Celebrity Trainer Patrick Murphy Gives Workout Advice

Celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy, who recently worked with Olivia Wilde to get her ready for her role in TRON: Legacy, visited KCAL9 to talk about three must-have items for home workouts.

Here are the items Murphy mentioned.

Jump Rope:

  • High calorie burner (more than cardio equipment!), establishes coordination, strengthens your cardio respiratory system!


  • Great for compound exercises
  • Dumbells allow for endless amount of options for exercises — many more than what a typical gym machine would offer you


  • Another great option for resistance training, bands are great for fixing posture (hello desk jockeys!)
  • Can be wrapped around items at home (desk, chair, door handle) to create unique moves.

For more information on Patrick Murphy and his techniques visit his website at www.murphyfitness.com.

  • patrick murphy

    Hi everyone! I had a fun time doing this segment, but 4 minutes isn’t enough to show what these 3 tools together are capable of. I’m going to shoot a little video this weekend and post it on my website for free to give you an actual workout!

  • steve morgan

    Great Spot! Informative…Nice work!

  • patrick murphy

    This is my own supplement to the KCAL 9 Segment I did on the three must have at home fitness tools. I have put together some exercises and created a fantastic workout you can follow. Go for it… it’s tougher than you might think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP6uLUsncro

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