Man Accused Of Molesting Girls At Day Care Center

MORENO VALLEY (AP) — Authorities say a 61-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of sexually molesting three girls at his wife’s day care center in Riverside County.
KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz Reports
Sheriff’s Lt. Chad Bianco tells the Riverside Press-Enterprise that Ruben Avalos was arrested Thursday as he was picking up children after school and taking them to the Carlos Family Child Care center in Moreno Valley.

Bianco says deputies were led to Avalos after they were called to Riverside County Regional Medical Center where the first allegations were made. The alleged victims are under 14.

Avalos’ wife, Maria De La Luz Carlos, tells the Press-Enterprise she and her husband have been married 13 years and he sometimes helps her run the business. She declined further comment.

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  • ricardo Ignacio

    That piece of trash needs to be lynched.

    • jim

      He’s been arrested, not convicted. Allow me to explain how it works in the United States. A person is innocent until proven guilty. It’s this little thing called THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. It is what mades us different from the rest of the world. It is why people still give up there lives to protect the laws of our country. Try not to disrespect it.

  • m

    Give him to the girl’s parents


    Thats one of the many reasons why the sayn goes “lights are on but no ones home” I’am 33 and still never got the therapy or support from anyone. please the kids need all the focus and attention, its too late for the man. And all I can say to the parents teach them while their young to always tell you when there not happy or when their hurt, sad ect.. NO ONE CAN BE TRUSTED WITH OUR PRECIOUS LIL ONES BLESS EVERY CHILD THAT WAS HURT OR ABUSED IN ANYWAY IT WAS NEVER OUR FAULT.

  • yo momma
  • what a joke

    carlos family daycare theres the problem right there red flag who names a daycare after a man what a joke

  • M

    If you didn’t notice it’s their last name, You genius

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