Aguilera Flubs Line Of National Anthem At Super Bowl

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Christina Aguilera flubbed a line as she belted out the national anthem at the start of the Super Bowl Sunday night.

When she was supposed to sing the line “O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming,” she instead repeated an earlier line, with a slight variation.

She sang “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming,” which is the same line from earlier in the song but with the word `watched’ instead of the word `hailed.’

The mistake immediately set social networks abuzz with people commenting on the error.

Aguilera’s representative did not immediately return a call and e-mail seeking comment.

She’s not the first person to mess up the lines of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” In 2001, Macy Gray was famously booed for her off-kilter rendition of the national anthem.

She garbled the words at the Pro Football Hall of Fame exhibition game in Canton, Ohio, her home state. She later told The Associated Press: “That was definitely life’s most embarrassing moment.”

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  • http://cbs2/kcal9 john wayne

    It’s embarrassing for her, but I’d still hit it..

    • Duh!

      And then some!

  • socalmal

    Hmm, wonder if they audition these performers before they sing our national anthem. For the money football rakes in, for the millions of viewers, and all US citizens, it should be preformed perfectly and with respect.

  • Zweb Wolf

    She was probably nervous as hell and well at least she didnt lip sync it.

  • Saber 1

    If she would have sang it with respect and not trying to jive it up, perhaps the words would have come to her easier.
    Suggestion for her, don’t say a word and just stand there and look hot.

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  • givethegirlabreak

    If our legislators and president keep forgetting the ideals and morals this country was founded on, why should we be surprised if our celebrities forget our national anthem?

  • Whatever

    It happens to all performers. Not really newsworthy. It is just unfortunate that we care mnore about a messed up lyric than the terrile mess our state is in.

  • Ida


    The Super Bowl is center stage….the world is watching…’s the forum that can make or break your career…’s a once-in-a-lifetime event…..and entertainers know it…..accidents happen….the good thing about America…..we laugh and move on…..

    • CA562DUDE

      I agree Just Laugh and Move on!!!!

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