Los Angeles Police Shoot, Kill Mentally Ill Man During Struggle

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police have shot and killed a mentally ill man during a struggle on a South Los Angeles street.

Officer Norma Eisenman says officers were called shortly after 8 p.m. Monday and found a 48-year-old man with bipolar disorder yelling at family members.

Eisenman says the man refused police orders and became violent. She says officers fired non-lethal bean bag rounds but couldn’t subdue the man, who was 5-foot-11 and weighed 240 pounds.

Eisenman says the man then attacked officers and was shot when he tried to take an officer’s gun.

His name wasn’t released.

No officers were hurt.

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  • Tiffany Crenshaw

    That was my uncle that was shot and the story that he tried to take an officers gun is bull, they could of used other forceful tactics to bring him down!!! But to shot him six times, someone who was not armed.

    • Bubba

      Yep, Sounds like Uncle Buck should have been on his meds. Bi-polar or not, you don’t attack the Police, especially after bean bags failed and try to disarm them. Sounds to me like they shot to stop the threat, it just took 6 rounds to get that threat stopped.

      • WEST


    • Mini Mousekat

      Tiffany, I am sorry about the loss of your uncle, but were you there? Bipolars can be very dangerous. Cops cant get medical backrounds on suspects before they act. They were doing their jobs.

    • punisher

      He wasn’t armed..yet! Cops don’t waste their time trying every tool. Sometimes they have to go straight to deadly force. they shoot to kill not maim or scare. sorry but that’s how it works.

  • good job

    hey they tried less lethal options first, it did not work, then he went for a cops gun. ts, lethal is then justified.

  • mentalally ill

    why cant police use / have a tranquilizer dart .

  • So what!!

    Im having PORK chops for dinner!!!!!

  • So what!!

    Ever since they started closing WINCHELLS donuts cops(pigs) have gotten out of control

  • Myesha

    COme on this is not right this man had a family a life, 4 kids 5 grandkids they are taking our life for no reason this could be or father, This man was going through something everyone knew that this did not have to happen

    Bryan Moore, 26 – June 26
    Murdered by Compton police while running away from them. He had no gun.

    Michael Byoune, 19 – May 11
    Was shot and murdered while riding in the passenger seat of a car. They were in the drive thru of Rally’s in Inglewood when police thought they heard gunshots, so they riddled their car with bullets. No guns!

    Earl Rhodes- 48 – Jan 25
    Killed By LAPD NO GUN!
    We have to do something about this

    • punisher

      They were acting stupid in some capacity. act stupid and get shot..bottom line! They’re not shooting law abiding citizens.

      • Myesha

        Look Michael Byone was a law abiding citizen not acting stupid at all coming from a dam party happy go lucky kid, inncent believe it his mother just got 2.1 million from Inglewood police because of this dammit. so You watch your self cause police are killing innocent people and locking them up in jail for crimes they didnt commit read your bible stupid

      • Myesha

        ANd Earl or Bryan did not have a gun Police think this is there world and they need to be stopped before its your daddy, brother, grandfather, or even mother

  • Vincenzo Ambrosini

    Shooting a man with 6 rounds with the intent to kill is way out of line. Even if this man, who obviously needed help, was not able to be subdued with less-than-lethal tactics, there is no reason to fire 6 rounds through his chest. It’s not surprising though because this kind of behavior used by police happens all too often. Police are just as criminal as the people they arrest. Shooting and killing a mentally ill man because they’re too lazy/cowardly to find alternate solutions sounds more like a gang shooting.

  • brianna

    i know this is late but all u guys tht agree wit this shut ur mouth cuz u didnt even know him if u were a fam member u would be soooo mad tht people r saying stuff tht arent true and other people agree wit it!!! if u knew him really well u would say no he didnt !!!!! so if u dont know him and u wasnt there DONT COMMENT we dont need ur opinion on this we dont care about wat u think thiz was a tragic thing and all of u wanna put ur stupid comments saying it is wat it is NO ITS NOT so shutup and live ur dumb life which i think u guys dont hsve 1 cuz ur sitting here commenting on sumthing u just heard about a report on the internet!!!!!!!!! ALL OF THIS IS WRONG!!!


    and by the way i am a fam member so dont say nuthing u guys dont so get off the internet and stop searching this up cuz wat if tht happened to ur dad or grandaddy or even a close friend??? huh?!?! U WOULD BE SAD AND MAD 4 WAT HAPPENED !!! and if u agree wit this stupid LYING homicid report u r the dumbest person in the world stop beleving stuff tht r on the internet.. didnt ur dad or mom teach u tht ??? so again go on and liv ur life cuz im sure sumthings bad gonna happen 2 all of u stupid people. WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND!!! if u agree wit this report itz gonna come back 2 u….1 of ur fam might get killed or mabey even u so watch ur mouth!!! IDIOTS

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