ET: Charlie Sheen Hospitalized With ‘Severe Abdominal Pain’

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Entertainment Tonight reports that Charlie Sheen was taken to a Los Angeles hospital Thursday.

The “Two and Half Men” star was suffering from severe abdominal pains, according to publicist Stan Rosenfield.

The actor was taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital early Thursday morning after a particularly loud party at his home, according to TMZ’s Harvey Levin.

One fire engine and one rescue vehicle were sent to sheen’s Beverly Hills home and he was transported via ambulance.

No further information on Sheen’s condition was immediately available.

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  • Dawn Shepherd

    I’ll start with the fact I love him!!!! & I also worry about Charlie.I have all the seasons on DVD.. Charlie I wish you could & would take better care of yourself

    • LAPD Stalker Task Force

      You the one who been stealing all his cars and sending ’em off the cliff?

  • sueblue

    Maybe this is the wake up call he needs to finally realize that he cannot continue abusing his body without suffering severe consequences.

    • Jimmy the Geek

      Nah, guy like him is destined to end up on a slab. Guys like Robert Downey Jr. are one in a million when it comes to a complete life of sobriety among the Holllywood celebs.

  • Bryan

    Appendicitis..I guarantee it..

    • ES

      Appendicitis? I was thinking more along the line of Richard Gere.

      • ES's Step Dad

        What a stupid comment…

      • ES

        My apologies Step DAd, did i hurt your feelings?

      • Duh!

        You either hurt his feelings or stole his gerbil.

      • Charlie Sheen

        I’m straighter than all you ass clowns combined

      • The Gerbil

        I’ll show you ass clown!

      • The Tube

        Howcome the gerbil gets all the glory? Ya’ll got sumthin’ against us tubes?

  • Brad Cooley

    umm sounds like his liver. he’s a party boy- too much booze. get well my man!

  • Ed Rooney

    Probably just backed up and needs to blow out some hershey squirts.

    • Pablo Escobar from the dead

      It’s all that cocaine this loco been snorting up his nose.

  • Jon

    Nice Ed !!!

  • TheTruth323

    Ha, looking good for the deathpool!

  • Knuckles the Back Door Knocker

    Fisting and alcohol are never a good mix….trust me

  • Peacetrain

    Sounds like his appendix

  • Mac

    Caused by massive consumption of alcohol
    Put on IV drip to rehydrate
    Could be gall stones

  • Michael X

    He has a hiatal hernia which is located in the upper stomach area near the diaphram. Ya’ll just jumped to conclusions.

  • Michael Kackson

    Where is Dr. Conrad Murray when you need him?

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  • A.L.

    The MAsheen is breaking down eh?

  • lovely

    lol, get well Charlie

  • bsb

    is this really news? i couldn’t care less about this guy!

  • Not stupid

    This is news worthy? All you star struck people out there really believe he went to the ER for a hernia? Hahahaa! Nobody believes it…well except for some of you who seem to worship this idiot!
    I’m tired of hearing about Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, etc and their reprehensible behavior as if it is really breaking news!
    Who cares that he partied with countless pornsters and designer brief cases full of drugs!
    I’m supposed to do what with that breaking news? Say: poor guy? He has too much money and obviously doesn’t know what to do with it! I don’t feel sorry for the likes of angers me!
    Let the guy do whatever he wants, party, drugs, porn, but don’t shove the consequences down our if it’s newsworthy!

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