Pursuit Of DUI Suspect Ends In Serious Crash

PASADENA (CBS) — A police pursuit of a suspected DUI driver that began in Pasadena ended in a serious crash in Covina Monday night.

The suspect led police through several communities during the chase, which began just before 11 p.m. in Pasadena and continued for about an hour.

The chase ended when the suspect side-swiped a vehicle at a high rate of speed while failing to stop at a red light at Barranca Avenue and East Puente Street, about a half-mile north of the San Bernardino (10) Freeway in Covina, according to Covina police and the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Police took the suspect into custody.

The driver of the other vehicle was reported as unresponsive by police. The car had sustained heavy damage on the driver’s side.

At times during the chase, the suspect reached high speeds and drove the wrong way down a road.

The suspect had stopped briefly in West Covina before taking off again.

Police radio transmissions indicated that officers were considering using the PIT maneuver, but an attempt at one was never made during the chase.

  • DCS

    What, no video feed after it went to Channel 9? I don’t get KCAL on DirecTV.

    • Marc

      It has ended horribly you don’t want to see it. I felt bad seeing it. A innocent driver was Tboned and it appears that they may have lost their life.They ended the broadcast after that.

      • Gabby Reynoso

        I know what you mean, i felt so bad watching it and i pray they dint have kids in the car. So scary that person was just driving by and now might have died, i hope they were just passed out but by the way the firemen were going real slow and th cops basically did nothing, it appears that there was not much that could be done.

      • Christopher Skelton

        This was an travisty by the police. They need to be more acertive, especialy when the suspect was stopped.

      • mark

        oh my god!!!! i seen this live on t.v .poor person(s)in that toyota corrola it didnt seem as though officers were trying to get that innocent person out. it didnt look good.that told me a lot my heart goes out to the families of that person comment from downey,ca

      • ashlie

        it was a toyota corolla?

      • mark

        yes ashile it was

      • mark

        hey marc. ya no one wants to see how that ended my stomach has butterflys and i feel sick.thats the most serioud purduit i ever saw. comment me back if u like anyone

      • Rick

        What i saw last night left me speechless because this was nothing but a call of duty for the police involved,We the people pay the city to teach and practice the pit maneuver and they do not use it then the city needs to stop wasting our money,Yes it is a tuff call except when anyone takes a piece of Metal and decides to use it as a Weapon Meaning a CAR or a GUN and runs every red light like a stray Bullet, We all can see the after math and that is exactly what i saw. This could of been prevented in my eyes. My prayers go out to the innocent Driver and the Family.

    • reggie

      people its past time to be smart, you cant outrun the radio or the ghetto bird , now because of a terrible decision , someone’s family member may have died , and another looks at a long time in the slammer

    • Fred Zermeno

      Officers have to handle these pursuits differently. The guy was running red light after red light. Its like shooting a weapon at every red light. Russian roulette. They have to do everything in their power to stop these guys. We invented the Police Pursuit Eliminator 10 years ago. Work perfect and everyone’s afraid to use it. This is a tragedy in front of our eyes.

      • Anthony

        what is the Police Pursuit Eliminator ?

    • daniel smith

      when will the police learn.. another innocent life is shattered because the police were too scared to take the guy down. Maybe they were afraid of the mini dog in the car..

      • More Than Angry

        absolutely..when will the POLICE LEARN? after they allowed this EVIL DRUNK to “DRIVE AGAIN” ..I could NEVER UNDERSTAND why the Officers DID NOT TAKE HIM OUT when HE was STOPPED …this horrible ending could have been FULLY PREVENTED!!!!!!! I pray that the Driver/passenger/s in the T-boned car survives..I am VERY angry..I was not able to sleep a wink after watching this carnage enfolding before my eyes Live on TV & followed Live Stream broadcast of which was terminated and I was left with the horrible scene in my brain of POLICE OFFICERS NOT CARING TO CHECK THE OCCUPANTS of the T-Boned CAR & EMT’s moving in a snail pace, not checking the victims of the this evil Drunk and “Sorry” police work!!!!

  • Mark


    • jenny

      Why would want to see something so horrible

    • Ashleigh Boiros

      Is the bystander ok??????

      • mark

        doesnt seem like it:(

      • Shelly

        Any word yet on the innocent victim? Does anyone know if they made it?
        I pray they are ok.

      • Dom

        It was a female she’s alive

      • MARK


      • Dom

        that’s. Wat ABC 7 stated

      • mark

        ok im confused would someone please tell me who survived .please comment me back

      • Chris

        According to KNX 1070 news radio they have said the woman survived and was sent to county usc medical.

      • MARK


      • Mike

        KNX radio is reporting both the suspect and victim survived the collision.

      • Yadira

        Thank GOD!!

      • sandy

        Yes!! Thank you God!!!!!

      • MARK


      • JM

        abc just updated there story…All they said is that she is believed to be alive


    • Jay

      I Saw it on youtube a min ago.

  • Anna Licalsi Peterson

    This blows. Going back to Ch. 7

  • David

    You say to follow you guys on the internet yet provide no feed… no confidence in news on the web, at least for this station

  • eddie

    why cut into a perfectly good program to show another stupid car chase thru LA.

    • alex

      Cash cab or a repeat of letterman. What good program?????

  • aaron

    wheres the video feed…….you guys suck

  • Nick

    I saw this chase go thru pasadena…it was chaos. As 15 cop cars sped down the rode after this maniac, i stood there, i watched patiently in awe. Police were everywhere, and the helicopters and their searchlights just added to the action…

    • Al

      the car should have been blocked when it came to a stop. now it crashed and maybe the other driver was killed!!

      • Doggone

        I agree.

      • Joe

        You are right, Al! The cops did nothing. In fact, it took them at least 10 minutes to ever go check on the victim! Insanity! Instead, they all care way too much about the drunk chunt.

      • Anita

        I agree with you Al…100%! I watched this live on TV and it shook me to tears after seeing it end the way that it did. I couldn’t even sleep afterwards. They should have boxed him in! What would the worse thing that could happen? A few dents in a police car? BUT NO!!! They allowed him to catch his breath, and pull off again, but this time with MORE anger than before…only to go on and kill someone. (I know that they say she’s alive…but it still could have been prevented) I thought that it’s their JOB to protect us? Ant not worry about a few busted up police cars, that could have easliy stopped he, after he finally stopped the first time! They should feel REALLY BAD for allowing this to happen.

    • Joe

      Why can’t I leave a comment here? How do you register?

      • Joe

        Ok there we go1 The LAPD caused this! That HORRIBLE, TRAGIC crash is because the LAPD did NOTHING. I hope the victim’s family sues you! For shame LAPD- as this could have been avoided!

      • Mike

        The LAPD was not involved in this police chase at all, do your research before making stupid comments.

      • A Cap

        Should have just watched it period instead of trolling the site.

        Apparently any police vehicle that is black and white is LAPD to him.

      • Joe

        Black and white vehicle? What planet are your from anyway?

      • joe

        Why watch shyt? Talk about trolling! Get off your tv and computer and get a real life. And buiddy, black and white cop cars? Where do you live? MARS?

      • Joe

        Research? Why? What for? LA sucks, period. Research out here is a waste of my time.

      • paul

        Idiot, the LAPD DOESNT PATROL the San Gabriel Valley dumb ass

      • joe

        The Valley, LA, whatever, whoi cares, they all suck, period.

      • Joe

        You’re right Paul, NOBODY patrols anywhere in LA as clearly evidenced by last night’s actions.

  • Anna Licalsi Peterson

    Thanks. After wasting my time with no video feed, I go back to Ch. 7 to find the chase over due to a crash. Coulda watched it live on Ch. 7. Won’t make this mistake again!!!

    • Peter Michel

      I had video on channel 9.

    • Sparky

      You’re sick! You’re complaining because you missed seeing someone critically injured or killed! Well done, Anna Licalsi Peterson!

      • James

        I agree with Sparky, have some respect. What if that was someone you knew that was the car that got hit and could be killed in the crash.

      • Anna Licalsi Peterson

        That was stupid of me. I wasn’t watching closely and thought they hit a parked car. Very sorry for seeming so callus.

      • Stacee

        Sparky I agree with u also! I am completely traumatized over this! Cant shake it… Im so sad.. It floors me that the supsect was just fine with putting not only his own dog in danger but innocent members of scoiety let alone the fact that his own family now has to deal with their ridiculous family memebers great decisions to intoxicate himself and get behind a wheel to drive! Im trying to understand how it is this stupid heartless fool didnt realize he was causing himself an others more pain and misery by staying behind the wheel he shouldnt have been behind! I wish so bad I could have words with this devil of an idiot!I just pray the cops r reading him the riot act right now and from here on I only wsh for him to be completely tormented in prison for the rest of his life as the low down loser he has displayed he is this very night! Hoping and praying his victim can overcome their injury and praying I am not going to hear the worst in the a.m. …. That possibly the victim didnt make it! So soryy for their family. Hoping the dog is ok and will be put in safe hands from here on and please dont make that poor dog stay in this family where this freaking monster was developed! Uggghhh I am so traumatized and stupid idiot anna peterson can take a hike off a really high bridge for being desperate to see an impact that ended in such tragedy. maybe when something tragic like this happens to her she”ll get how sick her thoughts were tonight! At 42 I realize life can be cruel at times but never will I understand why its this cruel… to an innocent victim who was minding their business and ends up having to pay such a price for such a sorry individual! Kinda wishing I was one of those cops on the scene right now so I could make sure things would be said that he would never forget and haint him for the rest of his life!

      • Carrie Ward

        Hey sometimes being able to watch something this isn’t about being sick or anything … I was praying for the driver (victim) who was hit and that this person (turns out it’s a she and she’s okay)
        is going to be okay.

    • Dave

      Chanel 7 stopped it’s coverage before the crash to go to Nightline. It was a horrible crash. I DVR’d it ‘cuz I was going back and forth from the chase to Nightline. First thing I said to myself is that person’s dead, sorry to say.

      • cris

        can u post it on youtube?

    • derek

      maybe if you took 5 seconds to stop being so infatuated with potential violence and read the bottom line saying “MOVING TO CHANNEL 9″ you wouldve seen what you desired.

      now you really…”Wont make this mistake again!!!”

    • A Cap-Lan

      They said turn to channel 9. Your own fault for not viewing it. Channel 11 does the same thing at 11:30. You must not watch the news ever.

    • Kimberly Richardson


      • Jennifer A McDowell

        I am having trouble sleeping aftert watching that type of accident I really hope the guy pulls through.

      • Stacie McCombs

        I’m with you on that. If the police recognized the car to belong to a loved one, they wouldn’t have strolled over so casually to look at the innocent victim 5 minutes after the accident. I was completely outraged as well.

      • David

        I saw this crash live on TV and it was heart wrenching. This poor victim is either dead or seriously injured. The police should have used their vehicles to box this guy in when he stopped for a few minutes. Instead, they hid behind their cars like cowards. So much for “Protect and Serve.”

      • tt

        I was watching the chase and telling my cowokers that the police should have taken him out early or stopped the chase before this reckless monster hit someone. One minute later, he t-boned the other driver. HOW SAD IS THIS?

      • David

        Totally agree…the police had the chance to stop the car. If the suspect would have been wanted for a crime towards a policeman, this would have ended very differntly.

    • A Guy

      Eye on the TV
      ’cause tragedy thrills me
      Whatever flavour
      It happens to be like;
      Killed by the husband
      Drowned by the ocean
      Shot by his own son
      She used the poison in his tea
      And kissed him goodbye
      That’s my kind of story
      It’s no fun ’til someone dies

      Don’t look at me like
      I am a monster
      Frown out your one face
      But with the other
      Stare like a junkie
      Into the TV
      Stare like a zombie
      While the mother
      Holds her child
      Watches him die
      Hands to the sky crying
      Why, oh why?
      ’cause I need to watch things die
      From a distance

      • TOOL

        Maynard sais so much, and yes its true

      • Some Guy

        Get your fix here.

      • stacee

        Seems”AGUY” is completely dimented and a total kkkooookkk! talk about mumble freaking jumble! what a dork of a total idiot! Geek! Your words r better left unsaid! U must come from some cracked up alien planet we know nothing of! Yikes!

    • silly silly

      Hey everyone, why are you blaming authorities for not stopping a DUI Psycho driver? Police have families too. If someone is driving at such high speeds and able to use their vehicle as a killing machine the police are not going to attempt something that may place other in more danger.

      Anna Licals Peterson…it gives me peace to know that you do have a heart.

      • stacee

        Just like a zebra cant change their stripes I believe Anna”s heart will remain cold her initial thoughts and feelings r the true her inside and the fact she was desperate for some action at the cost of a life possibly is sickening and someone she will always be.. people like her desperate for action in a traumatizing situation dont change as long as they get that action! sickly sicko who has no decency! decency can make a wonderful personality but for Anna that probably cant happen her stripes are permanent.

      • EMAN

        Stacee, give it a rest! She apologized. Get off your high horse will ya?

    • NA

    • Vic

      It was amazing we watched over and over again have it on the DVR. Did the other diver die. The other diver didn’t use any defensive driving. Shoud have turned the car in the other direction. I bet they were texting on the phone. You have to always be watching and ready to react to all situations.

      • Bran

        You are a headcase Vic. Seriously, go get some professional help. Perhaps you should stop texting while driving. To even think the victim had an reaction time is absurd.

      • Jason

        yeah but i juss drove home now i watched the crash even if u were expecting something like that to happen it is so hard to react to avoid that even in a sports car and not a toyota camry like that

      • EMAN

        Driver never saw it coming. Even if that person did, he/she would have noticed it at the very last second and had no time to react considering the other driver was barreling down the street at high speeds and ran the light. That driver never had a chance. Sucks…

      • Mark

        You disgust me. Absolutely disgust me. I’m sure your parents regret you every time they hear your name. What a disappointment you must be to them.

      • Suzy

        by the time the driver saw him coming it was too late. Plus, you don’t expect someone to run a red light going what looked like 75mph during the middle of a red light sequence. That’s sad to say they were texting.

        I’ll tell you what though, next time I hear a siren, I’m getting over IMMEDIATELY! even faster now.

        I’m so sad for that person in the car. what a tragedy. Pray for that family.

      • Mw

        Vic, your brain must be pea-sized or smaller…nobody could have avoided that….get a life….

    • Den

      I’m so thankful that the dog and victim weren’t killed but I am disappointed that the coward is still alive..

    • Joe Raygoza

      At one point, the enitre police squad positioned themselves in the rear of the car. A Little common sense; and wisdom would indicate position another squad (of cars) in front of the suspect’s vehicle. Poor judgment on behalf of the officers lead to this tragedy! Please, USE THIS TACTIC NEXT TIME TO AVOID SUCH TRAGEDY (ies).

    • Joe Raygoza

      At one point, the enitre police squad positioned themselves in the rear of the car. A Little common sense; and wisdom would indicate position another squad (of cars) in front of the suspect’s vehicle. Poor judgment on behalf of the officers lead to this tragedy! Please, USE THIS TACTIC NEXT TIME TO AVOID SUCH TRAGEDY (ies).

  • sharla

    What happened to the dog that came out of the suspect’s car

    • Gina Gay Spooner

      That’s what I want to know too! Friends living close by are looking for the dog

      • Johnny B

        Have your friends found the dog yet?

      • Jacky

        Just read on abc7.com that the victim is a woman who appears to be alive. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. And I just really hope the dog is ok and found.

    • Melo

      Where did the dog come from?? Please dont tell me the innocent driver had his doggie with him :( …. feel so bad for the innocent guy.

      • DEK

        The little dog jump or was thrown from the suspects vehicle. Looked like a puppy possibly a bulldog.

      • Mel

        I just saw it, the driver let the dog go before the cops approached him. He looked so scared. I hope a good person finds it and the lady in the other car is ok.

  • rich

    they killed the feed since it looks like he killed an innocent bystander, tboned

  • Steffen

    Why didn’t the police block the car in while it was stopped. They had plenty of time to block him in.

    • paul


      • C

        Exactly! This innocent person was harmed unnecessarily! CRITICAL ERROR!

      • Doggone

        When suspect comes to a stop…police place spike strip in front of rear wheels and if he goes…flat!! Pursuit over… lives saved. Certainly there was enough time to do this. How’s that as a new procedure.

    • Ian

      Because that would have been to easy….and spoilt their chase…..

      • smith

        COPS BLEW IT MASSIVELY! WE NEED TO FIND OUT WHO THE COMMANDING OFFICER WAS! There is another story to this story and we need to get to the bottom of it immediately!

      • Bradly

        They police taken an oath to protect and service which they did not do either. The officers involved should be resigning. It obvious that the smaller municipalities can not handle this type of public safety. They did not protect the community nor service the people needs. They had opportunities to end this and not let this situation get out of hand.

    • Chris R.

      Yes, and the cops who did not block him in are also responsible for the driver who was most likely killed; it did not have to happen; STUPID FRIGGIN IDIOT COPS. They didn’t even run to the victim in the t-boned car. Morons. I feel terrible for the innocent victim and their family. Un-freakin real. HEY COPS INVOLVED IN THE PURSUIT, you should feel pathetic.

      • 5.8svt!

        Its So Sad,Seriously i watched it for over a good 45mins,they had him stopped could of done so many things to stop him frm speeding off again,and they took there sweet ass time and it lead to HIM killin some1 so innocent,that was probly going home frm wrk,etc,…they should feel ashamed to say “To Protect ,And to Serve”! my prayers go out to the family of that innocent person!

      • Smith

        We need to find out which officers were in charge….what a bunch of g-damn cowards they have become! So worried about offending someone’s dignity and what did it get them? They should have at lease ‘tased’ the guy as he sat there convulsing in the front seat…….we need to act up on this cowardly police effort….find out who called the shots (or lack of shots) and make an example of political correctness gone awry!

      • Chris H

        You have a lot of nerve to refer to the law enforcement officers as ‘STUPID FRIGGIN IDIOTS”. Why don’t you try and walk in their shoes and learn first hand how they are DAMNED IF THEY DO AND DAMNED IF THEY DON’T. No, it’s much easier sitting on your @#? in front of the TV finding fault with every thing they do. CARMA baby, someday you WILL need those same friggin idiots to come to your aide.

      • Firemike

        Since your so quick to criticize the cops, why don’t you tell everyone what you do for a living. Do you put your life on the line? Tragic yes! You would be criticizing the cops if they did the PIT maneuver and someone was injured. Bottom line is the drunk driver is responsible. As far as the innocent victim, cops arent trained to treat the victim. That’s what the fire department is for. The CPA don’t know if the drunk has a gun or not. Mind your own business!

      • Cera

        Hey Chris… It’s all about the system being flawed they can never seem to make the right decision! They are constantly making incorrect judgements and over reacting when they dont need to and taking situations like tonight and saying oh lets just see what happens. Yes Freaking Idiots!!!!!! They could have prevented this they didnt need to use lethal force, they just needed to act! Instead they stood by and let it play out and someone lost their life! It’s a horrible situation! Had it been a cop that got hit bet your ass they would’ve acted differently!!! Then it would’ve been crucial….. FRICKIN IDIOTS

      • Fred Bond

        Shoot the damn driver….

    • Sherrie Lee

      they never do

  • Sad

    Those poor innocent people in the other car. Pray for them. Please tell me someone is looking for the innocent dog.

    • Ian

      Why pray to an imaginary friend..please…the cops behaved like cowards and someone died…..sadly happens all the time.

    • stacee

      Im so glad there are alot of people concerned about the dog! All who r.. U Rock!! Hoping and praying this innocent vicitim can recover fully and not have to endure unbearable pain! So praying for the victim and the pup!!!! so darn sad! cant shake this one! so traumatized!

  • Jeff

    It’s on kcal9. The guy just t boned another driver. News reports are that the innocent driver is non responsive…terrible

    • youguysrsad

      should’ve would’ve could’ve im sure the cops did what they had to do . are you guys cops? would you risk your life to chase this guy?. probably not. everyone is always so fast to point out who did what wrong. well who cares. this person could be dead. its no ones fault but the drunk.

      • Cera

        You’re an idiot! Wow… You must be a cop! And offended because your lazy ass would act the same way! I’m sure any one else on here would’ve done anything they could. Not trained to help… Um yes they are thats what they frickin do! No they can’t bring the guy back to life but at least try and show some kind of effort for the poor victim. They walked to the car, who walks to the scene of an accident? Who cares what they did wrong? You will when this happens to someone you love! Who cares what they did wrong? What an ignorant interjection! You know who’s sad? You are! Yes ultimately it is the A holes fault who ran the light but look at all the things the cops could’ve done… It’s so tragic because everyone knew it was gonna end badly and they just watched it play out~

      • Kevin

        You sir are the idiot… First Yes the victim is injured BUT Officers are not trained as Perimedic/Fire Personal nor do they have to equipment to handle a violent car accident (jaws of life and stuff that). After an accident like that moving the Victim even slightly can cause their injuries to escalate dramaticly. Also I have watched the footage many times… if you notice the cops are walking GUNS DRAWN… Running with a drawn gun is not only dangerous is stupid, they can not get an accurate Shot in case the suspect pulls a weapon and starts shooting . Also another reason to get teh suspect before the Victim if theyare tending to the victim and the suspect does have a gun and starts shooting at them then that is a HUGE PROBLEM… one you have shots fired in a public area but a DRUNK, Second you have officers down and now a standoff while the victim in the car can be FIGHTING For their life. Cops have to take in every possible instance and if you look at the footage (via youtube) the cops goes to the victims vehicle and then they suspects dog jumps out of the car … What if it was an ATTACK DOG!!!!… Trust me these cops have so many things going threw their minds and I bet if you walked onto the scene of an accident where a DRUNK POSSIBLY ARMED man was you wouldn’t run into it….

      • Pat Lukes

        Sort of kidding when I say this, but here’s the order: Walk up to the suspect’s car, shoot him dead and then pool all your efforts to the innocent victim to get them out of the car. Done.

      • Mac

        Either way they could’ve prevented this whole thing.. This chase went on too long and they had the opportunity when the suspect stopped on Cameron ave.

        They just let this drunk drive on and on and on and on and look how it turned out.

      • how

        K, wait until you are the victim of the same scenario. Your family will be preaching the same sentiment about how lousy the police hanbdled the situation. Are you an officer? Hey, at least I worked in a jail. Even in jail, the inmates act like the fools they were born to be. Had idiots check up on me for no reason to show they wanted to be in charge, and I checked them hard into the walls to let them knbow who was the boss. And, those were my trustees!!! Yes, the police are all afraid of lawsuits against them….for anything. I wasn’t. If the idiot was injured for purposefully runing into me, then they had what was comning to them. Officers unfortunately have been lulled into a sense of being too cautious when they must be aggressive. In this case, they had opportrunities to take action…but did not. You defend them for being cautious, yet there were enough officers to render SOME aid AND protection to the victim.

      • Joe

        Good points, How! Glad you showed people who was the boss! Wish more were like you!

      • Carrie Ward

        Not all inmates act that way. I feel the Officers and the Justice system handled my case very well. Of course my case wasn’t the same as this one. First of all I wasn’t being pursued, but I did end up at a military base on accident and was stopped. I was DUI and although it may have seemed overboard i’m glad I was arrested because I could never live with myself if I hurt anybody. I learned a lesson and haven’t nor will i ever make that mistake again. If the cops let me go, it would be on them if I ended up killing someone in an ‘accident’ car crash and if I were an Officer I wouldn’t have let me go either.

      • Steve

        Cera, people like you make me sick….you are the first one to call police if you hear something outside your door. Trust me if the police could have they would have shoot his f$%^&*^& head off but then people like you would scream ” did they have tio shoot him, he wasn’t hurting anyone. Get a life and don’t call them when you need help.

      • Joe

        Sorry Cera but you are the idiot here. Your statement lacks reason and common sense. You are just a reactionary. Lots of people like you, unreasoned and irresponsible.

      • joe

        For real girl. I would have soaked my hands in the victim’s blood to just try and assist! Cops are useless, waste products in society.

  • Collin

    That is the worst impact i have ever seen, they havnt even taken out the jaws of life, i hope he didnt die on impact.

  • ruben

    Watching this man fly down residental streets, with the cops doing nothing but waiting for him to crash or kill someone makes me sick. New rule if your useing your car as a deadly weapon you should be shot before you can use it. Now some innocent person lost their life tonite.

    • Jeff

      Hell yes….well said.

      • Chris R.

        Agreed. Maybe the cops would get a clue if the innocent driver was a cop’s family member. This is so sickening.

    • dennis

      I agree with Ruben. More should have been done when this suspect was stopped. This didn’t have to happen.

    • Cera

      I agree they had so many opportunites to stop him while his door was open and he was spazing out! They coulda tazered him and ended it there. Or just pit manuvered him when they had the chance!

    • ian

      They should have shot hm when he was stopped….heck, shot out his tires…block his car with a plice vehicle, but that would take guts and brains, something missing in LA Cops.

      • JB

        That’s the problem these weren’t LA cops, they were from Pasadena. When this went through West Covina and was on Valley Blvd Pasadena Cops should have let the Officer from WC that was trained in the pit manuever do what he was trained to do. The area was in an industrial part of the city and there is hardly any cars on the road over there at this time of the night. Instead of letting him get to Azusa where there is a lot of residential areas and people on the road. Tragic…..

    • Patrick

      If it weren’t for the way the police are handcuffed, they would have ended the chase VERY early. Thank dummies like yourself. Liberals. Lawyers. Citizen’s Right’s groups. THEY are who are to blame. THEY are who you should be pointing your ignorant fingers at, all of you. Blind fools.

      • Madds

        amen to that

      • krg

        agreed Patrick.

      • Nick


      • Chris

        Patrick, I completely agree with you. My son was, (yes was) a police officer who tried to do the right thing and what did he get in return???? MURDERED. Today my son is dead but the family of the gang member who killed him filed a wrongful death suit against the city because the suspect was killed by other officers on scene….It is so wrong for people to just run their mouth when they truly do not have all the facts!

    • Scott

      I most agree. The cops rushed the suspect and delayed even approaching the innocent victims car for far too long. They didn’t even try to get in through a window to administer help. NO BRAINER – CAR STOPS – BLOCK CAR! God bless the innocent driver and their family.

    • smith

      RIght on! When he sat there convulsing in the front seat I saw it the same as him holding a loaded weapon!

      We should take this beyond just a blogging page and find out who the commanding officer was! IMMEDIATELY!

      CALL KCAL9 and ask them to follow up on this story….they probably won’t for fear they won’t get the next car chase scoop off their bearcat scanner

  • cooper

    So so horrific end to this chase. :( Praying for the victim and the victim’s family.

  • anthony

    the news is off the air for the night i belive on all local channels. i happened to be flipping channels right when the crash happened. it doesn’t look good for the victim that the jerk hit. they were still trying to get the victim out of the car and it was reported that he was unresponsive

  • LA Breaking News

    Listening live to the units onscene via the radios…. There are parties trapped inside the car with at least one reported unresponsive… LA County Fire has units onscene and more enroute to assist.

  • Kris

    Did the driver of the other car really die?

  • Anna Licalsi Peterson

    Went back to Ch. 7 just in time for them to rewind their feed so I could see the ending to the pursuit. Thank you Ch. 7. No thanks to you, Ch. 9/2

    • David

      Did channel 7 show the impact of the crash and not just channel 9’s censoring? Not that i need to see the horrific scene but it would be nice to know where to get my news from now on

      • Cera

        Ch 9 showed the impact as horrible as it was. They didnt censor anything till they were replaying the events leading up to it. It was a good job by the reporters and news anchors… Just a horrible scenario!

      • Marc

        Channel 9 did show the actual impact as it happened however when they went to replay did not show impact. I am proud of them to do so as watching live I felt horrible. It would be for me as it is for the family of the innocent driver to have been watching this. I think they were justified in not showing it again and for ending the broadcast.

      • jason

        channel 9 showed it all live on air

    • Richard Levenson

      Yeah what happens is they’ll say they are taking the high road by not showing the crash but what happens is the news casters & TV production personal will all be standing around a monitor watching the rewind as many times as they want. BS they take the high road.!!! I’m checking YT to see if somebody has it there.

  • Shawn

    What a horrific collision…sad ending! I hope he rots forever and they find that dog!

    • alex

      What happen to the dog??

      What is happening to the innocent driver

    • Kim

      kcal showed the impact live…. it was bad… gives me chills seeing the way kcal censored it.

  • Briguy

    I really support the police but I can’t understand why they didn’t do more to stop him before he (probably) killed some inocent driver when he blew a red light. The police should have been MUCH more proactive

    • Ian

      Proactive and cops aren’t two words that go together….at least not in LA

    • smith


      We need to all find out who was giving orders on site!

      That guy should have at least been tased!

  • Jaz

    Why no live stream?? I need to see if that victim is ok! What kind of BS station is this to cut on this breaking news?

  • patty poo

    I hope the cops beat this guy like Rodney King. I feel awful because I probably just watched someone die.

  • bad

    I hope that innocent driver is ok …i live right down the street in from this crash.

    • beth

      which intersection?…helicopters seem to be over barranca

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