Jamie Oliver Reality Show Dumped From LA Schools

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jamie Oliver won’t be cooking another course of his reality TV show in Los Angeles schools.

KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper Reports

The filming permit for the celebrity chef’s ABC series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” was terminated this week, said Los Angeles Unified School District spokesman Robert Alaniz. He said Oliver had been filming for two weeks at one school but the decision was made to ban him from others because he failed to submit a proposal about his plans to officials.

A spokeswoman for the network said production on “Food Revolution” would continue.

The first season of the show featured Oliver attempting to revolutionize the eating habits and food policies of Huntington, W. Va.

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  • Jim Granfield

    Just what the world needs another cooking show.

  • Comic_Guy

    Just what LAUSD needs. Maintain their poor food standards to produce fatter kids.

  • Crystal

    Make changes??!! If it doesn’t go through a politician or a union, NOTHING gets done in this country. Much better to have kids (anyone) get huge and then do a lapband. Easier to blame someone else that way!

  • Moe

    LAUSD doesn’t want the truth to come out. No surprise.

  • hilgi

    He needs to learn the rules, bribe the union bosses.

  • todd

    IDK if you all really know what your talking about.. The food given is fruit and salad and it’s perfectly healthy,,, thats one reason the kids wanto to buy fast food at any chance. I work in LAUSD, so I am qualified to speak. Oliver mgith be doing a good thing, might not. We don’t really know.

    • Richard

      “perfectly healthy” !!!

      don’t waste your time Todd, no one is gonna believe your union propaganda

    • notlovinLA

      Uh, yeah, todd. Your comment might be taken as a little biased, don’t you think? I have two kids in LAUSD and not one of them has ever told me that they had a salad and fruit for lunch. I hear things like burritos, pizza, taco triangles which are basically Pizza Rolls, calzones which are basically Hot Pockets, and the list could go on and on and on. I certainly would not qualify ANY of those food items as healthy. So gimme a break, todd. There’s nothing healthy about LAUSD… their lunches or otherwise.

  • Richard

    why is the LAUSD even providing food anyway? why can’t kids just pack lunch to school like i did? this country is way too lazy

  • Sam Lowry

    If Jamie Oliver is so concerned about kids’ nutrition, why isn’t he offering his services free of charge WITHOUT the reality show? He is in this to self-promote and profit. School food service needs reform, but the manufactured conflict that reality TV requires is not the way to achieve it.

  • Luis

    The LAUSD did the right thing. The first season of that show was a complete failure. It left the West Virginia school in debt, it caused students to drop out of the meal program. And the producers lied about the cost of the new meals. The network subsidized the cost to make it look like they could do a better meal for the same cost. If your opinion is based on the lies presented by ABC, then you don’t have the complete picture. We don’t need false “reality TV” programs in our schools.

    • justme

      Can you show us the figures or provide a link? Where did you get your information? At what cost are we setting our kids up for lifelong health problems?

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