(Andy Benoit/CBSSPORTS.COM) —  Could Chad Ochocinco become a Raider? Seems fitting, doesn’t it? Al Davis has never had any problem signing brash individuals, and he’s fond of bringing in big-name wideouts (Rocket Ismail, Randy Moss, Javon Walker).

Photo Gallery: Al Davis, Raiders Introduce Hue Jackson

Many believe that the Bengals do not want to pay $6 million to keep the 33-year-old Ochocinco around in 2011. Statistics suggest that he’s in decline. Chad Johnson once posted five straight 1,200-plus-yard seasons. But Chad Ochocinco has averaged just 806 yards per season over three years.

Numbers aside, the bottom line is the Bengals have not won anything with Ochocinco (besides two AFC North titles, both of which were overshadowed by the team’s ensuing first-round playoff exit) and his diva act is wearing on some coaches and teammates.
So why have the Raiders been floated as a possible suitor? Because of new head coach Hue Jackson. He was Ochocinco’s receivers coach from 2004-06.

Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times did some sleuthing and uncovered these tweets that Ochocinco sent earlier this month (granted, probably not the most challenging detective work for Jerry, but we like the guy’s work overall, so we’ll give him a free tip of the cap here). The tweets read:

“I would not care where Hue Jackson got a job. I would go play for him, run through a wall, jump in front of a bus, etc. u get the point.”

“Man that was the greatest coach I ever had. Hue Jackson would choke me out, cuss me out, just to make sure I was precise on everything.

“It would be refreshing to be with Hue Jackson again. I know I wouldn’t have to worry about being thrown under a bus again.”

The “under a bus” is a reference to head coach Marvin Lewis, who surprisingly opted to return to Cincy in 2011.

-Andy Benoit


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