By Dave Bryan

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — State Assemblyman Gil Cedillo is a man on a mission, pushing ahead with his crusade to overturn 18-percent pay cuts for state lawmakers.

The cuts that were approved by the state Compensation Commission in 2009 reduced the pay for assembly members from more than $116,000 a year to slightly over $95,000.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz Reports

The question – at a time when California has hit the skids, why is Cedillo pushing so hard to overturn a pay cut for well-paid state lawmakers and demand that back cuts be refunded?

Cedillo says it’s not about the money, but upholding a Constitutional principle. His critics say, that’s nonsense.

“We cannot be flip about this. This is about the Democratic will, the people of California,” Cedillo said.

Cedillo claims he is fighting to protect democracy and accused former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of bullying the Compensation Commission into cutting lawmakers salaries, violating the legal separation of powers.

But the Executive Director of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association says it’s all about the money.

“It’s the highest paid in the nation by far even though they’ve taken a pay cut. They’re over $95,000 a year plus over $150 a day plus another $40,000 towards a car,” Kris Vosburgh said.

This week, the Compensation Commission did not uphold Cedillo’s objection, clearing the way for the case to go to court if Cedillo wants to pursue it.

On Friday, he said he hasn’t made a final decision yet, but will consult with his attorneys and make that call soon.

Comments (8)
  1. talega says:

    No wonder people are up in arms over the spending habits of politicians.

  2. Thomas Bleming says:

    What’s this guy complaining about? He and others like him seem never satisfied at what they get from doing little next to nothing.

    If these career politicians had to actually do manuel labor perhaps they would understand something about what the little people face.

    Of course the potential for bribes and kickbacks is always on the minds of those elected to serve.

    This guy (Cedillo) and others like him should quit whining.

  3. cal says:

    If he doesn’t like it, he can always quit!!! There’s a whole line of people who would take the job.

  4. jeff says:

    Is this guy a moron? See if you get reelected next term. Great career move, genius.

  5. rankin says:

    Start with x chief LAPD bernard Parks, $268k from his police pension,$179k year plus perks from LA city council, refuses to take a pay cut, said it is up to his wife!

  6. FedUpTaxPayer says:

    How about we the voters give him a 100% pay cut …and vote him out ….

  7. Rob says:

    Um… regardless of how anyone feels about this guy, this was absolutely one of the most biased news reports I have ever seen!

  8. ed rincon says:

    is this guy for real? i agree with the previous comments made about gil cedillo, who do these politicians think they are? let’s just remove this pompus a** from office NOW. is greed all on there minds because how about we change the way they get paid by giving them an allowance, choose where they live and in what house, and give them food stamps and a pinto to drive in! 😡

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