Long Beach Tells Teens To Pick Up Saggy Pants

Call for 'respect' during Black History Month

LONG BEACH (CBS) — City leaders want young people in Long Beach to do two things this February: pick ’em up and keep ’em up.

Bishop William Ervin along with Carson City Councilman Mike Gipson are calling on black children and teens to “pull up their pants on their waist” as a sign of respect during Black History Month.

KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore reports their message to young men who wear their pants down around their knees is simple: “You can have the swag without the sag”.

Community leaders say the plan is not just for cultural purposes, but may have legal benefits as well: sagging pants are often used for profiling purposes by law enforcement agencies.

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  • bdj

    Unfortunately you cannot write a law to create good sense in people. I don’t understand the reason behind the droopy drawers, unless it is a fad, new style, or some type of rebellion.

    • Snapperhead

      Its a throwback to prison fashion.
      The sagging pants denoted a person open to sex with other inmates

    • WAYNE M


    • Enzo

      Because that is where they will be soon.

    • sayhonkmon

      This is ignorance of the blacks, and shows their upbringing. Of course, most of these kids live with only one parent that is probably working and cannot teach their child good manners and how to dress properly. I would never hire anyone, black, white, red, yellow or whatever race if he or she was dressed poorly like the saggy pants!

      • Mike

        “I would never hire anyone, black, white, red, yellow or whatever race if he or she was dressed poorly like the saggy pants!”

        Hee- hee, like *you* would ever be in a position to hire someone.

    • Ron Branney

      AS Reagan would say, “Here we go again”. We as a Nation are falling into the hands of the Evil ones and we focus on the senselessness of drooping the pants. Looks good for a job interview. I’m afraid friends, it’s all the Old Greek Philosphy of wearing a mask. We focus on this and the Radical movements move in all around us. Hey kids pull them up! Even the fat cops can catch you easy with your drawers at your ankles. Hard to jump fences too I bet. God bless you all. God made every one of you….. Ron

    • Throw Away

      It’s because you are not allowed to have a belt in jail, so the ill-fitting pants they give you tend sag down below your waist. That is the look they are going for. To these people, being a thug and going in and out of jail is cool thing to be.

      • America swampfox

        We need a U.S.history month..one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for ALL

        more divisional BS united we stand divided we are falling

    • jenny smith

      Sagging your pants comes from the prison system. It was a signal to other inmates saying that you were ready and waiting for sex.
      I guess there’s a lot more gay men in the black community then we thought!

    • Doug Echols

      Again, this is another invention that can be credited to the Black/African-American culture along with the Gatorade dump on coaches at the end of football games.

    • GreatGranny Smith

      It started in prisons. By the way, zoot suits were a fad of the forties (WWII). Saggy drawers are a sign of tough.

    • Lance Bartwell

      Good Lord! We must weducate our young Negroes of this terrible offense!

    • Lance Hartwell

      Oh my! How far the American Negro has advanced in social progress! Hooray!

    • Heartland Patriot

      Sagging, as it is called, comes from rappers who took the so-called fad from a prison style. Most have no clue that it means, in prisons, that one is “available” for a physical encounter with another inmate, so to speak. Where did I get this information? I have a co-worker who used to work as a guard in a mid-size prison for quite a few years. He’s a pretty straightforward guy and thinks its funny, in a jacked up way, that this is somehow seen as a cool thing among young “inner city” types and wanna-bees…believe me or not, I don’t care…just thought I’d pass this along.

    • potatoe

      ……….and OFCOURSE The Man gives Black History Month the shortest month !!!

      • Eric

        So how long is white history month?

      • justsayin

        how come Black History month doesn’t include the decades of public assistance that have done nothing, how about the Black Panthers, how about black hate groups, how about the self destruction of the inner cities, how about the fact that the first black slave was owned by a black man you know little pieces of history like that, the LA riots, the larger proportion of the incarcerated, the birth rate out of wedlock, the abortion rate, the racism against whites? Just saying – I mean the current trend seems ot be to pick apart history from the white perspective how about a little light on some of the unpleasantry on the black side of things. I mean since history is not good enough being history without now being split into each groups version. Not all blacks are part of what I point out but neither are all whites guilty of oppressing their black brothers but oen would thinks so with the way thigns are portrayed. If you don’t want to be treated different don’t work so hard at being different!

      • SteveO

        As soon as reds, yellows, greens, browns, purples, and evil whitey have an entire month dedicated to the culture of people with similar melanin content, then that complaint might hold water.

      • Ar Amytas

        Actually the whole thing could be contained in just a few days, but the whole month is given just for looks.

    • Dr. Bombay

      “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
      – Plato


      • Michael

        whatever happened to PARENTING?

      • Fayrix

        Dr. Bombay = Aunt Bee

        Hey Auntie, why the hate for saggers? Shouldn’t you be directing your hate at your usual targets of ridicule and derision? Namely, anyone religious? Hey, wait… this story has a Bishop in it. How about a little hate for him? I know you’ve got it in you.

      • David

        The city council is NOT asking to pass a law. It IS asking that people show respect. Sagging is a sign of disrespect for oneself as much as it is as sign of disrespect for the community.

      • SABoy

        How can someone even walk with their pants already halfway off? If I didn’t find the whole concept so crass, I might be tempted to observe a few saggers to see if they fall down a lot.

    • SMac

      Well, in the past that “style” has been used to conceal weapons (even sawed-off shotguns…)

      • GreatGranny Smith

        It started in prisons.

      • JohnF

        In jail it is against the rules to “moon” an officer. So the thing to do is drop your pants revealing your boxers. It’s an act of jailhouse defiance. The loose and baggy clothing is a long and traditional means of concealing weapons. A lot easier to do than when wearing tight jeans, etc. This goes all the way back to the mafia gangsters of the 1930s with their loose fitting “zoot” suits.

      • ethancase

        well that’s where the style comes from. Back in the 80’s and Early 90’s rap artists and other celebrities who came from the inner city used to dress that way because a lot of them were involved in gangs and violence. The kids such as the one pictured, wear their clothes to emulate their favorite gangstas. It is also said that the baggy style originated from Jail Uniforms that were often ill-fitting.

        what you need is for kids to stop idolizing criminals, and start idolizing positive role models.

    • Goober

      You know it’s a strange coincidence, if they didn’t wear their pants so low they wouldn’t have gotten caught running away with that television set and they wouldn’t have had to go to prison, where they practice wearing their pants so low.

    • John D

      Exactly right Ronnie. Very few people seem to know that.

    • TacoDoritos

      Yeah what’s another law right? that’s the problem with the Nation today. Left/right wing Fascists want to impose laws on peoples personal choices. Just because you don’t agree with there “dress style.” Of course it’s idiotic, and highly ignorant, but freedom is a bittersweet pill. Try thinking outside the box, besides wanting to impose laws to get your way with force and guns.

      • bufallobiff

        “Yeah I’m pretty sure, without even reading the article again, that they were simply being asked to pull ‘em up out of respect for month that honors black history…

        Yeah, when White History month gets here, they can pull ’em back down again….oops-forgot,-we don’t have a White History month.

      • bufallobiff

        “Yeah I’m pretty sure, without even reading the article again, that they were simply being asked to pull ‘em up out of respect for month that honors black history…

        Yeah, they can pull them back down during White History month—oops,… forgot, we don’t have a White History month.

      • TheTruth

        Yeah I’m pretty sure, without even reading the article again, that they were simply being asked to pull ’em up out of respect for month that honors black history….also, it’s “their”…not “there”.

      • bdj

        Please read my comment carefully. I did not say the law should be for baggy pants, It said “Unfortunately you cannot write a law to create good sense in people”.

      • Jailer

        I completely agree, plus teenagers will rebel against whatever adults say about dress, music, or any other entertainment. So there really isn’t a point in asking them to do it . It is also a cultural thing for teens. Like earing in the late eiighties and early ninties for guys. It is there to get a rise out of “the man”.

    • JC

      The Droopy pant fad comes from Incarcerated prison inmates, where the state issues the inmate his nearest pant size and most of the time the pants are over sized. There are no TAILORED fits in prison.

      The SHORT BALD BUZZ TYPE haircut is also a phenomenon that comes from prison.

      The KIDS see this a see it as a rebellious act and therefore imitate this behavior.

      Take a look at prison inmates , especially County lockups and you will see that their pants are Droopy as well.

      • George Cowan

        Stupid. Even in this PC environment, the word is stupid.

      • John Rupert

        As opposed to UN-incarcerated prison inmates?

      • Floyd

        Did Al Capone Sag his pants when he was in the joint?
        I don’t think so. Sagging is a choice.

      • lensmanct

        So, these idiots are just trying to emulate their idols, prisoninmates?

      • Ar Amytas

        I thought that the droopy drawers look came from MarkyMark, white rapper.

      • ethancase

        @floyd yes, his pants in prison were probably baggy. he went to alcatraz so he probably had a super baggy striped thing.

        @lensmanct yes. because those inmates often get out to become rappers, or they were rappers/athletes/other inner city heroes who then went to prison.

        @Amyas Marky Mark went to prison too.

    • p3orion

      So are these idiots exemplifying “hope,” or “change?”

      • Mike

        Ah, a clever Obama reference. Trouble is, a) it’s highly unlikely these guys vote; and b) Obama doesn’t wear sagging pants but dresses, I’m guessing, far better than you do.

      • Centcom

        Oh p3orion, you got that right. Can you imagine what our Founding Fathers would think if they saw how these folks squandered their opportunites in the best country in the world.

      • crybabyMike

        hahahaha this is twice as funny becasue it made Mike get all touchy – lefty wanker. It’s a spot on reference because the idiot has earned as much respect as these dolts…

      • Too Funny


      • Doober

        “Change” as in I need to change my dirty undies

    • lolbama

      I always figured it was gay code or something. Why else would someone want to show their crack to other dudes?

    • 656

      there is a lot of complaining about “the white man” is holding us back… no when you walk around looking like a hood and a thug expect to be thought of and treated in that like manner. I wouldn’t want you around me.

      Respect your self and your community, and when you respect your self and others you can demand it.

      Don’t expect society to look lightly on baggy sagging pants that is jail bait mentality and you get as good as you give.

      Have pride and dignity and respect for your self and you can get it …. command it demand it in return until then stop blaming other and look in and at you

      • Tony

        Here Here!

      • Marla Beihl

        I agree with you completely. Pull your pants up, get an education and make your community proud. Not to mention Dr.King. And for the record, quit blaming me for your problems that you are bringing on yourself.

      • NCT

        Very well said – Amen…

    • Floyd

      This “Style” started in prisons where guys would sag their pants to show they are available for gay sex.

      • BpSitRep

        That’s hilarious, I’m going to use that every time I see it.

      • A9racer

        Yeah, you would not believe how many fights I have been in for stating that fact. Apparently, it does not contribute to their sense of humor…

    • paul

      It comes from the big house… Prison. The prison b!tches wear their pants low to let the other guys know they’re available. That’s the facts. Now….. any parents, teachers, friends want to tell this to those kids? They’re immitating gay inmates!

      • nopms

        I was told the same by a friend – it’s a ‘fashion statement’ from prison culture. I have shared this information with a couple of young men, asking them why they want to put out that signal, available for gay sex. They had no idea but I noticed they were covering their arses next time I saw them.

    • PTG

      The problem is there are very few black role models that aren’t tied financially to “shaking down the man”… It would be terrific to see some black role models speak to this issue, Bill Cosby is the only name that comes to my mind, and most of the current young blacks have no idea who he is. The Black family has been decimated, no Fathers in the homes. These kids have no hope, and are destined to live a morally corrupt life. PTG

      • Stan

        The reason Cosby took a lot of flack is because the truth hurts.

      • Floyd

        Bill Cosby took alot of flack from Black activists for speaking up too.

    • MissKitty


    • Wendy Weinbaum

      As a Jewess in the US, I can only say that this is yet ONE MORE reason why all REAL Americans must put our 2nd Amendment FIRST! I don’t know what is worse: the trashy ghetto clothing style, or the police-state repression that it engenders.

    • Paul

      Dear bdj, the baggy pants ‘fashon’ is based on black veneration for prison garb. In prison, when pants are issued the often don’t fit well or there is no belt to hold them up, so they are baggy. This is what Frederick Douglas’ great-grandchildren, and MLK and Rosa Parks grandchildren have chose to emulate…dressing as though they were in prison or jail.

    • Dave

      True. It means you are the lowest of the low in prison…. not sure why you would want to use that as a fashion statement.

      Anyway, using prison “fashion” shows a problem with society. It is decades of the inner city and urban culture viewing cops in a negative light and glorifying the criminal.

      • Reject Thugs

        I was just at the national park grounds at Pearl Harbor and there was a group of African American’s yelling at each other, laughing and talking “shouting” on their cell phones. They also walked through the lobby of our hotel with their pants on the ground, cursing, shouting, etc. They have no respect for anyone or anything. I hate their “thug” rap culture and I’m sick of kids emulating this negative lifestyle.

    • MJ

      It comes from the prison culture where it shows you “belong” to somebody (yes, THAT way). Most kids don’t know that but they wear their pants like that because it’s affiliated with prison and they are trying to convey a hardcore persona.

  • SoOverIt

    Telling them to pull up their pants isn’t solving any problems. Yes, we all want them to pull their pants up over their underwear, for goodness sake, but this is a waste of time and effort.

    • Profg

      How do you solve problems with those who let their pants sag, and who obviously aren’t into problem solving themselves?

  • RTC3

    What’s crazy is these boys don’t realize what they’re afflicting themselves with. The style orginated in prison because there were not given any belts to keep their pants up… Come on people, educate yourself. Is that really what you’re aspiring for?

  • roberto

    they are stupid!

  • josue

    why is a picture of a black kids?,white, hispanic,most teen wear the pants down too.

    • Snapperhead

      Doesnt matter if your Black white or Brown,
      the Gangsta mentality is the stupidity that embraces sagging pants.
      Prison wear for the future criminals.

    • Danglingjohnson

      Mostly blacks..and obscenely low.

    • Truth

      Josue, heres some truth, this fad orginated in the hip hop community from the artists that served time. Black artists influencing all our cultures but none so much as the black teen culture. Get the facts, get em straight, then youll be ready to change things. Dont let the truth hurt your feelings, accept it, and change it.

    • Steve Johnson

      Excuse me but “most teens” do NOT wear their pants down around their thigh, just the loser kids. And loser kids come in all colors.

    • David

      Dean is exactly right. The black community is very dysfunctional and commits most of the crime. Why don’t they own up to it??

    • Heartland Patriot

      Maybe where YOU live, but not where I live, in the Heartland of this country…rock and country kids wouldn’t be caught dead looking like that…

    • Ed Rooney

      What a stupid comment. What planet are you from, dude?

    • largo

      would be if it wasn’t precedent fact

    • surfbum

      Maybe if you actually read the article you would understand why. Because black leaders are asking black children to pull up their pants as a show of respect to their own community. Would be pretty stupid to post a picture of a white kid or mexican kid when the article is clearly about blacks, now wouldn’t it?

      • equal

        I understand what your saying, however why cant every person regardless there skin tone respect that this is what is being asked of this month. Black history month is for all human races.

      • ned

        If it is indeed for all races, then why not label it as such. It is clearly for blacks to try and uplift their sense of self-esteem. You can preach the message of pulling your pants up but you can’t fix stupid no matter what the race.

      • robert

        Equal? Do you really understand just how wrong your statement is??

        “Black history month is for all human races.”


      • a3r

        You may understand what hes saying but you fail to grasp the bigger picture. You say Black History month is for all but what would you say if we made March White History month?

    • Josh Butts

      The article is about black children and teens to pull their pants up during black history month. This has to do with blacks. So it wouldn’t make sense to have a picture of a white or hispanic person there, would it?

      • Josh Butts

        Oh I just read surfbum comment. He said actually the same thing I was thinking, oh well.

    • Highly Amused

      Because whites don’t get a “white history month.”

      • ZHT

        We would be crucified if we even asked for a white history month. Oh, imagine the uproar if we were to ask to have a Straight Pride Parade! Gay Pride Parades and Black History Month are fine though. I am white, middle aged, middle class, and I am a minority.

    • marty

      So, they have to provide a picture of all races in baggy pants? Does this make it fair? You are such a small person!!!!

    • dlf

      That is just an ignorant statement a waste of brain matter and time

    • zaks5thave

      It is not white or hispanic history month.

      • botflyguy

        I still call it February

      • ProudInfidel

        Me too, I did not realize it had changed. Black History Month, Miss Black University, Black College Fund. Try naming anything “White” and the ACLU would be all over it. I am surprised we can still call bread “White Bread”.

      • Fed up

        How about non-white bread?

    • tubaman

      i don’t see white kids or hispanic kids wearing their pants hanging down.you’re nuts.

      • meso honey

        ummm ear leader that’s wry, although he may be soft as a piece of bread or as easily swayed as a stalk of grass…

      • GreatGranny Smith

        You haven’t been in large city neighborhoods, then.

      • Ear Leader

        Fed UP has a Rye sense of Humour

    • Just the Facts

      Statistically you are correct (look up “Race and Crime in the United States” on Wikipedia just for one example). You can certainly get into whether this is justified or not, but blacks make up about 13% of the general population but over 60% of the prison population. Aside from that, this mode of dress looks ridiculous.

    • gil

      Josue its your PC views that are killing this nation.Why is it only white guys break into houses on home security commercials? How come cardboard shooting targets only come in white guys? ECT ECT ECT ECT.

      • Ear Leader

        Or “Criminal Minds” on A&E which has all white psychopath criminals on their Fictional show to counter all the actual murderers shown on The First 48, also on A&E. And the good guy cop looks just like Ear Leader.

      • Squir12

        Don’t forget the insurance commercials where the smartly dressed, eloquent speaking African-American explains to the bean-brained White bread goof how insurance works.

    • Count Yob

      White or hispanic teens imitating degenerate black ghetto culture is a problem for the white and hispanic communities to address.

      • Kevin Stowell

        There ya’ go–I knew someone on here would get ti right.

    • Dave

      Not where I live. Why dont you try to start living in the real world and admit that blacks are the vast majority who wear their pants under their butts?
      Hispanics wear too big long shorts and the white kids waer their jeans so tight that you think their heads will pop off.
      The Hispanics and white kids have their pants around their waistlines for the most part.

    • Drew

      because they started it!

    • sara

      it’s a black thing, so some want to join and be wiggers, so what, you want to be included in this pic?

    • magnus13

      When are we going to have white history month? Then I can wear my pants down and CBS can take a pict of my ass hanging out.

      • Amar Cooper

        If you really think about it….EVERY month is White History Month, because whites wrote the history books! It doesn’t need to be labeled as such because it’s an automatic assumption. This thread has degenerated into a totally different subject than what I think the article was reporting. Black leaders in Long Beach were asking young black men to not sag their pants as a sign of respect for Black History Month, that’s it. No Laws were suggested, implied or enacted…it makes no sense for any other race to be in the picture, because it pertains to young black men, not out of any racist agenda or intent to exclude any other race. I personally feel that ALL races/ages should educate themselves and be permanently dissuaded from wearing this style, simply because of its origins.

        Your comment shows a sarcasm, bitterness and ignorance that would require an entirely different article to discuss. I hear where you’re coming from, however it seems to have been presented in a non-productive manner.

        This is coming from a 36 year old Black man who grew up in Los Angeles, absolutely loves the city and I’ve never sagged my pants in my life.

    • Carlos

      They’re addressing black kids and black history month. That’s why

      • alanwillingham

        Instead of 3/5ths of a man, now it is 1/12th of a year….

        …gotta’ love the rampant mindlessness of the all inclusive Liberal Utopia

    • Leroy

      Josue, you are an idiot.

    • nvrick

      I’m sure there will be a similar motion during white history month….er, never mind.

    • NotoriousJP

      Not on Staten Island, NY. Some white kids do. I saw one that did. Most do not. Maybe in El Lay. And not all black kids do either. And no, I don’t understand it at all.
      i don’t understand ear hoops either….and don’t want to.

    • Dave

      because that is what the article is about: the black community in general.

      Besides, even if it was not, does not imply the photo is racist. It is simply showing the teens that actually started the trend.

      Get off the race baiting craaaap

    • somedude

      Whites and hispanics did not START the fad… blacks did. So the photo choice is valid.

    • sean

      i agree DOC here they come …and they will think there so gangster for it!!!Cool doggy dogggg and be sure not to talk proper WHITE english thats not cool neither.. not racist reality and beside i dont even care to be label a racist anymore for disagreeing with a horrible president or stating facts ..blacks tend to be more racist then anyone ….. they will never overcome with not fathers and idolizing rappers and drug dealers

  • LCC

    They bring disrespect to themselves. They can’t complain how people treat them when they present themselves this way. Deplorable.

  • SuperT

    I don’t see how it telling them it’s for black history makes it ok to single out the blacks and for that matter what duz it have to do with black history at all!?

    • curious

      Are you ret@rded? No really, are you ret@rded? I would hate to go off on someone and explain how ridiculous thier statement is if they are ret@rded.

    • Goodgold

      It has everything to do with black history – looking back in 10 years all these knee dragging idiots will be in prison. We can look back historically and say, “see, we knew it was going to happen”.

    • watiaminute

      Blacks are like Muslims. It’s never their fault.

  • Profg

    If they only knew how stupid and idiotic they looked to others… But I guess they don’t really care. Perhaps a reason they will go no place in life. It’s an attitude by some, not all.

    • mahone dunbar

      Profy. No, they don’t care at all. Their sense of self esteem does not come from the approval of whites, Asians, Hispanics, or even older bllacks. It comes from a tightly knit peer group, i.e., other adolescent black males. This is why the “self esteem” for black kids movement in schools did not work. They already have an outrageously high sense of self esteem, one supported by their limited peer group and not concerned with the opinions of outsiders at all.

      • Michael Cochran

        I agree. Popular culture making light of this trend doesn’t help at all.

      • john

        very true

      • rick

        You want to dress like a circus clown then expect to be treated like the fools you are. You don’t deserve anybodies respect because you don’t show any for yourselves by dressing respectful.

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  • ed rooney

    They look like clowns, let them join the circus. Misguided dopes.

    • Count Yob

      They act like overgrown 3-year-olds.

  • nonation self

    …well let them not profile, that is, let the p…s not assume guilt before it is proven…because maybe those poor boys in Long Beach CANNOT AFFORD A BELT!!!!!…but what does Black History got to do with the issue??????????…lord i thank you that i can afford to have a belt…i’ve got it in my backpack right now…i am now wearing draw-string pants so i am not using my belt right at the moment…but my backpack is probable cause that i am a slave, that is, a homeless…the new peculiar institution in the Satan incarnate u.s.a. right now

    • istherenoend

      Wow! I tried to read this post twice. My head now hurts.

      “But my backpack is probably cause that I am a slave, that is, a homeless”

      Wow, just wow.

      Since you can afford to buy a belt, I assume you can afford to get some basic education on sentence structure, grammar, and puncuation too, right?

      I really hate to post comments unrelated to the article, but this murder of the written word screamed out for intervention.

      • jr


      • bob

        More likely this “religon of Peace” type can’t write in english well. “satan=USA” another filthy dog that should be locked up.

      • Badger H.

        “get some basic education on sentence structure, grammar, and puncuation”

        Easy there, cowboy. Grammar/Spelling Nazis living in glass houses should not throw stones. “Puncutation”? What the hell is that?

    • Dorothy Kuns

      Because they can’t “afford” a belt? Go to Target and get one for 5.00! Or a piece of rope or anything that holds their pants up! They think they look like gangstas when they dress like prison inmates. So who are their role models? Prison inmates! Losers. Complete and utter losers.

    • WriteGuy

      1- You should have stayed in school and learned how to write complete, cogent sentences using punctuation and capitalization in order to express yourself.
      2- Learn the use difference between the use of “got” and “has” such as “history have”, not got.
      3- If you are homeless how do you get onto a computer to express your ignorance? Probably at a public library, where the internet is available due to funds from the public via taxes and donations forom .
      4- You should also realize that some crime statistics are going down because while these “wannabes” go around holding their crotches as security blankets or their pants above their knees they cannot commit crimes since they can’t run away afterwards.
      5- Get a life.

      • jr

        “forom”? Whats dat?

      • WriteGuy

        Fat fingers!

    • Count Yob

      Well, boo hoo. I feel so sorry for you, NOT!

    • Bob

      loon Much?

  • Reggie Mason Sr

    In the big scheme of things this sagging situation could be played down as much ado about nothing. Trust and believe, while most of our kids are not bad kids, this sagging thing will have them grouped (racialy profiled) in another group all together. As another blogger put it, this is a prison thing, cant our kids aspire to something greater? Dare to dream big dreams, Dare to Be Great. I’m sure big dreams and greatness don’t sag.

    • Taquoshi

      Just remember one thing, the kids look up to rap stars who use “trash talk” and sing about murdering women and cops. Yeah, Snoop Dog, I’m talking about you and your homies.

      Quite truthfully, the police just love those low pants because the kids can’t run when the officer pulls up to talk to them. Oh, the kids try, but they usually fall flat on their faces.

      One school counselor told a group of us the other day that the kids in school think it is a sign of maturity when a student (the one under discussion was a whopping 10 years old) has a parole officer. It’s considered quite the norm. Is that sad, or what?

  • Cherokee Blindada

    Man Long Beach people are lame. I can’t believe people there still sag their pants. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER. GROW UP ALREADY!!!!!!

  • CP

    Tell the WHTE/ASIAN/HISPANIC teens to comply in solidarity!! lol

    • Dorothy Kuns


  • Fact Check

    Mike Gipson is not a Long Beach councilman, as the story implies. He’s from Carson.

  • equal

    I am so glad to read that some of us were lucky enough to be educated. If schools would actually teach facts and truth in class about black history….. PERIOD….. Maybe the truth would be understood, Instead it is gloryfied by the Media and others that it is a , “swag”, thang…. you cant be educating without being taught. Point the blame were blame is do…

    • Dorothy Kuns

      Some of us were self educated. If someone wants to learn and improve their station in life, they only need look as far their local school or community library. The key to education is reading and applying what’s learned to everyday life. The public schools are not the problem so much as a lack of interest in learned by our children.

      • Dorothy Kuns

        Sorry – went too fast. Lack of LEARNING by our children.

  • Joshua

    How about for black history month, read a book on a black leader, help an elderly black person, pick up your pants aint cutting it

    • Dorothy Kuns

      Yes, that’s what the original idea was.

    • ctr

      99% of the blacks ruin it for the other 1% that’s OK.

      Send them back to Africa.

      Just imagine a week in this country without blacks.

      We don’t need a black history month, maybe just a black history 2 seconds.

      • AVEY0007

        U brought us over here to work for your stink lazy behind. Why dont u go back to Europe and let the Indians have their land back u BIGOTTED FOOL.

      • Don T Renig

        AVEY0007. Since this is black history month, you best go and bone up on your history. African tribesmen were the slave traders who went out in the jungles capturing the slave monkeys to be shipped around the world, not only the United States to produce the useless black generations of today.

    • Telling

      C’mon don’t equate reading comic books with that other stuff…plenty of adults that are well educated read comic books, good entertainment…and those savages wearing their pants beneath their belts don’t read ANYTHING. If they did they wouldn’t talk in ebonics as they do. And yeah here in NYC, young blacks rob the elderly all the time. Blacks are nothing but cowards who need to run in packs. Send all those savage beasts back to Africa in cages where they belong.

  • John Taylor

    I agree with Joshua. I believe that there are better, more effective ways of paying homage to black history than this — read a book by a black writer, go to a black exhibit at a museum or patronize a black-owned business, for example.

    As much as I don’t like seeing young men (regardless of race) walking around “saggin,'” this is clearly not the answer. And I say this notwithstanding the stigma involved.

    There is nothing right or wrong with saggin’ in and of itself. It’s only a problem if, when and because people make it so. This about personal responsibility, which is very subjective.

    • JOSHUA


  • Dr. Bombay

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” ~ Goethe


  • Mike Merryman

    Another absurd story involving black people. No wonder people have given up on them.

    • Dorothy Kuns

      Mike, how would you like to wake up on a planet where you were the minority? Would you still make such stupid comments about your own “absurd” people? And by the way, Caucasians may very well become a minority. Already have in some states. So chill, dude.

      • tubaman

        those states where whites are a minority are those in the biggest financial trouble.

      • steve

        Blacks are the majority in Africa. How is that working out Dorothy?

      • Mike Merryman

        Dorothy Kuns –

        Your reply has nothing to do with my comment.


  • Chris

    I don’t know about you, but I use things like this (as well as the number of blacks in general) to identify the bad neighbourhoods, and then keep away. And if you see them on the street, I cross to the other side as well. Better safe than sorry!

    • Dorothy Kuns

      Then stay out of the fifth ward! I know a great many black people (who chose not to be African Americans) who are nice, charming, and caring. So take your racist comments, fold them up until they are all sharp corners, and stick ’em where the sun doesn’t shine. Knucklehead.

      • ctr

        Spoken like a real BCL.

      • curious

        Wow, you’re telling me that you wouldn’t do the same as Chris? Somehow I find that you would or have in the past. Don’t act like you are better than thou because odds are…. you’re not.

      • Alexandra

        Talk about ignorance. If you look at the crime rates and do a little research on demographics, you’ll find that areas that are mostly black have the higher crime rates.

        Racism comes about from experience, not from ignorance!

      • John Rupert

        When Caucasians become a minority they leave. Look at urban centers all across the country. Look at whites leaving South Africa. Zimbabwa. You need to chill babe….in fact, if you stay there after the whites have left you’ll end up chill’n in the morgue….check the news from Zimbabwa.

  • Eric-Gunther :Oberhauser


  • Bob

    Black leadership…that is an oxymoron. Get real people, there is NO BLACK LEADERSHIP. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are too busy give these kids excuses. MLK was the last real black leader these guys had, the man was a great, inspiring man who spoke of pure common sense, dignity, and SELF RESPECT. You can’t turn on a switch and ask people to do something for the wrong reason.. respecting MLK is the WRONG REASON… do it for SELF RESPECT and respect to EVERYONE WHO CASTS EYES ON YOU. The way ANY person dresses is a direct reflection on who they are and the company they keep. If you dress like a hoodlum, you are a hoodlum.. you hang with hoods and will be treated accordingly.

    • JOSHUA


    • ctr

      If MLK was such a flawless person, why does his family block making his FBI files public?

      • Lisa

        Uh, because there’s embarrassing stuff in those files. You know, how the Ph.D. thesis was plagarised, how he liked wild sex parties, e&. The truth would bring down the legend. Ergo, the need to cover up the messy details.

      • Joshua

        Cause it was Drugs that gave him his “dreams”…

  • dave

    Actually the saggy pants started in prison as a way of letting other inmates know that the lower you wore your britches the more available your anus was

  • Joshua

    Just make anyone with sagging pants take them off and go naked. Since that is not cool, they will LEARN to keep the pants up.

    • oldfart

      How about wearing the underpants on the outside? That could be the next Black fad!

      • Joshua

        Have to explain to them that the brown stains go on the back and the yellow ones on the front!

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