Church Supporting Gay Marriage Is Vandalized In Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD (CBS) —  A sign in front of the Hollywood United Methodist Church proclaiming its support for same-sex marriage was vandalized, it was announced Monday.

The word “equality” was excised sometime late Sunday night so that the sign reads, “This church believes in marriage,” according to a statement issued by the church.

“As a church we do believe in marriage. But until everyone — and that means everyone — has the right to marry the one you love, regardless of gender, we will proclaim with our hearts and souls, and yes, our banners, that we believe in marriage equality,” the statement said.

Church officials were not immediately available for further comment, and  there was no immediate word whether the Los Angeles Police Department had been notified.

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  • Ray

    “As a church we do believe in marriage.Butt until everyone–and that means anyone-has the right to to marry the one you love” I LOVE MY DOG Just don’t want to marry my dog.

    • neo

      What? That’s a stupid thing to say, but considering you are a stupid person it’s not unexpected.

      • djtal

        @ neo:
        why would you make a personal attack against someone who is expressing his opinion.

        Isn’t that the exact problem that gay rights advocates are trying to fight against? They face personal attacks every day because they wish to openly express their opinions and their lifestyle.

        And there you go wielding the same weapon….

        If you don’t like his opinion, it is possible to disagree without resulting to school yard name calling.

    • Not a Moron

      I’d say your dog would be getting the short end of the SOOOO many ways. Dork.

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  • Derek

    When your dog pays taxes and is covered under the Constitution, come back to us Ray. Moron.

  • Julie Asperger

    That is messe dup. That church gives needy people bag lunches during the week. They will help any one doesnt god say to love one another?

    • djtal

      You are absolutely right, God says to love one another and the Bible teaches that every person on this planet is God’s creation and he loves us all dearly. We should reflect that love by treating others with respect, honor and love.

      However the Bible also teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman and that sexual rellations between same sex partners is a sin. Not my words, but God’s.

      Should the church love and respect all people (gay, straight, whatever?) yes! Should it compromise the teachings of the Bible in order to do that? NO!

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  • swhitS

    I do not have a problem with gays and civil unions but for a church to turn around and say they support it just does not make any sense. Churches are supposed to defend the family unit. Without the family unit survival as a species is pretty much dead. Shame on them.


    agree with you swhitS.

  • djtal

    @ swhitS:
    well said!

  • JudeThomj

    This happened in Hollywood? Hollywood? Sounds like a Provo,Utah story.

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