Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab

'Two And A Half Men' Production On Hiatus

LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — Actor Charlie Sheen has reportedly entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center one day after being hospitalized amid reports of wild partying.

Production of “Two and a Half Men” has been placed on hiatus in light of actor Charlie Sheen’s decision to enter rehab, CBS has announced.

According to a person familiar with the emergency call placed Thursday, one of Sheen’s neighbors told a 911 operator that the actor was “intoxicated” and complaining of abdominal and chest pains.

The person familiar with the call, who was not authorized to publicly discuss details, spoke Friday on condition of anonymity.

Copies of the call probably won’t be ready for release by the Los Angeles Fire Department until Monday, a department spokesman said.

Sheen, 45, was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital and was there until around midnight Thursday, said his publicist, Stan Rosenfield, who cited the actor’s history of hernia problems.

Rosenfield said Friday that Sheen was in rehab, but he did not say why.

“Charlie Sheen has voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center today,” the spokesman said. “He is most grateful to all who have expressed their concern.”

The terse statement noted that no additional information will be provided and asked that Sheen’s privacy be respected.

CBS, production company Warner Bros. Television and executive producer Chuck Lorre said in a joint statement that Sheen’s rehab has prompted a halt on production of “Two and a Half Men.”

“We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision,” the companies and Lorre said.

Sixteen of the show’s 24-episode order have been taped, with 14 aired so far.

The latest fallout from Sheen’s chaotic life came two weeks after CBS’ top entertainment executive said the actor’s off-camera actions haven’t affected his work as the star of TV’s most popular comedy, the centerpiece of CBS’ Monday comedy lineup.

Sheen’s headline-making behavior has included a wild night that left a New York hotel room in shambles and sent him to a hospital, and a guilty plea last summer to assaulting his wife in Aspen, Colo. Sheen filled gossip pages again this month by spending a weekend partying in Las Vegas.

His latest hospitalization was his third in as many months. It came after a 911 call made on Sheen’s behalf by neighbor Dr. Paul Nassif. The plastic and reconstructive surgeon, along with his wife, Adrienne Maloof-Nassif, are in the reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“We are so glad that Charlie made the decision to seek the assistance of a rehabilitation center today,” Nassif and his wife said in a statement. “This is something that his friends and family have pushed for, and we wish him all the love and support he will need in the coming days.”

Last February, Sheen entered rehab for an unspecified problem, forcing his sitcom to temporarily suspend production.

Last February, Sheen entered rehab for an unspecified problem, forcing his sitcom to temporarily suspend production.

Earlier this month, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler was asked about Sheen at a news conference with TV reporters.

“We have a high level of concern. How can we not?” she said, adding the situation can’t be viewed simplistically. The actor does his job on “Two and a Half Men” reliably well, she said.

When a questioner suggested a person in a different line of work would be fired for involvement in similar incidents, Tassler replied, “What do you get fired for? Going to work and doing your job?”

Sheen’s Monday night program has increased its audience by 2 percent over last season, the Nielsen Co. said. He signed a new two-year contract at the end of last season that makes him one of the highest-paid actors on prime-time television.

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  • TCB1

    We have a major financial crisis in California and they pay this guy 2 million an episode? Wow…..let’s fund his hefty drug habit. What a waste of money and talent.

    • jennifer

      Um…the taxes he pays on that salary probably would fund your city’s entire budget for a year. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

      • no fan of stupidity

        That’s IF he pays his taxes!

      • Templar


    • Ric

      No, he just has no concept of how money and supply & demand work.

    • Alan Hart

      1st, he makes $800,000/episode and he does more for California in one episode than the entire state government.

      • Aye Jaye

        make that $1.8 million per episode. 24 episodes x 1.8 = $43,200,000 /yr — i think most of the negative reaction is linked to jealousy – especially with hot porn chix attached to his herniated hip – this guy is livin’ the dream – quit hating on him and go get a life yourselves!!!

    • DAN

      WHAT TALENT !!!

      • Mike

        Ummm, RED frickin DAWN!!!! WOLVERINES!

    • Emilio

      He’s paying his own way. The rest of California, not really.

    • Mark

      Sheen’s earnings are for his talent. What does this have to do with California’s out-of-control government spending? Get real.

    • JP

      you are a moron.

      • Simon

        you’re all morons

      • Freddy el Desfibradddor

        anyone who comments here is a moron

      • Brad

        I’m glad Freddy knows he’s a moron. Not many morons are that self-aware.

    • Mark

      You do realize he pays state income tax on that money right?

      • Hagen McNalley

        If his tax accountant is anywhere near as good as his criminal lawyer he doesn’t.

    • Vince In TX

      Wow. Equating California’s financial problems with Sheen’s health problems is a stretch. Although, after some thought, the causes are similar. Sheen is a victim of poor self-discipline, caving in to friends’ demands, and making little effort to fend off temptation. California is a victim of its government’s inability to say “no” to special interest groups, and of the voters’ inability to wisely choose good representatives and leaders. “We” don’t fund Sheen’s habits. A network does. They are in business. Business pays taxes. That’s kind of a good thing for California.

    • what?

      Do you think his salary is tax payer-funded?

      • STEVEN

        Liberal nitwit!

      • Henry Thoreau

        Please forgive tcb. Liberals/communistts think everything you own is there’s. It’s a common mistake for people in California to make, as they are all communist dbags. Don’t worry about it though. The rest of America knows exactly what to do with California when the revolution comes.

      • Bud

        This bozo should be in jail. Anyone else with a briefcase full of cocaine would be. Freaking actors. Above the law.

    • Tony k

      It’s the top comedy for a reason. Everyone watches it. he should be paid for what he does. the companies he works for are making a killing by having him on tv. so he should be paid accordingly. just because your state doesn’t know what they are doing doesn’t mean you should punish one guy. the guy can do what he wants with the money he earns. this is still a free country, right?

      • Moonbeam

        Agree, Tony k: some people don’t seem to understand that he’s making much more money for the people who hire him and for the corporate sponsors that buy advertising on his show than his actual salary — so obviously he’s worth it to them or he would never receive it. Has nothing to do with the state’s financial crisis. Maybe it says something about public social morals and taste in entertainment, but that’s a separate issue.

      • Ajazdude

        Don’t forget the income tax he pays to the state of California.

      • Atom&Yves

        I don’t watch it. I haven’t watched network tv for years. No reason to.

      • artemis133

        “Everyone watches it”? I don’t, never have! I’m sure I’m not the only one. Just because Good Time Charlie has a ‘hit’ tv show (not saying much, considering the vast wasteland tv is) doesn’t make him a good person. He could be, and seems like he is, a major wanker and needs to get his act together, IF HE CAN.

    • lolcats


    • johnsmart

      The state does not pay for his salary. your an idiot

  • TT

    Well it sucks that my show has been put on hold- but I’m glad he is getting treatment… Your health and well being will alway be the most important thing in life. Without that – you arent going to go much further…Good Luck Charlie :)

  • DJM

    This guy needs to grow up and out of it!

    • Nicholas Nicolby

      I am asking all to take a moment of silence now for my good buddy Charlie Sheen. Many is the night we have partied in Vegas together. You must respect this or you must not. The choice I leave to you. And to others. That must not be named. But you know whom I mean. To Sir with Love. And affection. They are not the same. Or are they? I do not know.

      • JoanneCarsoni

        He is not your friend. He is your enemy.

  • kentex1146

    Hollywood is an industry and a community that is fueled by cocaine, meth, etc. And yet we’re constantly barraged by these degenerates, telling us how to live our lives and what issues we should support with our money. YUK!

    • El Rey Juan Carlos

      Cocaine yes. Meth, no. That kind of talk is crazy. There is a difference as you may or may not know. And that difference is money. And money talks. And walks. UPTOWN! How very dare you talk of these as if there were the same. Shame on you! You are a schande! And more! You hurt others with your crazy talk. Vete al carajo!

      • Deftig

        Now, back across the border for you.

  • Hank

    He has what most Americans dream of – Financial Success, Career Success and Recognition. He gets paid huge sums to do something he apparently enjoys doing.
    All that and yet he is slowly destroying himself. Curious why that is?

    • Moonbeam

      Interesting question, Hank, and I’ve wondered the same. I don’t know if it’s an escape issue, or one of feeling unworthy and hence self-sabotaging, or simple hedonism because he’s rich and he can. If it is the latter, I doubt he will ever actually O.D. as someone might who suffers from either of the other two issues. However, I’ve heard that new studies on the brain show that if pleasure centers are over-stimulated repeatedly by too much recreation, they become desensitized and have to have more and more sources of pleasure to feel the same sensation of “fun” as before.

    • Lorraine Stanley

      Because he’s a drunk, and that’s what drunks do as long as they’re drinking. Very consistent in that department, we are.

    • cityguy343434

      Because he`s an addict with a disease and while I`m not condoning I do understand as i am a recovering addict myself who has struggled with my addiction for years destroying my name, family life everything for what?? I was a successful man. By the grace of God I am 2 years clean with the help of rehab and family. Regardless of how much money you make the disease affects everyone the same, DESTRUCTION!! I applaud his rehab efforts and hope the best.

  • JackLack

    Can we put Yobama in there too?

    • notlovinLA

      Enough with the race card! JackLack’s OPINIONS, although totally unrelated to the article, DO NOT make him a racist. We are ALL free to think what we want, and if he thinks Obama is a joke then he’s free to think that way. It doesn’t make him a racist. Please dig deeper in your brain for something better than the race card.

      • Rod In KS

        No, it’s racist to notice the yo in the first place, twit.

      • no fan of stupidity

        It IS absolutely racist when you refer to Obama as “Yobama!”
        Or is it that YOU simply don’t understand the connection in that stupid ignorant and YES intolerant comment, notlovin LA??

      • Seth Day

        @no fan of stupidity, it is morons like you that bring race into every situation in life, i bet you believe race is a driving factor in all situations in life which in turn means that race runs your life, I want to feel sorry for you but you are disgusting. If Obama went through half as much criticism as Bush or Clinton did he would crumble and it has nothing to do with his white or black ancestory

      • notlovinLA

        It’s actually quite racist to assume that “Yo” is a black thing. What, white people don’t say “yo”? How very racist of you. And, btw, if you haven’t already opened that brain of yours, Obama is BOTH WHITE AND BLACK. So who’s the racist now? Certainly not JackLack.

    • ignorance breeds intolerance

      Ignorant comment.

      • Back to the article

        I think it was your racist comment and blatant teabaggery.

      • JackLack

        And to what ignorance and intolerance are you referring?

      • Stay on topic

        Never comment on JackLack Jack Lacks a brain. His postings make him feel self important.

    • Seth Day

      why is jacklack’s comment racist? It was stupid but not racist, put it back in the deck and don’t be such a tool

      • No excuse for stupidity

        evidently you didn’t read the whole thread..
        What a freakin’ idiot.

  • DJM

    Secondly, I don’t why the broads keep reproducing with him. Money?? Well they should have more respect for themselves and the little kids they brought into this world.

    • Moonbeam

      I believe there is an “epidemic” of co-dependent women who look for people like Charlie to “fix” instead of having a healthier relationship. For some women like that, their sense of identify involves “fixing” these guys. It often happens to women whose fathers were either emotionally or physically absent and if one or both parents was an alcoholic. I read they are trying to get a “do over” of their unhappy childhoods by fixing these guys and thereby somehow “fixing” their own pasts. Another form it takes is chronic animal rescuers who, while often noble people at heart, end up hoarding more animals that they afford to take care of. Some of date only messed up guys whose lives they try to “fix” and also hoard animals. However, if that guy does suddenly straighten out and get his life together, sometimes the woman is lost without her former “fixer” identity and the relationship falls apart.

      • NotTheMama

        Well done…for someone just finishing Psych 101. I think you should’ve kept reading the textbook though until you got to “Low Self Esteem”…that would fit the symptoms of the women attracted to Charlie better than “Codependence”.

      • Jason Barlow

        enough with the “quotations”. I would hate to see you have a discussion in person with your little air quotes…

  • Barbi Winters

    I hope they mean that it’s HIS decision. He must be in some serious trouble….it’s no doubt caught up with him, physically. Perhaps he’s realized that the party is over, or else the WHOLE party is gonna be over. I wish him the best. He has had more fun than anyone should ever have. haha. Best of luck, Charlie!

    • Moonbeam

      Barbi, I hope he gets help, too, and this time takes it seriously. Also, I think this time the allegations were so horrid, i.e., all those porn actresses at once and in his own home — not like just partying in Vegas, the length of the party, his spending hours watching porn with them, and especially the purported size of the cocaine delivery, that it became a public relations nightmare for his producers and the network. I suspect one or the other forced him to make a choice because at some point they will be severely criticized for keeping him on the show no matter how much money he makes for them, or ultimately even blamed for whatever happens to him. Those companies still have stockholders to answer to, and they can only turn a blind eye for just so long, even if he is a cash cow. There is a limit to how much publicized debauchery they can continue to be associated with. This time the situation sounds so bad that I think he crossed the line with his employers (just guessing, of course, but it’s what I suspect).

  • DeeGTX

    This egocentric turd has no regard for his co-stars or the crew that Im sure works hard on that show. I will NOT watch it because of CS. He needs to get off his HIGH-horse [pun intended] and have a judge sentence him to two years hard labor digging latrines for Appalachian or Navajo homes. Get this coked up trash into the REAL world, something he has NEVER experienced. Take away his wealth privilege and then see how cute and atrractive those hololoywood wh***s think he is. Trashtrashtrash. Dont give him any more coverage – same with that Lohan trash and all those other “me-me-me” whiny -arses that make horrible movies and shows. If you have to depend on a laugh track, get the hell out.

  • sheen hater

    The show sucks and Sheen cannot act. I can’t believe how many people watch this drunk deliver lines like he’s in high school drama class. total garbage show and Sheen is a total disaster.
    Stop lauding a guy who simply cannot act responsibly.

    • Alan Hart


      • no fan of stupidity

        Another stupid stupid ignorant comment from Alan..
        Jealous? Really?

      • notlovinLA

        sheen hater isn’t jealous; he/she just doesn’t like Charlie Sheen. Who can blame him? It’s ridiculous how people judge others for their opinions, as if opinions weren’t personal to each of us. Alan Hart, if you don’t like someone for whatever reason does that mean you’re jealous of them? Yeah, didn’t think so. Grow up.

    • Jason Barlow

      I have nothing against Sheen, but this show is just not funny. Very cliche and predictable!

    • Zoetrope

      Very true
      It’s a sit-com
      Make a real movie

  • art

    Who gives a Rats A$$!

  • no fan of stupidity

    Not stupid says:
    January 28, 2011 at 9:21 am
    This is news worthy? All you star struck people out there really believe he went to the ER for a hernia? Hahahaa! Nobody believes it…well except for some of you who seem to worship this idiot!
    I’m tired of hearing about Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, etc and their reprehensible behavior as if it is really breaking news!
    Who cares that he partied with countless pornsters and designer brief cases full of drugs!supposed to do what with that breaking news? Say: poor guy? He has too much money and obviously doesn’t know what to do with it! I don’t feel sorry for the likes of angers me!
    Let the guy do whatever he wants, party, drugs, porn, but don’t shove the consequences down our if it’s newsworthy!

  • Tracey Weiss

    This guy has a history of serious violence towards women and shows himself time and time again to be of vile character, yet most people still admire him for how hard he parties and act like he’s some kind of rock star. We’re doomed

    • steve

      When someone vomits on themselves at a party and people laugh they are not admiring him.

  • Jo

    Really, who cares? Hollywood needs an enema. He’s just another symptom.

  • Joe

    He’s talented, the show is funny, and he should be in jail!

  • mojokabobo

    If I could get paid to get thrashed and party with porn stars as much as I pleased, I’d do it in an instant.

    Though it does remind me a bit of Slurms McKenzie. :D

  • Wally

    I love Charlie Waffles!!! His latest girl Kacey Jordan is one of my favorite.

  • Linda

    I can’t stand the guy. I think he’s a jerk, and I don’t watch his show. That being said, he obviously doesn’t think much of himself either. I hope he gets the help he needs and can turn his life around. It’s sad to see someone destroying themselves. Another example of how success and money don’t buy happiness. Good luck Charlie.

  • steve

    This guy is a drunken adolecent buffoon. He isn,t playing a part on his show he’s just being himself. But its funny while he lasts.

  • DAN


  • waicool

    charlie sheen has a party, ends up in the hospital and is now in rehab and the propaganda media want us to believe he is suffering from a hernia. yea right!

  • KansasGirol

    I thought the studio said he was the perfect actor? The show is total Hollywood trailer trash….except the trash in Hollywood live in Beverly Hills.

  • JackLack

    It seems No Fan, is the arbiter of stupidity. Notlovin you are right, you pegged No Fan 100%.

    • no fan of stupidity

      @JackLacks–a brain
      evidently you have no argument…so you attack people.
      So Smart, so so smart!

  • ginny25

    He’s had big problems with drugs, and alcohol since he was a teen and everyone keeps giving him a break. It’s time to kick him to the curb for a change. His antics are getting old, real old.

  • PHDinCT

    There for the grace of God…

    Give Charlie a break. He’s a dumb schmuck trying to destroy himself…but man is that show funny!

    Get better soon Charlie Harper…we need you back, if for anything else, to make us laugh at these self rightous morons who throw stones from glass houses!

    • KansasGirl

      I bet you’re the person that yells for the schmuck to jump off the ledge.

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