'Two And A Half Men' Production On Hiatus

LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — Actor Charlie Sheen has reportedly entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center one day after being hospitalized amid reports of wild partying.

Production of “Two and a Half Men” has been placed on hiatus in light of actor Charlie Sheen’s decision to enter rehab, CBS has announced.

According to a person familiar with the emergency call placed Thursday, one of Sheen’s neighbors told a 911 operator that the actor was “intoxicated” and complaining of abdominal and chest pains.

The person familiar with the call, who was not authorized to publicly discuss details, spoke Friday on condition of anonymity.

Copies of the call probably won’t be ready for release by the Los Angeles Fire Department until Monday, a department spokesman said.

Sheen, 45, was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital and was there until around midnight Thursday, said his publicist, Stan Rosenfield, who cited the actor’s history of hernia problems.

Rosenfield said Friday that Sheen was in rehab, but he did not say why.

“Charlie Sheen has voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center today,” the spokesman said. “He is most grateful to all who have expressed their concern.”

The terse statement noted that no additional information will be provided and asked that Sheen’s privacy be respected.

CBS, production company Warner Bros. Television and executive producer Chuck Lorre said in a joint statement that Sheen’s rehab has prompted a halt on production of “Two and a Half Men.”

“We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision,” the companies and Lorre said.

Sixteen of the show’s 24-episode order have been taped, with 14 aired so far.

The latest fallout from Sheen’s chaotic life came two weeks after CBS’ top entertainment executive said the actor’s off-camera actions haven’t affected his work as the star of TV’s most popular comedy, the centerpiece of CBS’ Monday comedy lineup.

Sheen’s headline-making behavior has included a wild night that left a New York hotel room in shambles and sent him to a hospital, and a guilty plea last summer to assaulting his wife in Aspen, Colo. Sheen filled gossip pages again this month by spending a weekend partying in Las Vegas.

His latest hospitalization was his third in as many months. It came after a 911 call made on Sheen’s behalf by neighbor Dr. Paul Nassif. The plastic and reconstructive surgeon, along with his wife, Adrienne Maloof-Nassif, are in the reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“We are so glad that Charlie made the decision to seek the assistance of a rehabilitation center today,” Nassif and his wife said in a statement. “This is something that his friends and family have pushed for, and we wish him all the love and support he will need in the coming days.”

Last February, Sheen entered rehab for an unspecified problem, forcing his sitcom to temporarily suspend production.

Last February, Sheen entered rehab for an unspecified problem, forcing his sitcom to temporarily suspend production.

Earlier this month, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler was asked about Sheen at a news conference with TV reporters.

“We have a high level of concern. How can we not?” she said, adding the situation can’t be viewed simplistically. The actor does his job on “Two and a Half Men” reliably well, she said.

When a questioner suggested a person in a different line of work would be fired for involvement in similar incidents, Tassler replied, “What do you get fired for? Going to work and doing your job?”

Sheen’s Monday night program has increased its audience by 2 percent over last season, the Nielsen Co. said. He signed a new two-year contract at the end of last season that makes him one of the highest-paid actors on prime-time television.

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  1. TCB1 says:

    We have a major financial crisis in California and they pay this guy 2 million an episode? Wow…..let’s fund his hefty drug habit. What a waste of money and talent.

    1. what? says:

      Do you think his salary is tax payer-funded?

      1. STEVEN says:

        Liberal nitwit!

      2. Henry Thoreau says:

        Please forgive tcb. Liberals/communistts think everything you own is there’s. It’s a common mistake for people in California to make, as they are all communist dbags. Don’t worry about it though. The rest of America knows exactly what to do with California when the revolution comes.

      3. Bud says:

        This bozo should be in jail. Anyone else with a briefcase full of cocaine would be. Freaking actors. Above the law.

    2. Tony k says:

      It’s the top comedy for a reason. Everyone watches it. he should be paid for what he does. the companies he works for are making a killing by having him on tv. so he should be paid accordingly. just because your state doesn’t know what they are doing doesn’t mean you should punish one guy. the guy can do what he wants with the money he earns. this is still a free country, right?

      1. Moonbeam says:

        Agree, Tony k: some people don’t seem to understand that he’s making much more money for the people who hire him and for the corporate sponsors that buy advertising on his show than his actual salary — so obviously he’s worth it to them or he would never receive it. Has nothing to do with the state’s financial crisis. Maybe it says something about public social morals and taste in entertainment, but that’s a separate issue.

      2. Ajazdude says:

        Don’t forget the income tax he pays to the state of California.

      3. Atom&Yves says:

        I don’t watch it. I haven’t watched network tv for years. No reason to.

      4. artemis133 says:

        “Everyone watches it”? I don’t, never have! I’m sure I’m not the only one. Just because Good Time Charlie has a ‘hit’ tv show (not saying much, considering the vast wasteland tv is) doesn’t make him a good person. He could be, and seems like he is, a major wanker and needs to get his act together, IF HE CAN.

    3. Vince In TX says:

      Wow. Equating California’s financial problems with Sheen’s health problems is a stretch. Although, after some thought, the causes are similar. Sheen is a victim of poor self-discipline, caving in to friends’ demands, and making little effort to fend off temptation. California is a victim of its government’s inability to say “no” to special interest groups, and of the voters’ inability to wisely choose good representatives and leaders. “We” don’t fund Sheen’s habits. A network does. They are in business. Business pays taxes. That’s kind of a good thing for California.

    4. Mark says:

      You do realize he pays state income tax on that money right?

      1. Hagen McNalley says:

        If his tax accountant is anywhere near as good as his criminal lawyer he doesn’t.

      1. Simon says:

        you’re all morons

      2. Freddy el Desfibradddor says:

        anyone who comments here is a moron

      3. Brad says:

        I’m glad Freddy knows he’s a moron. Not many morons are that self-aware.

    5. Mark says:

      Sheen’s earnings are for his talent. What does this have to do with California’s out-of-control government spending? Get real.

    6. Emilio says:

      He’s paying his own way. The rest of California, not really.

      1. Mike says:

        Ummm, RED frickin DAWN!!!! WOLVERINES!

    7. Alan Hart says:

      1st, he makes $800,000/episode and he does more for California in one episode than the entire state government.

      1. Aye Jaye says:

        make that $1.8 million per episode. 24 episodes x 1.8 = $43,200,000 /yr — i think most of the negative reaction is linked to jealousy – especially with hot porn chix attached to his herniated hip – this guy is livin’ the dream – quit hating on him and go get a life yourselves!!!

    8. Ric says:

      No, he just has no concept of how money and supply & demand work.

    9. jennifer says:

      Um…the taxes he pays on that salary probably would fund your city’s entire budget for a year. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

      1. no fan of stupidity says:

        That’s IF he pays his taxes!

      2. Templar says:


    10. johnsmart says:

      The state does not pay for his salary. your an idiot

  2. TT says:

    Well it sucks that my show has been put on hold- but I’m glad he is getting treatment… Your health and well being will alway be the most important thing in life. Without that – you arent going to go much further…Good Luck Charlie 🙂

  3. DJM says:

    This guy needs to grow up and out of it!

    1. Nicholas Nicolby says:

      I am asking all to take a moment of silence now for my good buddy Charlie Sheen. Many is the night we have partied in Vegas together. You must respect this or you must not. The choice I leave to you. And to others. That must not be named. But you know whom I mean. To Sir with Love. And affection. They are not the same. Or are they? I do not know.

      1. JoanneCarsoni says:

        He is not your friend. He is your enemy.

  4. kentex1146 says:

    Hollywood is an industry and a community that is fueled by cocaine, meth, etc. And yet we’re constantly barraged by these degenerates, telling us how to live our lives and what issues we should support with our money. YUK!

    1. El Rey Juan Carlos says:

      Cocaine yes. Meth, no. That kind of talk is crazy. There is a difference as you may or may not know. And that difference is money. And money talks. And walks. UPTOWN! How very dare you talk of these as if there were the same. Shame on you! You are a schande! And more! You hurt others with your crazy talk. Vete al carajo!

      1. Deftig says:

        Now, back across the border for you.

  5. Hank says:

    He has what most Americans dream of – Financial Success, Career Success and Recognition. He gets paid huge sums to do something he apparently enjoys doing.
    All that and yet he is slowly destroying himself. Curious why that is?

    1. Moonbeam says:

      Interesting question, Hank, and I’ve wondered the same. I don’t know if it’s an escape issue, or one of feeling unworthy and hence self-sabotaging, or simple hedonism because he’s rich and he can. If it is the latter, I doubt he will ever actually O.D. as someone might who suffers from either of the other two issues. However, I’ve heard that new studies on the brain show that if pleasure centers are over-stimulated repeatedly by too much recreation, they become desensitized and have to have more and more sources of pleasure to feel the same sensation of “fun” as before.

    2. Lorraine Stanley says:

      Because he’s a drunk, and that’s what drunks do as long as they’re drinking. Very consistent in that department, we are.

    3. cityguy343434 says:

      Because he`s an addict with a disease and while I`m not condoning I do understand as i am a recovering addict myself who has struggled with my addiction for years destroying my name, family life everything for what?? I was a successful man. By the grace of God I am 2 years clean with the help of rehab and family. Regardless of how much money you make the disease affects everyone the same, DESTRUCTION!! I applaud his rehab efforts and hope the best.

  6. JackLack says:

    Can we put Yobama in there too?

    1. ignorance breeds intolerance says:

      Ignorant comment.

      1. Stay on topic says:

        Never comment on JackLack Jack Lacks a brain. His postings make him feel self important.

      2. JackLack says:

        And to what ignorance and intolerance are you referring?

      3. Back to the article says:

        I think it was your racist comment and blatant teabaggery.

    2. notlovinLA says:

      Enough with the race card! JackLack’s OPINIONS, although totally unrelated to the article, DO NOT make him a racist. We are ALL free to think what we want, and if he thinks Obama is a joke then he’s free to think that way. It doesn’t make him a racist. Please dig deeper in your brain for something better than the race card.

      1. no fan of stupidity says:

        It IS absolutely racist when you refer to Obama as “Yobama!”
        Or is it that YOU simply don’t understand the connection in that stupid ignorant and YES intolerant comment, notlovin LA??

      2. Rod In KS says:

        No, it’s racist to notice the yo in the first place, twit.

      3. notlovinLA says:

        It’s actually quite racist to assume that “Yo” is a black thing. What, white people don’t say “yo”? How very racist of you. And, btw, if you haven’t already opened that brain of yours, Obama is BOTH WHITE AND BLACK. So who’s the racist now? Certainly not JackLack.

      4. Seth Day says:

        @no fan of stupidity, it is morons like you that bring race into every situation in life, i bet you believe race is a driving factor in all situations in life which in turn means that race runs your life, I want to feel sorry for you but you are disgusting. If Obama went through half as much criticism as Bush or Clinton did he would crumble and it has nothing to do with his white or black ancestory

    3. Seth Day says:

      why is jacklack’s comment racist? It was stupid but not racist, put it back in the deck and don’t be such a tool

      1. No excuse for stupidity says:

        evidently you didn’t read the whole thread..
        What a freakin’ idiot.

  7. DJM says:

    Secondly, I don’t why the broads keep reproducing with him. Money?? Well they should have more respect for themselves and the little kids they brought into this world.

    1. Moonbeam says:

      I believe there is an “epidemic” of co-dependent women who look for people like Charlie to “fix” instead of having a healthier relationship. For some women like that, their sense of identify involves “fixing” these guys. It often happens to women whose fathers were either emotionally or physically absent and if one or both parents was an alcoholic. I read they are trying to get a “do over” of their unhappy childhoods by fixing these guys and thereby somehow “fixing” their own pasts. Another form it takes is chronic animal rescuers who, while often noble people at heart, end up hoarding more animals that they afford to take care of. Some of date only messed up guys whose lives they try to “fix” and also hoard animals. However, if that guy does suddenly straighten out and get his life together, sometimes the woman is lost without her former “fixer” identity and the relationship falls apart.

      1. NotTheMama says:

        Well done…for someone just finishing Psych 101. I think you should’ve kept reading the textbook though until you got to “Low Self Esteem”…that would fit the symptoms of the women attracted to Charlie better than “Codependence”.

      2. Jason Barlow says:

        enough with the “quotations”. I would hate to see you have a discussion in person with your little air quotes…

  8. Barbi Winters says:

    I hope they mean that it’s HIS decision. He must be in some serious trouble….it’s no doubt caught up with him, physically. Perhaps he’s realized that the party is over, or else the WHOLE party is gonna be over. I wish him the best. He has had more fun than anyone should ever have. haha. Best of luck, Charlie!

    1. Moonbeam says:

      Barbi, I hope he gets help, too, and this time takes it seriously. Also, I think this time the allegations were so horrid, i.e., all those porn actresses at once and in his own home — not like just partying in Vegas, the length of the party, his spending hours watching porn with them, and especially the purported size of the cocaine delivery, that it became a public relations nightmare for his producers and the network. I suspect one or the other forced him to make a choice because at some point they will be severely criticized for keeping him on the show no matter how much money he makes for them, or ultimately even blamed for whatever happens to him. Those companies still have stockholders to answer to, and they can only turn a blind eye for just so long, even if he is a cash cow. There is a limit to how much publicized debauchery they can continue to be associated with. This time the situation sounds so bad that I think he crossed the line with his employers (just guessing, of course, but it’s what I suspect).

  9. DeeGTX says:

    This egocentric turd has no regard for his co-stars or the crew that Im sure works hard on that show. I will NOT watch it because of CS. He needs to get off his HIGH-horse [pun intended] and have a judge sentence him to two years hard labor digging latrines for Appalachian or Navajo homes. Get this coked up trash into the REAL world, something he has NEVER experienced. Take away his wealth privilege and then see how cute and atrractive those hololoywood wh***s think he is. Trashtrashtrash. Dont give him any more coverage – same with that Lohan trash and all those other “me-me-me” whiny -arses that make horrible movies and shows. If you have to depend on a laugh track, get the hell out.

  10. sheen hater says:

    The show sucks and Sheen cannot act. I can’t believe how many people watch this drunk deliver lines like he’s in high school drama class. total garbage show and Sheen is a total disaster.
    Stop lauding a guy who simply cannot act responsibly.

      1. notlovinLA says:

        sheen hater isn’t jealous; he/she just doesn’t like Charlie Sheen. Who can blame him? It’s ridiculous how people judge others for their opinions, as if opinions weren’t personal to each of us. Alan Hart, if you don’t like someone for whatever reason does that mean you’re jealous of them? Yeah, didn’t think so. Grow up.

      2. no fan of stupidity says:

        Another stupid stupid ignorant comment from Alan..
        Jealous? Really?

    1. Jason Barlow says:

      I have nothing against Sheen, but this show is just not funny. Very cliche and predictable!

    2. Zoetrope says:

      Very true
      It’s a sit-com
      Make a real movie

  11. art says:

    Who gives a Rats A$$!

  12. no fan of stupidity says:

    Not stupid says:
    January 28, 2011 at 9:21 am
    This is news worthy? All you star struck people out there really believe he went to the ER for a hernia? Hahahaa! Nobody believes it…well except for some of you who seem to worship this idiot!
    I’m tired of hearing about Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, etc and their reprehensible behavior as if it is really breaking news!
    Who cares that he partied with countless pornsters and designer brief cases full of drugs!supposed to do what with that breaking news? Say: poor guy? He has too much money and obviously doesn’t know what to do with it! I don’t feel sorry for the likes of him..it angers me!
    Let the guy do whatever he wants, party, drugs, porn, but don’t shove the consequences down our throat..as if it’s newsworthy!

  13. Tracey Weiss says:

    This guy has a history of serious violence towards women and shows himself time and time again to be of vile character, yet most people still admire him for how hard he parties and act like he’s some kind of rock star. We’re doomed

    1. steve says:

      When someone vomits on themselves at a party and people laugh they are not admiring him.

  14. Jo says:

    Really, who cares? Hollywood needs an enema. He’s just another symptom.

  15. Joe says:

    He’s talented, the show is funny, and he should be in jail!

  16. mojokabobo says:

    If I could get paid to get thrashed and party with porn stars as much as I pleased, I’d do it in an instant.

    Though it does remind me a bit of Slurms McKenzie. 😀

  17. Wally says:

    I love Charlie Waffles!!! His latest girl Kacey Jordan is one of my favorite.

  18. Linda says:

    I can’t stand the guy. I think he’s a jerk, and I don’t watch his show. That being said, he obviously doesn’t think much of himself either. I hope he gets the help he needs and can turn his life around. It’s sad to see someone destroying themselves. Another example of how success and money don’t buy happiness. Good luck Charlie.

  19. steve says:

    This guy is a drunken adolecent buffoon. He isn,t playing a part on his show he’s just being himself. But its funny while he lasts.

  20. DAN says:


  21. waicool says:

    charlie sheen has a party, ends up in the hospital and is now in rehab and the propaganda media want us to believe he is suffering from a hernia. yea right!

  22. KansasGirol says:

    I thought the studio said he was the perfect actor? The show is total Hollywood trailer trash….except the trash in Hollywood live in Beverly Hills.

  23. JackLack says:

    It seems No Fan, is the arbiter of stupidity. Notlovin you are right, you pegged No Fan 100%.

    1. no fan of stupidity says:

      @JackLacks–a brain
      evidently you have no argument…so you attack people.
      So Smart, so so smart!

  24. ginny25 says:

    He’s had big problems with drugs, and alcohol since he was a teen and everyone keeps giving him a break. It’s time to kick him to the curb for a change. His antics are getting old, real old.

  25. PHDinCT says:

    There for the grace of God…

    Give Charlie a break. He’s a dumb schmuck trying to destroy himself…but man is that show funny!

    Get better soon Charlie Harper…we need you back, if for anything else, to make us laugh at these self rightous morons who throw stones from glass houses!

    1. KansasGirl says:

      I bet you’re the person that yells for the schmuck to jump off the ledge.

  26. bobby boy says:

    At least Charlie parties in the privacy of his own home. After all, a man’s home is his cathouse, uh, I mean castle.

  27. Dave Thrush says:

    I’m a musician and I played at the funeral for the son of richest man in Colorado a few years ago. This guy had eveything, money, notoriety, and the drugs and acohol that goes alomg with it. He died in his condo with hundreds of unopened boxes of stuff he bought.
    The Family specifically said don’t play religious songs at the funeral. Apparently they learned nothing. This is where Charlie Sheen is heading unles he wakes up.

  28. Quincy says:

    He needs to go to AA/NA MEETING for help for about a year or two it works & read the big BOOK

  29. JT says:

    Thanks, people!

    I’ve read through the comments and found many of them quite humorous. Charlie is Charlie, and he will be as he is until he decides to change. Fighting over motivations, your petty jealousy over his wealth and status do nothing but show that you would behave in the same way if you were able to change places.

    Get well, Charlie. We need you on TV to make us laugh. Obama isn’t funny anymore.

    1. no fan of stupidity says:

      I seriously doubt ANYONE would behave or trade places with CS only to live his current lifestyle. I don’t think people are jealous as you claim. They simply see the sheer stupidity of those who enable him. So tell me, WHY is this newsworthy?

      1. JT says:

        No Fan,

        It isn’t news worthy. I’ll tell you why it IS in the news. It’s there to keep people entertained and take their attention away from what is really going on in the world, and how those events really are a threat to everyone’s daily existence.

        People would rather see this than acknowledge the real dangers outside their door.

  30. Dennis says:

    Please keep the real news on Drudge. This belongs onTMZ

  31. leslie says:

    Why is he in rehab for a hernia problem?

  32. Alfred Hussein neuman says:

    Hmm, rehab for a hernia?

  33. JoeMama says:

    Looking forward to the day he drowns in his own vomit.

  34. Gilbert Gottfried says:

    Charles Sheen is the greatest actor ever to have lived. Those who disagree are factually wrong. This has been scientifically proved. Not proven, but proved. An higher standard. He is furthermore, a great American. And that’s as much as anyone can hope for. Plus tax. Dot com. Member FDIC.

    1. Oscar Hammerstein says:

      Actually, science has proved AND proven that timothy bottoms is a better actor statistically. But the margin of error is small. We may safely say that both timothy bottoms and charlie sheen are the greatest actors ever to have lived. Bar none.

  35. Ben says:

    Better get ready to start watching re-runs. At his current pace, Charlie is not long for this world.

  36. jjohn says:

    Yobama, Yobama and Yovama

    1. no fan of stupidity says:

      @ jjohn..
      I hope you didn’t strain yourself coming up with that there!

  37. Carol Alt says:

    And he’s a great role model. Charles Sheen takes it to the limit each and every day. It’s his personal ritual. He’s given so much and it hurts me to see so many readers, those who are quick to punish, but never to understand, criticize this great man. Charles Sheen has given his all for you, and this is the thanks he gets. He’s reduced to his tax contribution to the California Republic. Can you not see? Charles is tormented by the horrible events in Egypt. Those poor benighted souls HAVE NO INTERNET ACCESS! Can you not understand? Why do you hate the messenger?

    1. no fan of stupidity says:

      Are you for real? Great man? THIS is who you idolize? Role model??
      I am speechless! I think I’ve heard it all!

      1. Carol Alt says:

        I am praying for Charles Sheen. That he may yet live. In peace. And style. With class. You could never understand.

      2. no fan of stupidity says:

        @carol alt
        no, I guess I could never. to have that kind of lifestyle, class or whatever your blind ways want to call it…you are right! I would NEVER understand it.
        you know the saying: birds of a feather…

      3. Bijan Mulhatra says:

        And your grammar is atrocious. You should have said “whom you idolize.” “Whom” is always a better choice than “who.” It is more elevated.

      4. no fan of stupidity says:

        evidently you are talking out of your @ss. Get over yourself!

  38. Jack Meyhoffer says:

    Hope he drops dead. He’s a spoiled, weakling, loser who contributes nothing to society. Enjoy Hell, Charley.

  39. M A R says:

    What about all the little people who make the show work, writers, lighting people, grips, wardrobe etc.? All out of work probabily without pay because of ths drunk crack head! Their is no justice for the working stiff.

  40. Patrick Martin says:

    Even though Charlie seemed somewhat conservative, he’s still connected to his dogmeat daddy and Marxist brother. So be it, another acting HAS BEEN.

    1. Exra Pound says:

      That was a very, very, very hateful thing to say. I am reporting this comment. You will not hide in shadows any longer with your hateful comments and contaminants.

  41. Sunjammer says:

    Why people are infatuated with actors and actresses is almost beyond comprehension. Is it because they can memorize a few lines and smile in front of a camera? Sure they make good money, but so many of their lives are train wrecks; in and out of rehab, tapes airing of their sex lives, drugs and alcohol. multiple divorces, abortions, cosmetic surgery until they look freakish, and sometimes premature death. Thanks, but no thanks. I hope Mr. Sheen turns his live around or it is likely we will be reading his obit in the not too distant future.

    1. Imogene Alinsky says:

      That comment is a lie. A LIE! Your comments LIE! Actors NEVER indulge in these perversions of which you perversely defame a noble vocation. It is truly a calling, the likes of which, you, YES YOU, could never understand. I ask you now, who is the FREAK? Yes! You dare not answer. Dare you?

    2. Freddy el Desfibradddor says:

      Miley Cyrua still has time to turn her life around. I hope she does We are all mortal. Truth, justice, freedom, and unselfish love are what we were created for. God Bless America, Canada, Mexico, and everywhere else.

  42. Ron says:

    He is simply a carbuncle on the ass of humanity. He is of no consequence whatsoever.

  43. tom king says:

    this time next year ,he will be dead…….if he doesn’t get his act together…..!

  44. badjrsgord says:

    He’ll be dead within 5 yrs.

  45. Diogenes41 says:

    Why do people watch televisions shows filled wiht peo[ple wihtout any worthwile values and yet are called “stars.” Please!!!!!

    1. ErnestoBornino says:

      They have values, and yet you slander them. Nay, libel. You, the Greek who likes to freak, you would libel others. Oh the shame. The calumny. The… well…you know. And I know you know. Hey hey hey.

      1. JT says:

        Bravo! Ernesto! That was a masterpiece of humor worthy of Cyrano de Bergerac!

  46. Bob Swanson says:

    Who in the world watches that show?

  47. Beverly Erisman Bray says:

    He is one of the highest paid men on TV. Have him sentenced with making him give at least 25% to help drug addiction. Right now with his respeat offences he can’t make a commercial against drugs.

    1. TT says:

      that isnt a bad idea 🙂 might help with his recovery too..

  48. Trebonianvs says:

    Charlie is my hero. Live fast hard rich and leave a good looking corpse. Better to burn out than fade away. Go get ’em Charlie!

  49. J says:

    Look, is anyone surprised by Charlie Sheen’s behavior? He stars on a show that glorifies Charlie sleeping with just about anything that moves but not before he is scripted to get roaring drunk first. His real life reflects his on screen life to a tee.

    This is a guy that has had numerous (too many to keep count) run-ins with the law due to domestic abuse or self inflicted abuse (drugs etc. etc. etc.). He clearly doesn’t respect others or the LAW…………..and frankly he should start doing some “real time” over his blatant disregard for the rule of law. He has been handled with kid gloves by the court system and it’s time for the gloves to come off. Obviously, all the token slap on the hand treatment he has been given so far has not worked. he needs a REAL wake up call or he will most likely die from a drug overdose or alcohol induced death. IT’S NO LONGER CUTE AND HE’S GETTING TOO OLD TO BE CONSIDERED A BAD BOY. IT’S SAD!

  50. Moe says:

    Its pretty embarrassing if you ask me. A grown, intelligent and successful man, losng control from partying. I have no sympathy for celebrities who are on top and can’t handle it. Use your wealth and fame for something positive. Do something for the world and really make a difference.

  51. Tom M. says:

    What a shallow, vapid, moronic twit. A self described “connoisseur” of porn apparently…lol

  52. Mike Merryman says:

    When Kiefer Sutherland went to jail for drunk driving, he asked the judge if he could serve his time when the season hiatus came up so that more than one hundred people would not be out of a job. He cared. Sheen? Not so much. It’s alllll about him.

  53. lockwood says:

    let me get this right…..this lowlife druggie makes millions for a tv show making wee wee and pee pee “jokes” and we are suppose to care about him being a dirtball?
    you people need a real life

    1. lessthantolerant says:

      This is what the left has brough American society to. Get used to it, the Gen Y are some of the most pathetic individuals I have ever seen.

      hedonism runs rampant in Parasite Nation!

  54. lessthantolerant says:

    What can one expect from one of the sons of Martin Sheen, an ex-alky and drug user. He spent his entire youth trashing America and supporting leftists causes and his kids turn out to be hedonistic losers.

    OD Charlie and get it overwith, show has become boring and tedious anyway.

  55. Stoptheexcuses says:

    CBS, Warner Bros., Chuck Lorre and all of you that say his acting is great and personal life doesn’t matter, you are wrong for continuing to carry this loser and make excuses for him. Maybe if he was allowed to fall hard–no job and no following– he would clean up his loser life, but instead you all continue to glorify his disgusting habits. Martin Sheen represents current day Hollywood – sick, very sick.

  56. EstevezSheenFan says:

    At least his brother, Emilio Estevez is a class act!

  57. hollywoodcrazy says:

    Estevez is a real gentleman. I never hear anything bad about him. It is too bad that Charlie Sheen was not more like his brother Emilio Estevez.

    1. Deftig says:

      I’ll wager it is tough for you, going through life as a moron.

  58. Richter 9.9 and Into the Sea...Finally says:

    Daddy’s aflake and Charlie didn’t fall from the tree. Both good unthinking leftists from Beverly Hills though, so they’re loved by all the other non-thinking public. Since they all love the Dems so much, let’s put Charlie in front of a Life Panel under Obamacare. Given the dismal record of rehab’s effects on him in the past… what 5, 6 or more times… I dare say they would consign him to a waste of tax resources. On the other hand, why not load him up on drugs, alcohol and whatever else he’s into and let nature take it’s course.

  59. GS says:


  60. Duude says:

    Sheen’s habit has grown into an alcohol+cocaine+pornography combo. The continued practice of any one of these will usually trigger the usage of the others. I’m afraid his situation is hopeless given his insatiable desire to fulfill his fleshly desires.

  61. Smitty says:

    Where do you think the money he’s paid comes from? You see all those advertisers? The ones who buy their products…..YOU…. are paying his salary, and all he’s really doing is “acting” the way he really lives his life.

    That goofy kid makes about $350,000 an episode. For what? A bunch of schtick that mostly isn’t even funny.

    You aren’t paying with your taxes, but you are paying when you buy those products. Seen the prices at the stores lately? It isn’t all caused by higher gas prices and “greedy executives”.

    Some of you people need some learning in economics.

  62. roger says:

    Rehab works, right?

  63. Vince says:

    This guy is the biggest no-talent, narcissistic jerko in Hollywood. A total waste.

  64. lcky9 says:

    Charlie is a good actor but a loser as a person.. he needs to be out of work for awhile..

  65. Aunt Bee says:

    He’s a TV star.

    Meanwhile back at Reality Ranch … 2 illegal wars rage on, the real unemployment figure is over 20%, the dollar is dying, the housing market is crashing, the price of food is going through the roof and people are worried either way about one person.

    Who’s the real degenerate?


  66. Bob Harvey says:

    People enter rehab to clean up so that they can drink and drug again. No effect on the TV show production? What we don’t know and will never know is how many delays occurred, how many times things occurred on and off the set that caused delay, and how much time was lost waiting on the set for people to arrive and get prepared to work and perform. The simple minded explanation that someone showed up at work and performed hardly serves to completely explain what may have occurred in the TV work environment. After over 50 years of consuming TV entertainment, the Hollywood types must be so convinced that the public is ignorant and unsophisticated. Never believe anything a publilcist says.

  67. John Keyes says:

    So, who cares.
    Sheen, grow up..

  68. Bog & Bam says:

    I love the Libertarian/Republican/anarchist comments. Freedom for everyone but not Sheen. They don’t like him and his free enterprise exploitation of the capitalistic system. They need to make up their minds about who they really are..jealously is unbecoming.

  69. no says:

    Hit show? Can’t be that much of a hit show, since this is the first tie I’ve heard of it.

  70. desertswo says:

    Where’s his sanctimonious old man? You know, the one who’s all about “no nukes” and the rest; who likes to tell the rest of us how we should live? “Hey Marty, good job on bringing up this one, yeah?” Next time Dad, save your admonitions and your activism for making sure the ones you are truly responsible for get headed fair in the channel before telling the rest of us how to conduct ourselves.

  71. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Social Redeeming Value? Minus – 2 1/2.

  72. ENOUGH says:

    He is noth9ing but a drunken, dope addict, sex fiend, and you “hollywood cesspool ” adorers are making a role model of him? no wonder the WORLD is in such a mess. lets all party and make an ass of ourselves and all will be cured…

  73. ckeef says:

    it’s a shame about a guy so out of control.. regarding his and his father’s leftist tendencies, it’s one of the big lies of the left that radical islam hates us because of george bush and other’s hard-line policies. one of the reasons that radical islam hates america is because of our very liberal social lives. drugs, porn, etc are all viewed by islam as being part and parcel of our freedoms, but more importantly, the decadence of the free world. so while lefties blame everything on bush and others on the right, they’re just as guilty thru their acceptance of decadence for islam’s hatred of our free society.

  74. Melvin says:

    Its called accountability people.What Sheen has publicly gotten away with, would put lesser humans in jail. Its common knowledge that Sheen has being doing vast quantities of Cocaine.
    Then the next question should be, why isn’t one Sheen in jail for doing Cocaine, two, why hasn’t his supplier been arrested? Most of the stars that utilize drugs more or less use the same dealer or network of dealers, but LAPD is way too busy to notice.
    Look at Paris Hilton, all she has to do his give that pose that she does so well and she is out like a lark with just a pity pat on the wrist. Lindsay Lohan has been boozing, and doing drugs while in her teens and nobody gets busted for selling alcohol to a minor.
    But, their successful stars and starlets who made the studios scads of cash so these little peccadilloes can be overlooked. Do a little face time with the law enforcement function and all is forgiven.
    Tell that to the poor smuck that gets slammed against LAPD cars hood. Too bad Paris Hilton’s pose doesn’t get him off

  75. BlownfuelCoupe says:


    You have been selected to “correct” a certain individual who is believed to be a negative influence over many.

    He can be found “up the river”.

    Proceed with extreme prejudice.

    The Horror,……… the horror.

  76. Brad says:

    Apparently, Charlie Sheen has little regard for the thousands of Mexicans murdered each year as a result of the American cocaine market. I wonder how the CBS newsroom feels about that.

    1. JT says:

      Apparently Mexicans have little regard for the thousands of Mexicans murdered each year as a result of their greed for the gringo dollar and the deaths of Americans who never wanted any part of the drug culture.

  77. oldpink says:

    A total loser.
    Don’t have the slightest idea why CBS insists on keeping this moron employed.
    None of the rest of us could ever get away with these antics with our own jobs.

  78. Maria says:

    2 million per episode? Seriously? The man is not hot, his character lost it’s appeal the second season and John Cryer is the backbone of the show. I think taping should go on! The other actors provide strong characters that are just as funny as Sheen. When Cryer does his sensitive, girly side schtick, he’s hillarious! When “Berta” takes over, it’s amusing, to say the least. Who needs the alcoholic every week? Not me.

  79. Asdaninidsay says:

    Jealousy! Pure & simple! Bunch of pathetic whiners! You can hang with me anytime Charlie!

  80. Carlo says:

    Charlie Sheen enters rehab? NowT THERE’S a freakin surprise. Wonder if it’ll “take.”

  81. Jose Lopez says:

    Die, Die, Die, just DIE you POS

  82. kathy says:

    Charlie does not know the REAL in life and acting in Hollywood.
    his behavior is same in life as he act in two and half man.

    do not feel sorry for Charlie.

  83. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    Just look at all the bloodthirsty Israel-firsters.
    Smearing anyone who dares to question 9/11

  84. hiway280z says:

    Sad. It is a matter of time before they find his drugged body somewhere. Hollywood used to have decent people our youth could look up to as role models. Now it is full of trash putting out trashy movies.

  85. noagenda says:

    Most you Drudge readers are a bunch of idiots. It’s like a derailed carnival train of poor writers, poor thinkers, and the insane. You people might be worse than Huffington Post commenters. Website comments make me confident that Democracy is obsolete.

    1. Carlo says:

      @noagenda — are you serious? Firstly, HuffPo is a content-based website (and yes, full of — and pandering to — loony-lib zombified brainwashed-in-the-extreme dunces) whereas Drudge is a page of links. “Drudge readers”? That makes little sense. Lastly, since this is a CBS Los Angeles local affiliate website, you yourself must have linked here from Drudge to connect this story to that site of links — in other words, you’ve been there. Sheesh, you whiny “woe is us! a link from Drudge!” types are insipid.

    2. Seth Day says:

      so what exactly do you have against a web-site that offers news stories it believes to be relevant or important. What do you want everyone to watch MSNBC, CNN, and FOX at least drudge covers stories the others don’t. Like the radical muslim cleric caught illegally entering the US through Mexico

  86. ragu4u says:

    He ought to be able to score some HOT “strange” in that place with the $$ he throws around.

  87. J says:

    Charlie Sheen needs to be off television forever.

  88. Dee says:

    It’s sad when people who have so much money (and could do something constructive with it) choose to abuse their own bodies and wreak havoc on those who love them by being irresponsible and an embarrassment. Charlie needs serious intervention.

  89. C says:

    He’ll be dead before he’s 50.

  90. losmorans says:

    Actor / actress / musician / comedian / entertainer / sports star / heiress (name goes here) checks into rehab. Is this celebrity revolving door really a news story? Seriously, who other than Sheen’s family and those riding his gravy train really care?

  91. Rico says:

    After losing my job, it really galls me how some people can just throw theirs away. Of course, Old Charlie’s rich, so he can pretty much do whatever he wants.

  92. nightwriter says:

    Just one more piece of Hollywood liberal trash self-destructing. Who said even bad press is good for these insane “actors!” Yes, I love having Hollywood represent me as an American!!!

  93. Sandy says:

    Why would anyone with any self respect waste their time watching some rich, drug thug, who is also a violent domestic abuser, on TV to begin with?

  94. Tom Shea says:

    While in rehab, maybe Charlie will hook up with Lindsay Lohan?
    In the mean time maybe the producers at CBS will finally wise up and replace this bum with an actor who’s sober and one who wants to work. Then CBS won’t be habitually last in the nightly ratings, maybe.
    Oh wait a minute! I forgot, this is CBS we’re talking about. The network where they have no brains, no morals, no backbone and definitely no class.
    Never mind.

  95. Tom Shea says:

    Don’t worry Charlie, if you bomb out in show-biz, which looks like where you’re headed. You can always get a job with the Obama administration. Perhaps, Carnal Knowledge Czar. Something along those lines.

  96. LHardy says:

    I am not so certain that his rehab will not have an effect on his contract.
    Then again Hollywood is weird like that.
    Any other company that had to halt production due to one persons inability to perform would sue the pants off of them.
    He can be a total jerk if he chooses. yet his actions effect many people involved with the show. I’d sue for all I could get.

  97. ANITA EVANS says:


  98. Johnny says:

    Didn’t Errol (as in “in-like”) Flynn go this route and was dead around age 50?

  99. Josie says:

    In every recent interview I’ve ever seen of him he always says he is “clean and sober” now and on the right path, then he falls off the bandwagon. He, sadly, seems unable to get his act together. I feel bad for his kids, and that is about it.

    Two and a Half Men is not a good show, and it is a bad one for him to be doing. i think that the network and producers that hired him in the first place are guilty of enabling him on so many levels.

  100. chris1 says:

    all publicity is good publicity.

  101. puleeze says:

    Well of course you don’t watch the show or network tv. That’s why you’re here commenting on a story about Charlie Sheen on a network website.

  102. Emi says:

    Leave the man alone!!!!! He has big problems!!!! Hopefully he will be okay. The show is funny and all the cast hold their own perfectly! Jon Cryer and the rest of the excellent cast can carry on the show for a while until Charlie is well! So “come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now.”

  103. J says:

    Georgia loves Charlie Sheen. Hey Charlie if you need a place to hide from the morans in LA just respond to this email and I’ll get u setup so nobody can bother u!

    Big Fan

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