Buzz Kill: LA County Wants You To Take Ecstasy Safely

LOS ANGELES (CBS) —The glow-stick industry may be buzzing over the latest public service announcement from Los Angeles County, but some say it amounts to an backhanded endorsement of illicit drug use.

Amid ongoing debate over safety and security measures at rave dance parties held at the Los Angeles Coliseum, county health officials have quietly launched a campaign to offer guidelines for safe use of MDMA, more popularly known as “ecstasy”.

Officials plan to distribute leaflets such as the one pictured below at upcoming events with tips on ways to avoid overdosing on what the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration classifies along with PCP and mescaline as a Schedule I narcotic.

county ecstasy flier Buzz Kill: LA County Wants You To Take Ecstasy Safely

LA County is set to debut this flyer on "Ecstasy: How To Minimize Potential Harms". (credit:

The death of a 15-year-old girl and hundreds of injuries at the 14th annual Electric Daisy Carnival held in the publicly-owned Los Angeles Coliseum in June 2010 sparked a public backlash over the potential safety hazards of hosting upwards of 180,000 young people, but the Coliseum Commission says it intends to move ahead with the event this year.

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  • Carrie

    Had this been listed as Ecstacy Poisoning it would have been perfect!

    • Will

      I am speechless. Drugs are for losers. That’s the message!

      • Megan

        Scotts right. No matter what you can’t stop people. They are preventing people from dying and harming others. They are doing it because it is soooo easy to get ecstasy now and so many people do it!

      • horace

        maybe you’re just not taking the right drugs

      • Scott

        For the love of God it doesn’t matter whether or not drugs are for “losers”. We’ve been using FORCE to try to prevent people from using drugs and where has that gotten us? Our prisons are bigger, we have more and more laws, we have DEA squads that bust down doors, etc..

        It’s time we start getting REALISTIC and understand that people are going to take drugs! You can either call them losers and wish they be locked up or have FORCE used against them to prevent it, or we can attempt to educate and minimize harm. Harm is not minimized through prohibition of substances!

      • Scott

        Alcoholism is also for “losers” but we still encourage people to drink safely

      • Tony Miller

        I agree Will, but there is a LOT of money in selling them to the not so bright!

      • Jzin

        Yes that message has been proven to work so well!

        We have for sure won the war on drugs that why we have these guidelines to help prevent harm.

      • Steve

        It is understandable to explain the dangers, It is sensible. However if you know people will go to this thing and the use of the drug will be that bad of a problem, it sends the wrong message to put that flyer out there. People who do drugs are not the brightest of the barrel and they may take the flyer as if it is okay to take the drug. Cancel the event!!

    • Scott Martin

      Can’t they just cancel the concert? These annual concerts and parties are obviously a tweaker’s dream…it’s probably no Mardi Gras and adds no socially redeeming value (or economic value)

      • Kevin Cuartas

        God only selfish ignorant idiots would say that we should just cancel the event. People aren’t going just to do drugs. Are you saying we should ban every music festival just because people decide to do drugs there? there will be drugs everywhere you go. its just the media making RAVES look worse then them all. Live and let live people… if it doesnt effect ypu then why would you try and ruin it for hundreds of thousands of other people? we are all trying to live our lives. just because we aren’t doing it like you doesnt mean we’re doing it wrong…

  • Jim Gates

    are they nuts promoting this poison the best way to protect yourself is not take it period

    • SheenMachine

      Taking X is the only way to make living with other Californians bearable.

      • MarkBench


    • Jay

      It’s telling people to stop being stupid with their drugs.

      Ignorant fools.

      • MarkBench

        That’s right. Play Russian roulette responsibly. Make sure there is only one bullet in the cylinder.

    • Michael Lohr

      It isn’t promoting. It is educating people on how not to kill them selves.
      Simply having an Goverment agency tell people not to take a drug won’t stop one person from taking any drug.

      • Godelovesu

        Your right just like telling people how to take a dangerous drugs will stop them from overdosing..

        I guess it comes down to how smart or stupid one is, and people who take it are not only stupid but idiots also…

      • Sam Ellis

        Michael Lohr you are such a convoluted fool. That kind of logic is exactly why the sign went up in the coliseum in the first place.
        So using your logic we should help heroine addicts learn to be better needle users and give them advice on how to “safely” take that drug too.
        What an complete moron you are Michael.

      • Michael Lohr

        Sam Ellis

        “Michael Lohr you are such a convoluted fool. That kind of logic is exactly why the sign went up in the coliseum in the first place.
        So using your logic we should help heroine addicts learn to be better needle users and give them advice on how to “safely” take that drug too.
        What an complete moron you are Michael.”

        Many countries including the US do precisely that. Needle exchange programs have been in place for many decades and they have proven effective in reducing the incidence of HIV, HBV, and HCV infections.
        In a fantasy world people would not abuse alcohol, ecstasy, cigarettes or any other drug. Unfortunetly in the real world this does occur. Sometimes it is simply because people think a little of a drug or alcohol is good, so more must be better.
        If a reliable source, can help even a small precentage from dying, then this simple pamphlet will have done it’s job.
        BTW thanks for your personal attacks. It just highlights that you have no facts to support your postion.

      • Kevin Richards

        @Michael Lohr – you logic IS convoluted and not much fact to the contrary is needed. By your logic, all crime is just “unavoidable” so instead of trying to stop it we must embrace that it happens make sure no one gets hurt in the commitment of a crime. How about pamphlets on how to rape someone, or rob a bank or swindle your neighbor out of their life savings, or “be a better kidnapper”. This is 4th grade logic.

        Of course simply saying “please don’t do this” doesn’t stop those determined to do it anyway, but it might stop the “less inclined”. And the less we have of society thinking of taking drugs they better off we all are – don’t you agree?

      • Michael Lohr


        I do not see where there is even a shred of logic in your argument. When a person commits a crime against another person they cause real harm to the other person.
        When a person takes a drug in manner that causes harm to themselves where the potential outcome is death then thier action causes harm to themselves.
        Now a simple pamphlet isn’t promoting this drug, just as a needle exchange isn’t promoting heroin. But if these actions utimately saves lives of the young and or uneducated then I really do not see the downside.
        For those that claim these action do promote drug use we already know that to be false as the evidence has shown there is no significant upswing in herion usage where there are needle exchange programs.

      • Maalox

        So what you are saying that the users will ignore one message but follow to the other? There will be pockets of people that will listen to either message. And wouldn’t saving a few lives by teling them not to use the drugs would be worth it. Especially if the message is pictures of Ecstasy users in the morgue.

      • Lore

        Michael Lohr is absolutely RIGHT! He’s correct. You people should go read and inform yourself before speaking and criticizing. Go read the statistics about this facts. Is not promoting, it’s just like cigarettes. Every package of cigarrette comes with the warming “May cause Cancer” or something like that, so then it’s up to the own individual. Alcohol is more dangerous than MDMA or Ecstasy, FYI. I suggest you go educate urself in this matter please before speaking.

      • Micah

        @Kevin Richards, I’m sorry to inform you that your glass house has been reduced to shards

      • shempus

        unecessary waste of taxpayer’s $$ as usual in our effed up state. great. who the eff cares if a few more x-losers bite it anyway?

      • M109R

        If a Government agency can’t tell people not to take drugs, what makes you think that a Government agency can “educate” people how to take illegal drugs safely??

      • Sue Dildine


        Who cares if a druggie dies? Hmmm, friends and family who have hoped they would find a way out. I care, not just because I care about human beings, even if they have flaws, but also as a taxpayer. Education about drugs (how they work, how to be safe, HOW TO STOP OR GET HELP) have proven to be more cost effective than incarceration, public hospitals and paupers graves. Some will make it out, some won’t. But to call someone a loser and just wish them dead because you don’t understand their particular struggles or choices? Personally, I don’t see why anyone would feed their children McDonalds. Frequent and long term effects are worse than X. But I would suggest their children (or them) should die. You’re against education? No wonder there are so many stupid people running around.

    • Michael

      While that’s true, the fact is, people are still going to use it, illegal or not. It’s like teaching abstinence to young teens. It doesn’t work. So, if we KNOW they’re going to engage in these high-risk activities, why not try to promote safer use? A lot of drug overdoses could be prevented if users were more educated on signs of overdose. For example, in Holland, heroin addicts have the option to go to clinics where they can be injected by certified nurses, with medical grade heroin. And their heroin overdose rate is MUCH lower than America’s. The war on drugs has been proven to NOT WORK.

      • MarriageMender

        Oh boy…STEP AWAY FROM MAINSTREAM MEDIA, lol. Hmm, you know, I bet many of the people on here could actually use a nice calm MDMA session.. You should do some research on it and truly understand it rather than basing your conclusions on hearsay. Whatever that kid overdosed on, I guarantee it wasn’t pure MDMA, but rather some mixture of other stimulants with it…probably meth or even caffeine that did her in. As to the poster, well, people are going to interpret things differently. Some would even say that saying nothing at all is a form of encouragement. As far as MDMA is concerned: people tend to fear that which they don’t understand. MDMA is an excellent therapeutic tool and breaks down really tough emotional barriers allowing one to get to the core of a problem…perfect for couples therapy. If you’re going to use it recreationally, it should never be used as a party drug, but in a calm group setting amongst friends and loved ones. Most complications arise when it is mixed with other stimulants and from symptoms that stem from electrolyte imbalance due to dehydration from sweating caused by dancing coupled with inadequate water intake. Oh, I’m sure I’ll catch all kinds of flack for some of the things I just wrote, but I bet the very ones who will attack most intensely are the same ones that could benefit most from MDMA. I recommend it about twice a year for those especially…might make it so that you can stay off the antidepressants half of you are likely on …So here I am. Flame away. Tell me how I’m going to hell and that I’m a quack therapist. ;-) Seriously though, before you make the judgment, get to know and understand that which you’re judging.

    • Sanchez

      People do not think like you Jim Gates, i agree with you but not all those people taking MDMA.

  • 1person

    They are out of their minds!! Someone in the DHS must be a pusher AND have been paid off by the people who promote raves! There is no such thing as a “safety guide” for taking street drugs. What makes them think they are qualified to publish this information?

    • Eak

      Um, because they know what the drug does to a persons body and the effective ways to counteract the dangers posed by it. Which really, with half a brain, an internet connections, and one hand any person could accomplish in five minutes.

      • SheenMachine

        Unfortunately, with an internet connection and my other hand I’m watching porn.

      • gary

        same here, I got 1/2 a brain, one hand, an internet connection, and it’s all about porn baby

      • Stuff and Nonsense

        clearly they don’t know what drugs do to the body Eak, they called Alcohol a Stimulant, that’s actually a Depressant…

      • perker

        Alcohol is both a stimulant and depressant….first half hour stimulates…the rest of the night depresses…..take a shot when you’re tired you will perk up instantly

      • Daniel

        MDMA is the stimulant, it says other substances or other stimulants, alcohol is one of the other substances.

    • Lore

      lol.. no, it’s just prevention. Think about it, they’re gonna engage in it anyways… so why not might as well give them a safer outlook to it. You can’t cover the sun with one finger. Just like sex, teenagers were still doing it regardless, so might as well give them condoms to protect themselves.

  • Jackie

    That’s really nice of county health officials to print up these lovely little hand outs! Of course these geniuses that are abusing drugs are going to take the time to read their little hand outs before getting high! Doesn’t every responsible drug abuser do this? Now that this very useful information is going to be provided to them, of course they’re going to make the right choice and not use Ecstacy! HMMMMM, maybe if people caught under the influence and people caught selling these ILLEGAL drugs were arrested and prosecuted instead of “EDUCATED”, then maybe we wouldn’t need these oh so lovely handouts!

    • gary

      ^^^^^^^^maybe if people caught under the influence and people caught selling these ILLEGAL drugs were arrested and prosecuted ^^^^^^^^^^^^

      oh yeah, THAT always works, just look at the last 30 yrs of results of that policy

    • Bruce_Almty

      We should ‘educate’ drug users and solve unemployment by hiring hundreds, nay thousands of additional teachers. Good thinking Ca.

    • druggie

      probably 95% of MDMA users know how to use it safe Jackie….you’ve obviously never done drugs so shutup about knowing whether drug users wanna be safe or not…of course we do….we dont need no stinking govt handout to know how to take pills and not die though….at least most of us dont

      • S. T. Oner

        @Jackie… Just because people enjoy (or as you say, “abuse”) drugs every now and again doesnt mean we don’t want to be safe. For example, I don’t take E all that often, so a nice little pamphlet is something I might read. The purpose of the handout isn’t necessarily to stop these kids from taking Ecstasy (because we ALL know they CAN’T), but rather to illustrate the symptoms of- and explain how to prevent- an overdose. Is that so wrong of them?

      • Lore

        It doesn’t hurt to have it out there anyways, a few who didn’t know, will know now.

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  • Eak

    Are you people serious? People will take ecstasy regardless of some pamphlet discouraging the use of it, but some people who take the drug will see this pamphlet and maybe it will save a life or two. You people need to seriously try living in the real world.

    • Squanchy

      I completely agree with you. Since when has promoting abstinence ever worked for anything?!

      • Apeon

        Dear Squanchy—-Most People Do abstain, both for sex and drugs, you obviously do not have the self-control mechanisms required for negotiating through the dangers of life, and You Are Judging others by yourself—an inadequate approach!

      • ct

        worked great for me, now a happy father of five with a wonderful wife. Most people have no self control. Not the way things used to be when we valued the Bible.

      • Jahnke

        People like you need to be sure and not breed. Please.

      • Greg

        Dear Apeon — Sex, drugs, rock and roll and a law degree. Trust me when I say I think that I am certainly equipped to negotiate the dangers of life. It might not be the life that you would want, but remember, what it is when “You Are Judging others by yourself–an inadequate approach!”

      • Lore

        @Apeon: HAHAH… u gotta be kidding! where on planet do u live? My dear, the real world is not like that. Actually a lot of us do take drugs here n there, have sex, and have great successful careers. just like going out and having some alcohol on the weekend. Nothing new. So it’s good that gov will try to educate those who don’t know about ‘abuse’. I’m very happy about this news today. :) Peace & Love.

  • John

    You could replace extacy with Alcohol but alcohol would be far worse. It’s a legal poison. The only difference between medicine and poison is dosage. Alcohol and legal pharmaceuticals have just as much if not a greater impact on your physiology as extasy. The real danger lies in not knowing what you are buying on the street which could contain far more dangerous contents like meth.

    Besides, do we really want to spend $40k+ a head per year to imprison recreational drug users? We’re already out of space and money, lets save it for truely dangerous criminals instead of experimenting teenagers who will outgrow it.

    • James

      Alcohol, while it has its drawbacks and certainly can create short term hazards and long-term issues as well, is absolutely safer than ecstasy. I’m not arguing what should and shouldn’t be legal, I’m just saying. You hear people say this about weed, and perhaps it’s arguable there, but when it comes to ecstasy, there is no question it’s much more dangerous than alcohol.

      Still, legalize it, I say–not because it’s good, but because making it a criminal offense costs lots of money, empowers criminal gangs, wastes the time of cops, and ultimately, does not solve the problem at all. Besides which, federal drug laws are unconstitutional, as evidenced by the fact that when they enacted Prohibition, they did so with a Constitutional amendment. That was before they realized that it’s a lot easier to just get 5 judges out of 9 to say the Constitution authorizes anything they want to do.

      • Tom Ace

        I disagree that alchohol is safer. Per dosage it’s death rate is off the charts compared to E. Alky alters families (dependents, co-dependents) and makes the user confident about their impaired judgement. MDMA has been used for years by trained psychiatrists to achieve years’-worth of therapy in mere hours, yet alky has no such usage.

        Refining the purity and dosage of the street drug would eliminate the incidental stories littering the hyperbolic bad press. Were media, government, and our culture witchunting alky in the same way there’d be riots. I have seen these truths with my own eyes and experienced the full gamet myself, so I present this perspective wholeheartedly and without prejudice. People OD on caffeine and sugar but there are no calls to lock those people up. The ignorance surrounding ecstasy is as bad as what the left says about the true Tea Party patriots. People need to wake up and experience and decide for themselves, and lose the prejudice BS.

        Best regards and God Bless.

    • Mike Restin

      So true, John
      Education is what is reducing tobacco use not prohibition.
      Look at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. that’s…

      They have it right.

      • Bryan

        High taxes and the fact that it’s now illegal to smoke almost anywhere but your own house is what’s reducing tobacco use.

  • LC

    Let ’em kill themselves. It’s a free country.

    • gary

      as cold as that sounds, that’s the only course we should take,
      we let cig and alcohol users kill themselves, we should let drug abuser’s have the same right

    • Ozlanthos

      Consider it like this. What do words like “freedom” and “liberty” mean if we lack “choice”? Some choices have consequences, and others do not. Short of those choices that are directed specifically toward the harm or death of someone else, I think it is the sole providence of the individual to decide what choices to make.


      • Kevin Cuartas

        Oz that was very well put. You put my thoughts into beautiful words. Live and let live. Its your body and mind, do with it what makes you happy. As long as you are not harming anyone else in the process it should be 100% okay. If someone decided one day that eating fatning foods is bad for you and should not be allowed then people would understand how it feels for people who just want to be able to occationally use recreational drugs.

    • Charlie Potts

      Except that it’s not. Prison time for ingesting the wrong molecules!

  • Hank Warren

    Useless public health officials, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • Christopher Erlinger

      “They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.”

      You forgot about everyone’s favorite, The Patriot Act!

  • Chit town NIck

    How about just hiring some DHS employees to sell it safely in the bathrooms..

    Better idea, legalize it and offer it free so Darwin takes over and the next generation will be spared these kind of parents because they’ll all be dead.

  • An Educated Man

    You are all a bunch of naive people. People are going to take ecstasy regardless of whether you, or health officials tell them not to. It’s people like you who think the drug war is a good approach on the topic at hand. And the statement that it is deterring people from altering their minds is just as delirious. That being said, wouldn’t you think that educating those people on the matter would save lives and reduce the risk of injury/overdose? Apparently not, but kudos to the LA HD for finally figuring out the smartest way to approach the MDMA phenomena. Worry about yourself and what you choose to put in your body, that’s all that will matter in the end…

    • Jahnke

      Shut up, you are a moron and attitudes like your are why we are being taken over by China.

    • Tom

      Good approach. Freedom of will is great.

  • kwg1

    If individual parents did this for alcohol they would be brought up on charges including: contributing to the delinquency of minors, facilitation of a crime, etc. How about the County Commissioners get arrested! That works better than promoting this insanity! but I digress this is after all California!

  • John

    A lot of people are going to be big critics of this..

    But as long as prohibition is failing, and millions of people continue the use of this drug everyday, the least they can do is make sure they are doing it safely.

    The people in cali have the guts to remove their heads from the sand, and tackle what is reality, instead of turning a blind eye and excepting the status quo.

    • Apeon

      The problem with your statement is that the ‘people in cali’ did not have their heads in the sand, there heads were where the sun don’t shine—just look who they elected gov!!!!!!!:))


  • JustAGuy

    Should anyone be suprised? We ARE talking about California!

    Reminds me of last summer when I was at Venice Beach. The Medical Marijuana store on the walkway had a person hawking his new batch of fresh hashish!

    I’m sure all you need to do is go in and tell them you have a a neck pain, and the staff medical “professional” will write you a subscription right on the spot!

    • RPF

      Reminds me of being out on lunch and seeing that Walgreens with a big advertisement claiming that I need to come in, give them money and get protected from the flu.

      Or the commercials on TV trying to get me to buy their pills so I can feel better.

      Or the Tylenol ad I heard on the radio telling me to pop their pills when I have aches and pains.

      Are you really critical of business that advertise their wares? Or are you just a bigot towards those who happen to sell marijuana?

    • Dirt-N-Mud

      Subscription or Prescription?

      Regardless, people who want something will always find ways to get it…being it booze, drugs, guns, vehicles, Health Care laws, etc.

      MDMA kills and educating youngsters to the dangers starts at home…just like the dangers of alcohol, weed and meth…among others.

      I don’t know what the answer is, but, as long as there are raves, there will be ecstasy. Let’s hope they don’t drive and kill a family of five that are traveling early in the morning on a family vacation.

      Just sayin’…

    • scott

      A subscription huh???

  • Doug

    I just can’t get out of L.A. fast enough. Two years to retirement and a return to civilization.

    • nightwriter

      Don’t come up north… it’s just as dismal here….

    • SheenMachine

      Hey Doug, just take some X and hang out man. It’s cool, I’ve got a pamphlet that tells you how to be safe on X. It’ll be fun man. California is like so progressive.

  • Dan

    I desperately hope that the idiots posting here aren’t in any position to inhibit the increasingly well-informed decisions of California policy-makers with their poisonous misinformation.

    • nightwriter

      Wow! You are actually accusing California policy-makers of well-informed decision making! Yep, that’s us… the most well-informed decision makers in the country!!! I know, I know…. sarcasm… I simply couldn’t resist! God… I have got to get a job! ;>0

  • Freeben

    I do not condone using illegal drugs but let’s face it, people will do whatever they want to do. Legal or illegal. It’s good to know that LA Public Health recognizes that in order to minimize the risks, it is best to educate the public on what to do.

    The best advice should have been listed on the top. STAY AWAY – The only way to completely avoid the risks is to avoid the drug, enjoy the music and dancing instead.

  • The Patriot

    I fought in the war on drugs in the U S Coast Guard. I Went into the U S Army Special forces and fought in two wars only to come home to watch my 15 year old daughter die of an overdose. Stay away from drugs. For the Government it is a business, everything from taxes to prosecution, arrest and rehab.

    • Kevin Cuartas

      TO THE PATRIOT : were you the father of sasha rodriguez (the girl that died at that rave in the coliseum) Because SHE didnt die from an overdose like the news and her friends LIED about. She OVERHYDRATED herself with water after SHE made the decision to take those pills. THe only reason we are fighting about ecstasy right now is because of that incident. the news makes things sound so much worse to the IGNORANT people who watch it.

  • walter12

    The City of Los Angeles is now officially a Third World Country on to itself. It is not part of the United States anymore except for US money. The Marxist city government, Hollywood, the Mexican invasion, drugs, black and Mexican youth gangs, rampant street crime, sky-high taxes, giant welfare roles have all reduced LA, once a great city to a shell of decay and violence. You might as well give the entire city over to Mexico and be done with it.

    • James

      Don’t make it a racial thing. There are absolutely white people involved with the gang problem as well. Perhaps a smaller number proportionally, but you can’t just say that means whites aren’t the problem and other races are, because that’s not really how it is, and of course many blacks and hispanics are perfectly law-abiding and good people.

      • nightwriter

        Just had to make it about race, didn’t you! Give James a gold star for political correctness. I am so privileged to have read your typical liberal response. Meanwhile, standing in a corner puking!…. I am so sick and tired of you liberals! But I gues God loves you… oh, that’s right, you don’t believe in God, do you!

    • nightwriter

      Add San Francisco and the Bay Area to your list. No one speaks English in the Bay Area any longer and the libs here are so freaking out of it with their political correctness they don’t even need a drug to enhance their insanity! They just trip 24/7 on their self-righteousness.

    • Jon

      Los Angeles happens to be pretty safe. Lived there for the past 10 years and never once felt afraid for my life or my property.

    • Greg

      It’s expensive to live here, that is true. Lot of that has to do with demand. I bet if we could lower the demand for living here by helping relocate all the people such as yourself who hate California, we could rein in housing costs and probably do a lot to clear up the traffic problems we currently have. So, when would you and your friends like to get together to start planning your move to another state? Are you free tomorrow?

  • Moan Chamsky

    Extasy is safe I know cuz I taken at least 500 pilz.

  • Moan Chamsky

    Exstasy rulz it makes me dance good and have sex with many black and crazy azian girlz.

    • gary

      hmmn, sounds good, I’m 56yrs old and could use a distraction

  • AL in LA

    Why give idiots instructions on “safe” drug use. The fact remains: “stupid is and stupid does”, so I say we just let these fools overdoes as quickly as possible. The world would be a whole lot better off without this particular segment of the population. Also, once they finally exterminate themselves, the drugs dealers will finally be out of business.

    • S. T. Oner

      >>>”The fact remains: “stupid is and stupid does”, so I say we just let these fools overdoes as quickly as possible.”

      “Overdoes”, huh? Nice. Listen AL in LA, why don’t you go ahead and stop whilst you’re ahead.

  • Tomtomin

    Real Ecstasy should be controlled and used for its original purpose…I’m 45 years old and in 1989 I understood the true meaning and usefulness of MDMA.

    • Apeon

      Which is——(at 23 you doubtless understood everything)


  • Damian Nevarez

    God you are not seeing the big picture once our society is in decay you will be taken over or destroyed by invaders. Drug usage on this level and it’s legalization is the beginning of the end for the USA.

    So continue taking drugs and giving up our youth and one day soon you will wake up from a STOOPER and be forced to speak Chinese????

  • Dr. Bombay

    “When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.”
    – Mae West

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