FONTANA, Calif. (AP) — A San Bernardino County judge has rejected a plea deal for a woman involved in a deadly car crash after the victim’s relatives protested outside the courthouse.

Ashley Connor Young was facing a year in jail during sentencing Monday in return for pleading guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter. But the San Bernardino Sun says the prosecution asked a judge to toss the deal after 30 people protested outside court.

Young now faces a possible trial and could get four years if convicted.

Her attorney, Miles Clark, says justice hasn’t been served and the deal should have been honored.

Authorities say Young had a previous DUI arrest and a suspended license when she rear-ended a car in Fontana in 2009.

The car was pushed into a tree, fatally injuring the driver.

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Comments (4)
  1. Will says:

    Good. She didn’t learn her lesson from her previous arrest. Now a woman is dead. Even four years is too, too short.

  2. Duh! says:

    As God says in the bible, “An eye for an eye.”

    Maybe people will learn not to drink and drive, if they have to suffer the same fate as those they crash into.

  3. RonBev says:

    All ya’ll get off your high horses. This girl needs to be commended for helping thin the herd.
    I for one am not going to cast the first stone. Nice to know you are all so perfect.

  4. nan says:

    If you know Leyna she would forgive ❤

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