LOS ANGELES (CBS) — As Americans scrambled to leave Cairo on Monday amid massive protests, Egyptians here in the Southland say they’ll keep demonstrating until there’s a regime change in their home country.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports local activist Tamer Ali says the goal is to get President Mubarak to step down right away.

Mubarak has been trying hard to keep his grip on power. But Ali, who came over to the U.S. from Egypt five years ago is certain that the president will have no choice but to cede power.

Ali insists that as long as the mass demonstrations continue in Cairo, the protests in L.A will continue as well.

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  1. Mufon says:

    Not taking a side one way or the other, but why would Egypt or Mubarak listen to what Egyptians in the US are saying? Dissent and demonstration are a right, but what impact will it have over here? The only way to implement change is to return to Egypt and do it.

    I’m not saying these folks should get out of the US. What I am saying is that protesting here will do little if any good, other than “feel good” news stories.

    1. G M says:

      Protesting here as you said , Mufon ,will not have an impact over here . But at least for our people there in Egypt ,just making them feel that they are not alone . And that all of us ,egyptians, everywhere who left the country for a better living ,are supporting them and wish that we are there with them in that critical time 😦

  2. Mufon says:

    Fair enough, GM, good response. The support is likely needed and certainly appreciated. Good luck with your endeavors.

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