing about the whole issue?

    people complain that “illegal aliens don’t pay taxes.” they do.

    people complain that “they’re taking our jobs.” they’re not.

    there is 10% unemployment and another 10-20% under-employment. (making for a huge, available labor-force).

    so why is there still a market for illegal mexican workers (washing dishes, cleaning toilets, cooking, baby sitting, etc)?

    because naturalized citizens DON’T WANT THAT TYPE WORK. naturalized citiizens think that type of work is beneath them. so the Mexican labor market remains.

    People need to take a moment and get real. We need the mexicans. That’s why there’s still a labor market for illegal aliens.

    1. elyoung says:

      look around you! They are not just washing dishes. they dominate most all blue collar jobs. I only see two races of men on contruction jobs. wake up they are here with all their insane crime and stupid food.

      1. johnlindauer says:


      2. john lindauer says:

        why should anybody get mad at gardeners and good cooks?

        every racial/ethnic/national group that come into this country has started at the bottom.

        i’m german/irish american. i know. my great grandparents caught hell.

        back then: all you had to do is renounce your old country and pledge allegiance to this one… and you were in.

        now it takes years and years and lawyers and b.s.

        all of us are from immigrant stock. hating the mexicans is hypocrisy, pure and simple.

      3. sac says:

        elyoung is right. Open your eyes. I have family in the trucking business and illegals are killing this industry for the typical blue collar, legal American. I’ve seen the same thing happen in construction, especially in the LA area.

        Also, racism isn’t an American thing by the way! If anything, most Americans are more sensitive to this than people in/from other countries. When trucking brokers hire legal Mexican workers to dispatch jobs, who do you think covers up for the illegals and who do you think they dispatch the best jobs to?

  8. lana says:

    Vote for Joe for President!!
    You go Joe!
    A true American Hero!

  9. Red meador says:

    Sheriff Joe is the skid marks in the pink underwear. I really know what the Dixie Chicks meant now. As a Yorba Linda resident I apologize to Orange County for Yorba Linda bringing such low life to the county.

    1. Alan C Rhine says:

      I sure OC has to apologize for having yer low life lefty like you in it presences

    2. Silence Dogood II says:

      I noticed that you didn’t say you were a “LEGAL” resident of our country.

      Sheriff Joe is protecting America from FOREIGN INVADERS- that’s what people who sneak into another country are, period!

  10. Silence Dogood II says:

    JOE FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had known- I would have made the drive to hear him speak and show support for one of the few politicians officials that actually believe in protecting America from foreign invaders!

  11. Concerned says:

    I bet all those Joe lovers would have been brainwashed by Hitler also. The majority of people on welfare and ripping off the IRS are white.

    1. Protect our state says:

      At least they would be doing it legally!

      1. Concerned says:

        The only “legals” are native americans.

  12. Alan C Rhine says:

    GO JOE!!!!! Round up all those illegal aliens and herd them south. But remember don’t break up any families take all the anchor babies too.

    1. I. Martinez De Los Reyes says:

      La Revolucion viene

      1. Alan C Rhine says:

        NO NO NOT LA REVOLUCION poor illegas going to get slaughter bring their weed wackers and lawn mowers to a gun fight

    2. Concerned says:

      You SHOULD BE scared of those anchor babies who will be voting some day. You’ll be a minority soon enough.

      1. Alan C Rhine says:


      2. Concerned says:

        I’m agreeing with you Alan thus the emphasis on should and be. Whose the moron? I believe that’s someone who can’t post intelligent replies and must resort to ad hominem attacks.

  13. elyoung says:

    they are not Americans!! They have forced their way (invaded America ) here because their country cares nothing about their well being. Mexico is ran by crooks and pricks. and has long been ignored by pricks in the United States that have a financial interest in explotation of the hords of illegals who defy our laws and spit on our flag.

  14. Brown&Proud says:

    you people are a bunch of RACISTAS!. get real and open your eyes you need MEXICANOS here! if the raza were to stand up and fight you whites wouldn’t stand a chance!

    1. Red Meador says:

      Not all of us whites are against you , just the low life conservatives

    2. D417 says:

      Really? Bring it. I’m all for people coming here legally. Mexico is an armpit! But face it-whites and capitalism made America what it is. You wanna turn it into mexico? You’re so proud? GO BACK.

      1. Red meador says:

        “whites and capitalism made America what it is.” with that said , I think we better just give it to someone to get us out of the mess whites and capitalism has gotten us in.

    3. D417 says:

      Oh and just one more thing–you run all the taxpayers out and who’s gonna support you? California is already becoming a lovely third-world country. That’s what the mexicans are running away from, but instead they’ve brought it here. Really something to be proud of.

  15. Javier Torres Felix says:

    All you Joe lovers just suck his *%>_ already. Damn!!!! Don’t matter what you do to try to stop us Mexicans it still ain’t working. Yes you may catch many and deport us but every single day you got hundreds crossing. So wake up and realize that mexicans are here to stay. We have California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, bit of Colorado. Little by little expanding thru out the whole country. ARRIBA MEXICO

  16. Brown&Proud says:

    Red Meanor: You right correction to myself. D417: Haha oh you wouldn’t want that to happen so if I were you I’d take those words back and swallow them hard. Yea a racistass country that’s for sure, feeling like you’re superior to everybody ha whites that think like you make me laugh. I am proud and what I’m a PROUD MEXICANA! Go back? In case you didn’t know California was Mexico before so for your information I am where I belong!

    1. D417 says:

      AGAIN, mr I’m-so-proud-to-be-mexican, go back to Mexico! Oh, that’s what you ran away from. Mexicans have no national product besides drugs and more Mexicans. Come here legally, follow our laws, or GET OUT. And you wanna try a revolution? See how fast our military stomps your butt back across the border. We will defend our land from invaders. Let’s take a vote and ONLY those in favor of supporting illegals have to pay a special freeloader tax. Everyone else gets to keep their hard-earned money. Remember how well communism and socialism worked out for China and the good ol’ USSR. Dumba$$.

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