LONG BEACH (AP) — A man who hit a wagon containing two children and dragged it for a mile, killing a 1-year-old girl, has been convicted of murder and drunken driving.

Neely Dinkins was found guilty Wednesday of second-degree murder and other crimes. He faces 30 years to life in prison and remains jailed Thursday.

Dinkins was convicted of killing 1-year-old Kaylee Alvarez and injuring her 2-year-old brother, Oscar.

Prosecutors say the children were in a red wagon that their parents were pulling across a Long Beach street in 2009 when Dinkins hit it. His SUV dragged it up to a block before braking. The boy tumbled out, but Dinkins drove off again with the girl still strapped in the wagon. He finally stopped at his girlfriend’s home about a mile away.

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Comments (13)
  1. Not on Welfare says:

    I love how he will get about 30 years for killing that Probably Anchor baby but the OLD MAN that killed like 10 or 11 people and injured more than 20 gets off . Just Us System really Works HUHHHHH???????

    1. nobody special says:

      your mindset is quite distorted to draw such a racist conclusion.

  2. Amy P. says:

    Wow. Could he be anything other than guilty?! So sad and needless. Things like this don’t have to happen!!! Totally preventable!!!

    1. David J. says:

      Hi, Amy- Yes, Guilty for certain. Just like the man whom caused the recent havoc in Arizona. I made a comment below here as well. I have to say that i blame the parents 1st. I know some might not understand, and that’s alright. They were those kids 1st line of defense and they failed. Think about that..They weren’t careful enough in crossing that street. Gauging whether or not it was actually safe enough to cross. And then came this man whom couldn’t even see where he was going on account of being totally stoned on alcohol. Tragic in my esteem..Thanks!

  3. Danzig DanTana says:

    Yet another reason why we shouldn’t abolish the death penalty…

    1. David J. says:

      Hi, DDTana. I don’t think you fully understand other than what you were perhaps taught about death. I know you more than likely think that it would be some kind of proper punishment and all. But No, it would only free this persons soul, essence from it’s earth bound body. That is probably what this person wants anyhow. I say that by the way he acts is proof. He must be very discontented with this life. At least he had a, lady friend. I know some might want to kick me for this. But I blame the parents 1st. They quite obviously weren’t careful enough in crossing that street. The God of the Bible is Not” going to judge anyone. That’s not the way it works..Listen- Thanks!!

      1. Duh! says:

        The God of the Bible says, “An eye for an eye.” So in this case, it would be a life for a life. This man should be put to death. If enough people were punished in this way, others would certainly give it a second thought before drinking and driving. There will of course be those that will continue to drink and drive, but eventually they will get caught and be put to death when they kill someone. Then they too would be off the roads making it a safer place.

  4. HB Dude says:

    DavidJ, You may want to pay your tax dollars so you can help pay for this things prison time for probably the rest of his life, but this thing does not deserve to live. I’d rather help pay for his death. One payment, gone, off the books and my tax dollars can go elsewhere. And obviously you weren’t at the accident scene, so how can YOU judge the parents!? that is hypocritical at the very least.

    1. David J. says:

      Hi, HB Dude, I agree with you 100% that the person whom caused this tragic event be put to death. Why spend the rest of his life in jail. What is that going to do for him anyway? THING!! Your anger is pointless friend. Me, hypocritical because i wasn’t there? I raised children of my own. We crossed busy streets all of the time. If anything had happened to my children when they were with me, it would’ve been my fault. I would have blamed myself for it. Look both ways and make certain you can get to the other side safely is what i always had to do without exception. My oldest is now 24. I stated that some might want to kick me, and i was correct in saying that. Thanks…

  5. David J. says:

    Hello, I just want to say that i hold the parents equally responsible for this tragic event. Because they were the children (s) first line of defense. Those kids weren’t crossing the street by themselves were they!? The parents didn’t calculate properly the crossing of that street. Tragedy strikes often when we expect it least. I am in no wise defending this Drunken driver. He’s another tragedy. Well, hope he doesn’t like the fact that his Freedom is now lost. Sadness and sorrow, Sadness and sorrow. Sadness and sorrow. That’s our world today everywhere. Thanks.

  6. Ramalama says:

    David J., you obviously are very passionate about your position in regards to this story seeing as you have posted 4 times. Sorry, I think your opinion on the parents being at fault is baseless, to say the least. Do you know for a fact that the parent were NOT careful in crossing the street and that they didn’t have the right of way? Do you know factually if the parents were in a crosswalk? Do you know also if the driver just didn’t happen to blow through a light or fail to stop at a stop sign therefore causing this horrific event? I think for someone to make such a bold statement and then post repeatedly about it without having actual facts is just dumb. The only fact that was given in this article was that the driver was drunk and so impaired that he didn’t even realize he was dragging a wagon with a child in it for a mile.

    I think the parents will live with survivor’s guilt regardless. They are the victims here, not the guilty ones. Sheesh, have a heart, man.

  7. JF says:

    The place where the parents were crossing the street is a well-marked crosswalk complete with flashing warning lights. Yet practically every time I drive by there and someone’s trying to use the crosswalk, drivers just blow right through. I’m surprised pedestrians aren’t hit more often.

  8. That is not right says:

    Blaming the parents is pure evil. When a drunk driver blows through, noone is safe. Are you going to blame yourself when the idiot behind you steps on the gas insted of the brakes and injures your neck? That’s crazy and mean.

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