LOS ANGELES (AP) —  The mother of a 15-year-old boy shot through the neck at a Los Angeles high school has retained lawyers and is planning a legal claim against the school district.

The Cochran Firm said in a statement Friday that the Los Angeles Unified School District “failed miserably” in protecting students by failing to conduct random weapons searches daily, as its policy calls for.

The boy and a 15-year-old girl were shot when a gun went off as a 17-year-old student reached into his backpack at Gardena High School on Tuesday.

The girl, whose skull was fractured, remains hospitalized. The boy was released Wednesday.

The suspect appeared Friday in Long Beach Superior Court on charges of bringing a firearm into a school zone and discharging it. He did not enter a plea.

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Comments (17)
  1. GiGi says:

    I agree that the family should sue. My only question is, how do you prove the school failed miserably if searches are meant to be “random”. What are the chances that this particular boy would have been searched? Now, if they had a policy to identify all students with a history of violence, and those students were to be checked daily, then I could see a clear case of negligence. It’s the word “random” that throws everything off.

    1. jjjjj says:

      becuase the news super intendant already said that they were not in comply with policy he already thru them under the bus.

    2. escote guey says:

      if there would be daily “random” searches, kids wouldn’t bring guns for fear of being “randomly” selected. this school was not doing what it said it would be doing

  2. Sydney Carton says:

    Johnnie Cochran is dead, but his legacy lives on, huh? Yeah, grab some money from the taxpayers – your son is worth more with a bullet graze than he was healthy. Keep your fingers crossed that the cops kill him some day, then you can really clean up!

    1. Yvonne says:

      Perhaps if the LAUSD were to be forced to pay monetarily for what is blatant negligence they would begin enforcing searches and thus save young lives. Whether or not this particular mother is suing for money or not this may stop such a crime from occurring to other children.

    2. not cool says:

      .that was a terrible thing to say what if this was to happen to your child? What would you do?

    3. Downey says:

      You cannot possibly be a mother and if you are or even thinking of being one someday may the Lord spare you from having to take those terrible words back. You know what, yes the money comes from us the taxpayers, but who is responsible for putting the people who are negligent in charge?? Yes us!!!! So if we were doing OUR jobs of letting the people in public office know that we are not satisfied with their jobs and we take action against their public position (that by the way is also being payed by us) maybe there wouldn’t be lawsuits to pay!!!! You are disgusting individual and you should apologize to the family of the victims!!!

    4. Trisha says:

      Haha Sydney, that made me laugh! So true though!!

  3. Robbie says:

    Don’t we sue the criminal and the parents? Oops, that’s right, my error, sue the party with the deepest pockets!

  4. Rick Roll says:

    More searches would just mean more lawsuits for invasion of privacy. Random searches DO NOT stop students from bringing weapons. The searches are only to head off lawsuits. REAL security costs too much. It’s much easier to blame teachers.

  5. again and again says:

    I am sure this will settle out of court..and will end up be cheaper then going to court..etc etc etc. The real crime in the LAUSD is failure to properly educate our children.. bottom line no one is safe anywhere..if there were metal detectors…guns. bombs, knives and all other various weapons will still make it onto school property.

  6. Nicky says:

    I would sue the school to enforce metal detectors. I think every damn school should automatically be built with them. Who ever heard anything about violence from the Colorado school? I never even heard of the school until it was shot up. It does not matter where the school is located there is still always the chance of it being shot up by some kid who was picked on or tormented.

  7. yep me again says:

    @ Nicky…Metal dectectors are not the answer. THere really is no answer. It’s going to happen. If a person wants to bring a weapon to school . they are going to get it into the school..thats just a matter of fact.!

  8. swhit says:

    Sue the taxpayers? Ok, that will make LAUSD take responsibility huh!

  9. Areyoukidding Me says:

    Sue the NEGLIGENT parents and their child! Suing the district just ensures that an already strapped district will have less money for students thanks to money-hungry, sue-happy, take-advantage-of-a-sad situation low lives.

  10. Ariel Bonzai says:

    The school is over crowded. Contrary to what officials are telling reporters GHS probably has well over 3000 http://www.LAUSD.net. All of the posts here ask some astute questions. For example the word “random” is typical semantics down at the district–which rarely lose a lawsuit. Chances they will settle with the mom out of court because Deasy admitted the policy was ignored. It’s not a very practical policy by the way. Can you imagine how it holds up late kids and staff who need to rush to class ? There is 4th amendment concerns–especially when you throw in information about practices at affluent LAUSD schools–there are no fences, no armed district cops, drug sniffing dogs and no random medal detectors. The recent lay offs cuts and other budget crisis fall out has been centered at schools like GHS and What Was it? Gompers middle school? That kids started to complain about losing teachers and the ACLU stepped in. There us inherent discrimination on campuses across what is supposed to be one of the most diverse.and progressive cities in the world. We need to influence education reforms or things will only get worse
    Do your homework!

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