Torrance Panel May Ban ‘Birdman’ Feedings

Homeless man at heart of debate

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Torrance homeless man with a habit of regularly feeding local pigeons may soon be an outlaw in his own town.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports an environmental panel is taking a hard look at the so-called “Birdman”.

The Birdman drives to Columbia Park daily, but the city, concerned about disease from several hundred birds at a time leaving their feces all over the place, is developing a law to ban feeding birds on public property.

Officials say the Birdman attracts too many pigeons, sea gulls and other birds because of what he brings to feed them.

The Environmental Quality Commission will discuss the proposed law at a meeting on Thursday night.

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  • Chase

    Sure, this guy has SOOO much, he won’t miss doing this. He does more for these creatures than government does. What are they gonna do if he persists? Fine him? LOL! Put him in jail? Yeah, there’s so much room, there’s absolutely no overcrowding. Can we please start leaving incarceration for the REAL criminals!

  • John

    Slow news day I guess.

  • CA562DUDE

    OMG !!!!! Whats Next Banning People from fedding Homesless Poeple too ??? GET REAL

    • Eric

      Actually, in some cases it is illegal to feed the homeless! You have to realize that yes, it is nice and makes people feel good to feed pigeons but the disease that does come with mass bird poop is not good. We don’t have to worry about pigeons and if they are getting enough to eat, THEY ARE!!

  • geeM

    Feeding flying rats is of no benefit to humans regardleess of who does it. They congregate wherever they get fed. The bird fecal matter is harmful and corrosive to paint, concrete, etc.

  • Jz

    Your carbon footprint is harmful to our environment. Why don’t people just mind their own business and leave others alone. Just have birdman move his feedings city hall.

  • y.l.

    someone isn’t doing their research, the pigeons were there long before the homes were built and the birdman came along. he isn’t the only one that feeds the birds. even if he didn’t feed them they would still come, because they are creatures of habit.

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