Says 'unconscionable' not to let voters choose

SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown is urging lawmakers to let California voters decide the direction of the state as it faces a gaping budget deficit, saying it would be “unconscionable” for them to block his request for a special election.

State Senate Leader Bob Dutton Chats With KNX 1070

Brown gave the first State of the State speech of his new administration Monday, asking lawmakers to set aside their partisan differences for the good of California, which faces a $25.4 billion deficit.

He wants a ballot measure this June that would ask voters to extend temporary tax increases, but Republicans have said they will not allow it.

The Democratic governor noted the recent political upheaval in Tunisia and Egypt, saying the urge to vote had stirred the imagination of people there. He says lawmakers should not prevent
Californians from exercising their own right to vote.

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Comments (10)
  1. Karen says:

    Hey Brown,

    We DID exercise our right to vote in NOVEMBER. Remember? That is how you got into office.

    And in November, we voted TWICE to NO NEW TAXES.

    Now, you want to spend money on a SPECIAL ELECTION so we can tell you again NO NEW TAXES.

    You all need to start renegotiating those collective bargaining agreements. We should not be giving state employees 90% of their salary at the age of 50. Not even super dooper CEOS get that.

    That’s just for starters. I was not educated in California and like everyone else, I PAID for my college education. If we can not afford it, I do not agree to increase my taxes so that somebody else’s kid can go to college.

  2. Thomas Bleming says:

    They’re not saying nothing about the 500 billion dollar deficit due to all those retirement pensions that are currently being paid out. I know of a friend of mine, who is a retired school teacher and he was offered a cash buyout and took it, rather then loose it all when California declares insolvency.
    California is one of twenty-eight states that are on the verge of total insolvency and there’s no flipping way that the federal government is going to take over paying out pension checks to these state government retirees.
    No folks, that just ain’t going to happen.
    The federal goverment is bankrupt and don’t have that sort of money laying in no freezer or ice box.
    Yeah, as a friend of mine says, it’s going to be fun to watch.

  3. wobbles says:

    Half the state collects a check for sitting on their butts. Alot of them drive better cars than me, live in bigger houses than me, get to spend more time with their kids than I do because they don’t have to work, and have more cash in their pocket to spend on things they want than I do.

    No sir, not one penny more till you cut the multi-generational welfare crooks off. There’s cuts and cuts and cuts but they NEVER feel the pinch. No more from me.

  4. fish wrap says:

    Cut all benefits to illegals, no free lunches, no welfare, no food stamps, no free hospital visits and let me know how much we save. That’s not counting how much we spend on housing all the illegals as prison inmates. Lay off the pensions for awhile and focus on these people

    1. Karen says:

      Fish wrap

      You have to be a state employee to keep supporting their EXCESSIVE BENEFIT PACKAGES.

      I have no problems cutting out illegal aliens and like the MAJORITY of Californians voted that we not give social services to illegal aliens and what did the courts do? They overturned us.

      I vote to stop paying benefits to illegals AND reduce the EXCESSIVE BENEFIT PACKAGES of the state employees. I did not say eliminate. I said REDUCE.

  5. Reality Bites says:

    Fish Wrap doesn’t realize the help that temporary taxes would be used for eventually if there weren’t illegals there wouldn’t be companies running on minimum wage salaries to there employees, yet they are still suffering to even make ends meet. Put yourself in there postitions then you could talk. other than that you could shut up.

  6. krg says:

    Seems to me a lot of these “minimum wage salaries” that illegals are working are places like fast food joints. When I was growing up that’s where the kids in high school worked to get their first spending money and some work experience. Seems to work for In N Out Burger, why couldn’t it work for everyone else?

  7. dada says:

    first thing that must be done is to remove priviledges to illegals, dont pay them welfare, dont give them free hospitalization dont give them foodstamps and do not provide free education, that is why california is broke because it is providing them with these benefits but do not lay off people from government, laying off people is so unfair, they are working, and do not rely on being lazy just to wait for welfare from government , provide only to those who are really legal here. that is why they like to come here whatever ways because they can take advantage but since no background checks no medical exams before they come here, we dont know if we are still safe here. if you go to another country, they dont have that welfare benefits.

    1. Karen says:

      Some of you don’t realize that Californians already voted to deny public services to illegal aliens. I think it was in 1995. The Courts overturned our law.

      We need to also focus on the EXCESSIVE BENEFITS granted to state employees that EXCEED ALL OTHER STATES and EXCEED some CEO compensation packages.

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