LOS ANGELES (AP) — Charlie Sheen is out of the hospital and back home.

Publicist Stan Rosenfield says Sheen left a Los Angeles hospital Thursday night. Sheen had been taken to the hospital earlier in the day complaining of severe stomach pains. Rosenfield says the actor has a history of hernia problems.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks Reports

Rosenfield said Friday that Sheen will be back on the set of CBS’ “Two and a Half Men” when a filming hiatus ends Tuesday.

Sheen has been dogged by personal problems and apparent health issues, with three hospitalizations in three months. Two weeks ago, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler said the network has a “high level of concern” about its hard-partying star.

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Comments (15)
  1. Ed Rooney says:

    Turned out he was backed up and needed to blow out a few Hershey squirts.

    1. med says:

      He probably just needs the services of a Good Doctor. I hear Michael Jacksons doctor is available and looking for a new job. He has some left over Profanol.

  2. Jim Gates says:

    are you sure its that i had a appendix burst and it was the same symtoms

  3. Leslie Cunning says:

    The only reason CBS is ‘concerned’ is because they are frantic that they will lose a cash cow. Charlie Sheen is a sad, sad man and because he provides so much money to so many people – everyone looks the other way. Very, very sad.

  4. Alan C Rhine says:

    Partying with PORN-STARS all night and day isn’t as easy. As we all think KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Charlie

  5. pstar says:

    CBS grows some balls…fire him!

  6. avejoe says:

    Remember your CBS slogan “Welcome Home” …Really is this your new moral spokesman.
    Do not let the money dictate the right thing to do! He will continue to behave this way because he thinks he is above everyone, most people would get fired!

    or is he the tail wagging the dog?

  7. John says:

    Hey charlie, your next hit on the crack pipe just might be your last one. Think about it, you ”MORON”, I’M DONE.

  8. John says:

    Hey charlie, tell you what, you just keep on messing around with all of those porn stars, staying up all night, drinking, smoking crack, and whatever else it is that you’re doing. You think that you have ”HERNIA” problems, listen the next time that someone calls 911, for your ”SORRY, and PATHETIC” behind, it just might be the last time they come to get you, because it might be the ”CORONER” that they call!!!! I’M DONE.

  9. no fan of stupidity says:

    Not stupid says:
    January 28, 2011 at 9:21 am
    This is news worthy? All you star struck people out there really believe he went to the ER for a hernia? Hahahaa! Nobody believes it…well except for some of you who seem to worship this idiot!
    I’m tired of hearing about Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, etc and their reprehensible behavior as if it is really breaking news!
    Who cares that he partied with countless pornsters and designer brief cases full of drugs!
    I’m supposed to do what with that breaking
    news? Say: poor guy? He has too much money and obviously doesn’t know what to do with it! I don’t feel sorry for the likes of him..it angers me!
    Let the guy do whatever he wants, party, drugs, porn, but don’t shove the consequences down our throat..as if it’s newsworthy!

  10. Den says:

    He’s on the stupidest show on TV. The writers need to use sex for jokes. No creativity what-so-ever.

  11. Michael X says:

    Why are all you morons ranting and raving over this? Why so much hate? You all must lead really pathetic lives.

    1. no fan of stupidity says:

      How do you know it’s hate? I don’t see anyone ranting and raving! The sole purpose of these postings is to voice OUR opinion..just as you have voiced yours!
      Charlie Sheen going to a hospital albeit for drugs is NOT newsworthy.. If YOU think it is, then the one with a pathethic life must be YOU.
      There is so much going on in the world right now that IS newsworthy, yet only sensationalism is what makes it to breaking news? PATHETIC!
      THAT, was the point of that posting!

  12. Joe says:


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