TEMECULA (AP) — A Riverside County woman arrested after a crash that killed her 9-year-old daughter had lost her license because of a drunken driving conviction.

The North County Times says court records show Karen Honeycutt of Temecula was sentenced to a year’s probation last year for driving on the suspended license. She had a similar licensing conviction in 2009.

Honeycutt’s daughter, Chloe, died Wednesday after she was hurled from her mother’s Jeep when it hit a tree and a light pole in Temecula. Police say Honeycutt was doing up to 100 mph. The girl’s 8-year-old brother and 17-year-old stepbrother were injured.

Honeycutt was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise says she suffered a broken neck. She remains in a medical center jail ward.

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Comments (15)
  1. Kat Villagran says:

    Since the system won’t give her the death wish….LOCK HER UP AND FORGET ABOUT HER TILL SHE DIES!

    1. Chris says:

      Are you kidding me??? and let us pay for her jail time? This would not have happened if the judge gave her more than just a year probation the first time….Geeez! The judge should go to Jail! They need stiffer penalties for DUI convictions otherwise it wont change a thing…even so, it may still not stop them from drinking and driving……BAN Alcohol! is the ONLY way!

      1. krg says:

        Actually this would not have happened if she had been a responsible adult, taken responsibility for her own actions and not put herself and her children in that car.

        Banning alcohol is a stupid idea. Once again someone is blaming an inanimate object for a human’s actions. The alcohol didn’t kill that child. The car didn’t kill that child. The woman driving the car like an idiot did.

  2. Really says:

    Tragic what happened to her daughter. Hope the stepbrother and brother recover.

    Maybe this finally change this woman’s life.

  3. Michele Antonaras says:

    God have mercy on this woman…living with what she has done will truely be a fate worse than death.

    1. headjazz says:

      Mercy, why? “fate worse than death” how the hell would you know? I bet you are also convinced you have space reserved for you in “heaven”!

    2. sparkyUSN says:

      I agree, there is no worse feeling than that of a loosing a child, loosing one at your own hands will forever haunt her.

      The Lord will forgive her, after she comes to terms with what she has done and asks forgiveness.

      You can’t ban alcohol, it creates too much income for the state and the feds. And even if there was a ban on alcohol, it would still be made at home and sold like an illegal substance.

      This is a tragedy that was 100% avoidable, she will have to live with it. It’s not our place to judge others on their own errors or faults, remember the verse, “Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother’s eye.”

  4. Lynn Cohen says:

    Have mercy on this woman? I think not, thank God others were not killed by another drunk driver. Hope the other two in the car recover quickly.

  5. Nicer than U says:

    She should be charged with first degree murder….she planned her child’s death the minute she got behind the whell.

  6. Reactionary News Site Dope says:

    In jail, they have street justice for these kinds of criminals. Just wait until Bubba gets ahold of her. Hold on…wrong crime….

  7. duh says:

    Where is the person who supposedly ‘knew this woman and the family’, and told us all of this was a case of ‘profiling’ by the police? Apparently they didn’t know her as well as they thought…

  8. better than stupid says:

    chloe was my freind
    i went to the same school and was her best freind i started crying in school wen i heard this and i went by the small memorial today i cried inside i deeply miss her rip

    1. granaide says:

      im so sorry but she was my cousin

  9. Carlos says:

    lets hope….this can happen to anyone any time.and lets hope that you ,I, or someone we know does not make the same choice.I can not judge I can only learn from this .I drink ,and I am just as capable as any one who does of making a wrong decision that I will not be able to ever change.Lets have faith that this mother can now make the best of her choice. I can and will.

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