Police Looking For Suspects In Burbank Paintball Attacks

BURBANK (CBS) — Police searched Saturday for the individuals responsible in a string of paintball attacks on people and property in Burbank.  Watch Amy Murphy’s complete report.

  • Mrs. Dennis/ Burbank resident

    It’s ashame that people work hard to live where they want buy the things that they want and some people just decides to up and destroy your property without even a thought! Then the worse part is that the parents if they are children won’t even chastise them, and if you do, they want to press charges on you!

  • Ron Cyclops

    Very intelligent. Please strike my property while I am home, it will give me a good excuse to beat you into oblivion. And when your moronic parents try and sue me, I’ll have them taken out too.

  • Ezven

    this is a para-docs of Americas laws

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