LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The dangers of texting while driving are obvious, but that doesn’t mean a lot of motorists are not doing it.

Some drivers just can’t, or won’t, put those phones down…ignoring the clear and present danger of not watching the road with undivided attention.

Now, two new hands-free apps are hoping to get drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and not on their iPhones, blackberrys, cell phones or laptops.

For more information about vLingo, click here: http://www.vlingo.com

And for more information about Drive Safely, click here: http://www.drivesafe.ly


Comments (4)
  1. Ken says:

    I can’t believe how addicted these idiots are to these stupid phones. They put our lives at risk for their vanity. I wish they would put these jerks in jail for driving and texting or talking on cell phones, just like with DUI. It’s just as serious and more common. This is one of the main reasons we have such bad traffic lately, nobody is paying attention to their driving!!!!

    1. Anna says:

      Ken, I totally agree with you. People should prioritize safety over texting. It is very comforting to have companies fighting this increasing phenomenon by providing life-saving apps, since it looks like it’s more difficult to stop people from texting than providing them with a tool to make it safely. In addition, DriveSafe.ly offers family packs, for all families concerned about their teens on the road. Great idea and great purpose!

  2. New Apps Hope To Prevent Texting While Driving New Apps Hope To Prevent Texting While Driving CBS Los Angeles . LOL, awesome dude.

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