WESTWOOD (CBS) — Several hundred demonstrators filled the streets in front of the Federal Building in Westwood and the Egyptian consulate to show solidarity with the uprising in Egypt and demand the ouster of the Egyptian president.

The protesters – members of the local chapter of Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) – gathered outside the Federal Building in Westwood Saturday afternoon.

Hundreds Turn Out In Support Of Egypt Uprising

A separate demonstration took place outside the Egyptian Consulate on Wilshire Boulevard, with protesters calling for an end to about $1.5 billion annually in U.S. economic and military aid to the Mubarak regime.

Some analysts have suggested the unrest in Egypt and in other pockets of North Africa could destabilize the entire region.

Dr. Maher Hathout, a retired cardiologist who is active in the Muslim-American community, characterized the unrest as a popular uprising and was doubtful it would devolve into anarchy. Hathout immigrated to the United States from Egypt 40 years ago.

“I’m not concerned,” Hathout said Friday. “I trust the Egyptian people. We have a deep history and rich experiences, and will not allow that to happen.

“This movement represents Muslims and Christians of Egypt, women, old and young. No one except the government says (the uprising) is instigated by extremists.”

Tarek Shawky, a Riverside County public defender whose wife is director of communications for the Muslim Public Affairs Council, said he had mixed feelings.

“Part of me is concerned, seeing fires and protests, but part of me is optimistic,” he said. “After 30 years of Mubarak, it’s nice to see people demonstrating for change, which looks like it’s eminent. Local Egyptians are genuinely excited that change is finally coming.”

Protests in Egypt against Mubarak’s rule are now in their fifth day.

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Comments (38)
  1. Rick says:

    There goes some more of my tax dollars flying out the window to pay for traffic control and a police presence. If Egyptian born and raised adults are so worried about their Home land, go home and make a difference in person! You are not going to do much good on Wilshire, we have seen it before!
    You want to make a change? Buy a plane ticket, go home & protest!

    1. Mini Mousekat says:

      Rick, while I understand what they are trying to do, I also agree with you. A plane ticket to Egypt is a bit more than a tank of gas. They are trying to enlighten us dumb American-born people, but instead they usually end up instigating problems.

    2. James says:

      Rick, if you are truly concerned about your tax dollars, you should join the protest against Mubarak and the over $1 billion the U.S. hands the regime each year.

      1. Egyptian says:

        If you are worried about your tax money, then you should call the US government to ban Egyptian (or all international) students from being supported at US universities. Why do you think we get OFFERS to come to the US universities? If only taxes count, we pay taxes maybe much more than you do. Those Egyptians (and international students alike) are graduates of UCLA, Stanford and MIT. I bet California will go bankrupt soon if they listen to fools like you.

      2. cflpeace says:

        Thanks. Please see my comment to Mohamed.

    3. Karen says:

      I completely agree with you Rick. Wilshire Blvd. IS NOT in Egypt. If people want to protest the EGYPTIAN GOVERNMENT – GO TO EGYPT.

      I am so tired of every single FOREIGN protest in the UNITED STATES.

      1. Egyptian says:

        I completely agree with you Rick and Karen. Egypt is not part of the US. Cut your military aid to the dictator’s regime and NEVER interfere with our own affairs and we (the 85 million Egyptians) can do anything we want within our sovereign state.
        Mind your own affairs before you object to people protesting in your streets.

      2. Karen says:


        Please send a letter instead. Please be assured that I want the US to stop giving aid to Egypt as well now that you bring it up. Your letter can help my effort.

    4. Linda Rosenfield says:

      Stay at home yourself. Your tax dollars are safely in the hands of the Chinese gov’t. The Idiocracy of America. You’re comment is disgusting and insulting to all freedom loving People’s on earth. The United States is currently in love with your kind of complacent whining. Eventually, we’ll start protesting you and you’re hatred of freedom of speech and right to peaceful assembly. “Go back to bed Amereica, you’re government is in control.” Bill Hicks

  2. Luis Martin says:

    I just drove from Santa Monica to Mid Wilshire and:

    1) Federal Bld in Westwood had less than 100 protesters and 2 LAPD cars
    2) Egyptian Consulate had less than 30 protesters and 1 LAPD car

    Exactly how much of your tax dollars are flying out the window Rick? It seems as if more of your tax dollars was wasted in the fake LAUSD officer being shot report that locked down a number of schools than in these 2 events combined.

    1. Linda Rosenfield says:

      Unbelievable the response to a minimal amount of people, American born and otherwise showing up to show support for The Egyptian people. Funny, I thought that this was what our country was founded on. How about the peace hating, protest hating people who are ever so enraged at the stifling of ANY protests just sit at home and do nothing. That’s what you’re good at anyway. But beware…because the more you are complacent and whiney the less freedom you will enjoy here at home yourselves. Maybe you should read some books about how our country was founded. You seem to need a reminder.

  3. Joe Carton says:

    I agree with Rick, I don’t protest American problems in Egypt. Keep that countries business over there. Are you American or Egyptian? If Egyptian then go home dudes, we have enough of our own problems to deal with than rather having to deal with yours.

  4. Robert S. says:

    The people are upset that their own government is taxing them to death, along with no jobs to keep them “exhisting”, so what do they have to lose? They are tired of being “opressed, and want to be able to live free!

    1. c s says:

      Are you talking about America or Egypt?

      1. bugman says:

        good comment1

      2. bugman says:

        good comment to c s, not 1

  5. Dr. John says:

    Rich and Joe don’t seem to get it. We’re not PROTESTING here in the U.S, we’re showing our support for people who want freedom, respect and a chance to live just like WE DO HERE!!!!!!

    1. Karen says:

      I would rather your support be given to AMERICANS here in the U.S. If you want to help Egyptians, please feel free, but KEEP THE REST OF US OUT OF IT.

  6. fish wrap says:

    If they want protest jump on a plane get the hell out and do it in Egypt. plus in the state of our own economy I can’t believe we send 1.5 billion over there.

    1. Ixbalanque says:

      You are so ignorant. I will pry for you. Please read about where your tax money goes around the world.

    2. Karen says:

      To confirm Fish Wrap, I am tired of every protest of a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT in the UNITED STATES. I don’t care who they are. Don’t protest about foreign countries n the U.S.

      1. mj says:

        WIthout giving my opinion, I will state the FACT that america is supposed to be the ‘melting pot’ of the globe. ANYONE from ANYWHERE is supposed to be welcome here. If that is true, then the anger for our countrymen and our lack of compassion/empathy/apathy for the rest of the world is unconstitutional and unjust.

  7. seeker says:

    There are protestors at that location many days. I am sure there are not nearly so many complaints from people on this site when they are demonstrating against Iran, China, gay rights, or for the Tea Party. Your prejudices are showing here, folks.

  8. terry says:

    If you want them all to go back to Egypt why not set up a fund and start taking collection because it ain’t cheap! If they were protesting about something you cared about I think you’d have a whole different perspective….

    1. fed up says:

      “consulate” and wilshire blvd that… they can afford the flight if they really believe in the cause.

  9. Ixbalanque Ax says:

    This is a a good example of profund ignorance of some people. They don’t read and have no clue of the fact that this govermment is supporting tyrany in Egypt.
    They are “so concerned with their tax money been used in traffic control ” but that is all they know. They probably love Palin and believe they live in a democracy too. Poor fools. Thank God for all the courages people who showed up today at the Federal Building. I was there around 12:15 and there were about 300 people. It was very empoering to see how many people have a social conscience and a sense of justice. Long live the people of Egypt undera new government soon,

    1. Karen says:

      Ix. I am an American. This is the United States. With all due respect, WE HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS. We do not need to be involved in a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT.

  10. Rick says:

    Hey Ax! No man, I hate Palin! 300 people, I guess many don’t care my friend.

    I will ask all of you this. Lets say America is the middle of some form of chaos. What would happen if those AMERICANS now in Egypt protested on the streets? Yeah, that would go over well!! That American would be treated with great respect!?!
    Our Government has been IN BED with Nations like this in the past, do not need to name them yet many are in the Middle East.
    Something tells me that if we mind our own business in the Middle East and have done so in the past we would be in a much better place in the World’s opinion than where we are now.

  11. Mohamed (LA, CA) says:

    Not involved in a foreign government?…so are you dismissing the value of $1.3 Billion Dollars, are you are you just ignoring it completely?

    A lot of Americans are at a disconnect with what happens in the rest of the world. We live so far away, and only hear about everything on the news, so it is natural to assume that we have nothing to do with anything…

    But that is far from the truth. I protested at the Rally today. I thought a lot about why I am going, because I value my freedom, and I will use it when I see fit and when there is a good reason for me to do so.

    I was there for two reasons. The first was to show my support for Egyptians in the protest right now. I hope that they see that Egyptians in other parts of the world see their struggle and admire and respect the courage that it took for them to speak out.

    The Second is the same reason that I am replying on this forum. I want Americans to know that Egyptians can and will act on their own for the right reasons, and they do not need to be treated like mindless children. They can and have taken care of themselves for the last few centuries (and beyond) and believe in democracy and freedom, without strapping bombs to their chests or other sorts of useless violence to show it. And the best part of all of this is that there are CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS in solidarity working together. I think that is a lesson that we can all learn from. It is possible…

    Who knows what will happen to Egypt. But no matter who rises to power after this, at least the Egyptians know that it is ok to voice their opinions for what they want and what they need. Which at the moment is Freedom and Democracy…

    So think about it. They are protesting for two values which we hold so dear. With that said, why wouldn’t you support them?

    1. Karen says:


      I fail to see any value to the US for getting involved in Egypt’s political problems. And now that I know we give aid, I’m protesting that. We need money in the U.S. We do not need to be giving it away to unstable political regimes. I am American and I work on American problems.

      1. cflpeace says:


        Thank you for protesting the U.S. giving our money to dictators. Please see my response to Mohammed for my response to your “American” working on “American problems.”

      2. Mohamed (LA, CA) says:

        The only thing that Egyptians want from the US right now is to ask Mubarak to step down. Why? Because they have been building up the dictatorship for the past 30 years and have been funding him for about just as long.

        The relationship between Egypt and the US is a lot more complicated than just the US reaching into their “pocket” and giving away money to another country. Egyptians actually do not want the aid, it is the current Regime that does. The aid that we give to them actually costs the Egyptians money in the long run. Please see following article for more info:

        Conditions tied to the aid ensures that much of the money comes back to the US at an inflated value. Egypt has enough resources to stand on it’s own. I do not support the aid.

        Karen, you and I are two sides of the same coin. US is already heavily involved in Egypt’s political problems. What we must do is distance ourselves from them, but in a way that propagates democracy and proclaims our support of their need for freedom. That is all I am saying. A simple: “Mubarak the people ask that you step down in the interest of Democracy” will do.

    2. Karen says:

      I am not on any coin with you. PERIOD.

      I am an American who could care less what happens in foreign countries to be honest. I wish our government would pay attention to Americans instead of foreigners.

      1. Mohamed (LA, CA) says:


        Just to clarify…

        All you have said thus far is “I am American and I care about American problems”

        I have explained how America plays a role in this, and how this is also an “American problem” because we give aid to Egypt. You have responded with “I protest the Aid that America gives” and do not think that America should be getting involved in Egypt’s problems.

        I agreed with you and mentioned we should stop giving aid, and America should distance itself from Egypt.

        #1 We both think America should not be giving aid to Egypt
        #2 We both think America should not be involved in Egypt’s problems

        How are you not on the same coin with me?

        Please do not respond if all you are going to say is I am American and I think our government should pay attention to us Americans. I already know that is what you believe, you have posted that about 5 times now.

  12. Game Over says:

    The Government is corrupt here, there, and everywhere. Open your eyes, zoom out and look at the full picture. The future is in our hands and in our childrens hands. If we don’t try to make a difference, then who will? It is better to express yourselves than accept oppression for a period of time then have a violent bubble of anger burst after 30 years.

  13. Karen says:

    I do not see any comments by you except asking people to look at yours. Twilight Zone.

  14. Rami says:

    I am a Muslim and a American Muslim so I care bout both so at least give a little time to help Eygept

  15. Bruce says:

    Its like this – The world belongs to us all, and that all should have the same benifits that the world gives. (Gods given world to us all).

    Unfortunatly, the corrupt want it all, and that in mathmatical terms – if they (The corrupt) want more, then others have to pay the cost.

    What do we do – simple, remove those who destory the benifits of others – ie the currupt, who are of the devil, to which have no place on this planet. Remove them – then we will have peace in accordance to Gods will.

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