HUNTINGTON BEACH (AP) —  The maker of the controversial energy drink Four Loko says it is “extremely saddened” by the deaths of two teens whose bodies were found in a vacant Huntington Beach apartment.

An empty can of Four Loko was found near the bodies and police say it appears the deaths of 15-year-old Aaron Saenz and 16-year-old Chelsea Taylor may have been drug- and alcohol-related.

Coroner’s officials are awaiting toxicological results and do not know if Four Loko played a role in the deaths.

In a statement released to the Los Angeles Times Tuesday, Phusion Projects said it works very hard to ensure its products are consumed safely and responsibly by adults over the age of 21.

When it was first sold, Four Loko contained both alcohol and caffeine, but Phusion Projects announced in November it was reformulating the beverage to remove caffeine.

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Comments (24)
  1. Pooky says:

    I would be, too, if I were them.

    Hope they have good lawyers.

    1. Gabriel L says:

      4 loko is evil and will be going out of biz the ceo and its employes just murdered kids ,america what a country…what a joke

      1. Joanna says:

        So, the maker of the car that killed my cousin, and broke my sisters leg should go out of business because there was an idiot behind the wheel?

      2. Trisha says:

        Joanna, agreed!

    2. JDPhi says:

      Am I the only person questioning how ONE CAN of a drink is somehow responsible for the death of to people? The authorities found ONE CAN. Is anybody really naive enough to think that ONE 24oz. can of a drink that is 12% alcohol is enough to kill TWO PEOPLE? Four Loko packs a pretty hard punch if you consume a full can (by yourself), but it is still less alcohol than 5 shots of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey (80 proof).

      Two people dead by sharing the equivalent of 5 shots of liquor? Let’s wait until we know what ELSE they consumed before we pass judgement on a PRODUCT that is already regulated and illegal for minors to buy or possess.

  2. big c says:

    They were teens…they don’t need lawyers!….

  3. Masked Marvel says:

    Oh, yeah. Let’s create an alcholic, caffeinated beverage, and market it at teens in what looks like a brightly-colored soda can. That’s being responsible.
    What you have is a wide-awake teen drunk. Just what we need
    They announced they’re removing the caffeine from the drink, but not the alcohol. They sure have their priorities in order….

    Welcome to American capitalism, where any criticism of irresponsibility equals socialism (or if you’re Glenn Beck, communism….)

  4. Joanna says:

    I don’t think it is fair to blame the makers of 4lokos. Where are these kids parents? Is this such a big story because it was 2 white kids who were killed? These CHILDREN shouldn’t be drinking, yes, but it’s not the fault of the makers of 4 lokos. I mean those kids were already being irresponsible by drinking before 21, but if they mixed it with some other kind of drug that is their fault for being stupid.

    1. sunofa says:

      It should be easy to die! Cigarettes too! They’re way to small for my mouth-hole. I want a biggass black two inch diameter cigarette I can smoke for an hour straight! Yeah! F-!Yeah!

    2. Chris says:

      NOT FAIR to blame the makers??? where do you come from lady? Present a piece of candy to a young kid and he’ll eat it! They, those teens, would still be alive if those drinks and any other drinks like it did not exist!

      1. mister s says:

        Right, why should the teens bear any responsibility for their own actions? Thats ridiculous LOL. Ill bet a Four Loco rep even gave it to them for free and held a gun to their heads focing them to ingest it! Moron. Thy said there was other drug use evidence there. A single can of that drink which is all that was mentioned is not going to kill 2 people. I am against alcohol and cigarettes BUT to blame anyone but the users for ill side effects is idiotic.

      2. Joanna says:

        And that is why kids should be told not to take candy from strangers. I don’t drink 4lokos but to blame the company is ignorant. Teenagers have been dying from drinking alcohol and other drugs BEFORE 4lokos even existed. That’s like saying people should sue Toyota because a drunk driver in a toyota slammed into their car and killed someone. The idiot kids should have known that mixing drugs and alcohol is a lethal combination. And if they didn’t, well then I guess they shouldn’t be on drugs or drinking.

      3. Ashley says:

        I totally agree with you! Its 2011 now not 1950 people really should get over thereselves…

  5. medinafrances says:

    oh come on the teens knew the consequences of mixing them. When something new comes out it comes with a warning label. Eat or drink at your own risk. How about all the people who OD on drugs and prescription Drugs and over the counter drugs who takes them off the market. It’s all about who has the most money to keep them going and not getting them off the market. Now days it’s all about money and lawyers. Who sues who over any little thing. Welcome to the good ole U.S.A.

  6. No Name Loko says:

    You can’t blame the makers of the drink just because 2 teens were drinking under age. If not Four Loko they probably would of drank something else. Under age drinking falls back onto the responsibility of their parents.

  7. metrogirl says:

    Why is everyone so quick to blame the makers of that drink? Underage kids drink beer, wine, and hard liquor everyday all around the world. Blame the parents for not monitoring what their kids are doing. Do you know how many children learn those traits right at home watching their parents toss a few back? It starts at home, parents teach your children. Educate them on the perils of teen drinking.

  8. Eric says:

    Ok this whole thing is getting out of hand. Four Loko has nothing to do with this whatsoever. It’d be like if they found a can of Pepsi or Coca Cola. The stuff is not that bad. I had a can once and it’s only 12% alcohol content. There’s more alcohol in wine. Four Loko had absolutely NOTHING to do with this. You people are so eager to point a finger and blame something you know nothing about. Morons….

  9. Jimmy Cruz says:

    These young kids have their priorities all messed up. When I was 15 and alone in a vacant apartment with a chick, I would be getting down with her non-stop, not doing booze & drugs.

  10. CW in L.A. says:

    Ok people what about the store that sold it to the minors. Not the drinks complanies fault. They should not be allowed to buy it if it has alcohol. Just like beer, wine, ect. If they cannot buy it they cannot drink it.

  11. JGC says:

    There is a lot of conjecture without facts in this thread. It looks as if a preventable tragedy has occurred; as in most cases, there were multiple failures. However, I’m 52 years old and had never heard of Four Loko until this article so I suspect I am not in the favored demographic.

  12. JK says:

    The local kids here that went to school with the unfortunate two say they were doing Extascy. “Two pills is called manslauter” I was told.

  13. Loko Life says:

    One Loko between two teens isn’t going to do much. And as mentioned, if they weren’t drinking Loko they would have had some other alcohol. Blaming the creators is just plain stupid. Kids and parents need to take some personal responsibility.

  14. Ashley says:

    Ok so since when does being “WHITE” have anything to do with this being a BIG story?? We all know that its a BIG story everytime something happens with that stupid drink no matter the race so get over yourself already its 2011 its not 1950 anymore.

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