Homeboy Industries Salsa, Chips For Sale At SoCal Ralphs Stores

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Homeboy Industries original salsa and tortilla chips are now available at Ralphs grocery stores across Southern California.

Homeboy Salsa and Homeboy Tortilla Chips were created by Chef Pati Zarate in a variety of traditional and authentic Mexican flavors, including Morita, Mango, Salsa Verde, Pico de Gallo (mild and hot) and Mole.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said he was partial to the Morita salsa.

The nonprofit’s founder, Father Greg Boyle, said he was inspired by the late actor Paul Newman, whose “Newman’s Own” products funded nonprofit organizations.

Homeboy Industries has been struggling financially during the recession because of dwindling donations.

Founded in 1992, Homeboy Industries provides at-risk youth and former gang members with counseling, tutoring, mental health care, tattoo removal and employment. Its motto: “Nothing stops a bullet like a job.”

Through the creation of several small businesses, hard-to-place individuals have a chance to thrive in a safe, supportive environment where they can learn both job skills, Boyle said. To date, Homeboy Industries has rehabilitated about 12,000 gang members.

The businesses include Homeboy Bakery, Homegirl Cafe & Catering, Homeboy Merchandise and Homeboy Silkscreen and Embroidery. Future ventures include a branch of Homegirl Cafe at LAX and a Homeboy Market at City Hall.

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  • Gloria

    This is great! This is for a good cause. I wish them all luck.

  • CA562DUDE

    I would def buy there products to help keep gangs off the street. If I had my own business I would hire them too


    Thats GREAT! I will for sure buy that salsa…..Im sure it does’nt beat my salsa….lol! i hope & pray that they sell, sell,sell….. Best of luck guys :)

  • Jane

    Much Luck to Homeboy Industries, Keep up the good work!!!

  • Dan Thomas

    Kudo’s to Ralph’s: way to step up!!

  • c-man

    I am surprised homeboy industries has been struggling. All any organization with hispanics has to do, is stick their grubby litttle hands out and America will give them what they want. You don’t even have to speak English. You can even be an illegal. I say support organizations for the verterans…..they’ve earned it. The family members of this organization are just a bunch of parasites looking for more handouts. They should all be checked into a roach motel because that is where they all belong.

  • lovely

    Ur the parasite cman

  • claudia

    I honor all suport towards Veteran’s. But, You have so much hatred! Go get laid!


    I TOTTALLY AGREE LOVELY!!! Its ppl like C-man that make this world a bad place to live in….Negativity & Ignorance is easier to express than Positivity & Praise.. Mabey he is just in need of attention???? kudos Ralphs!!!!!!!

  • c-man

    Claudia…are you part of Latinos Unidos or some other hispanic organization that is mooching off America? When will our borders get secured? Please bring back the minutemen.
    Lovely….I served my country honorably for 5 years in the Marines and shed blood on foreign soil to defend the freedom you enjoy so freely. It’s a shame when my wounded brothers come back from the front lines and they have to wait in line for health services while non-speaking hispanics get more than the wounded servicemen.

    • GBush

      C-man are you a nazi? dont like anyone who doesnt look like you?talk like you? or is you? your sex life must suck!

  • marianne

    More power to you and it will go a long way toward helping kids stay out of gangs, too.

  • Big Man

    Their should be motto is: Eat my sauce or I’ll stab you.

  • Mona Jaime

    I will definetly support H.I by purchasing these products. May God continue to bless these organizations to help out!

  • C-man

    Please homeboy, Don’t spit in my salsa

  • Bin Laden

    Hopefully other food distributors and retailers will get involved with Homeboy Industries.

  • Lis

    @C-man: If you hate it here so much, why not just move to your Papi Arpio’s backyard? I hear he loves “your” people. Best of luck

  • Sharif

    c-man, who are your people?
    not illegals
    Arpaio deports them
    You must like the pink underwear Arpaio provides

  • christie

    The best salsa, pico de gallo I ever had. I went to Ralphs today to pick some up and they were sold out :(

  • Scutang

    Cman…bro, your comments just don’t add up…if it weren’t for the Latino community in LA, nothing would get done. Latinos–especially illegals–are some of the hardest working people in the state. Unless you’re Native American, then you’re an immigrant to this country, too. Open your eyes to your fellow humanity.

  • Jason

    Put this on facebook pronto

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