Anti-Smog Agency Allows Companies To Pollute By Purchasing Credit

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Southern California’s anti-smog agency overwhelmingly approved a controversial plan that would allow companies to pollute by purchasing emission credit.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District voted 10-1 to approve trading credits, the third time they’ve voted on an issue that has sparked lawsuits in the past.

KNX 1070 Reports: SoCal Anti-Smog Agency Approves Controversial Emission Plan

The Clean Air Act allows for the creation of a market where a company that reduces pollution can sell the credits to other facilities that produce emissions.

But opponents like Angela Johnson Meszaros, of California Communities Against Toxics, says the decision creates a serious negative impact on public health.

The battle is joined over a controversial decision by the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

Adrian Martinez, of the Natural Resources Defense council, says the problem goes too far. They are one of several environmental groups considering legal action.

  • Onclewillie

    SCAQMD is just so wrong. If we, as a state, are going to really attack air pollution, trading pollution credits simply shifts the problem and no real improvement is ever made to our air.

  • joke

    So why can’t I take all the smog stuff off my car and pay credits too. Guess I don’t have politicians in my back pocket


    Anti-Smog Agency Allows Companies To Pollute By Purchasing Credit « CBS Los Angeles

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