Up $30 million from '09

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — New data from Los Angeles County officials shows up to $600 million in welfare benefits may have been paid out to illegal immigrants in 2010.

A report released this week by Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich from the Department of Public Social Services shows that in November 2010, parents who reside in the U.S. illegally collected $53 million in welfare benefits for their native-born children in Los Angeles County, up nearly 3 million from the same period in 2009.

The figures, including $22 million from CalWORKs and $31 million in food stamps, comprises approximately 22 percent of all welfare benefits in Los Angeles County.

Projections based on the monthly figures in 2010 show the total cost for the year will exceed $600 million, up from 2009 when the total sum of $570 million for CalWORKs and food assistance.

“When you add this to $550 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for healthcare, the total cost for illegal immigrants to County taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year – not including the hundreds of millions of dollars for education,” said Antonovich.

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Comments (34)
  1. X says:

    For the sake of the city and the state economy, his has got to stop! Why can’t anyone understand that?

  2. Efrain says:

    “$600 million in welfare benefits may have been”… by saying “may have been” means they are not sure. So why even report this?

    1. Chad says:

      Whats the difference whether its more or less? This is a lot of money for 1 county to be putting the bill for illegal families regardless. MORON!

      1. Efrain says:

        Moron? I’m just saying why report a “not so sure” article. Relax Chad.

      2. Efrain says:

        Also, with this “unsure” article, they should also add a paragraph or two about how many whites and blacks are also milking the welfare system. I’m sure it “may” be around the same numbers. Every race milks the system. County officials just need to do a better job monitoring this problem. But in reality, what’s worse… illegals milking the system or legals milking the system? I say it’s the same thing…

  3. E says:

    Absolutely amazing. Cut services for citizens but continue to reward people who break the law.

  4. freddy mercury says:

    Wonderful!, just Wonderful!

  5. Jackie says:

    This is a complete and utter disgrace. No wonder L.A. is turning into a freaking s*ithole. Ahhh this makes me so incredibly angry and appalled I don’t even know where to begin!!! Way to throw out the numbers for us, Antonovich, now please do something about it.

  6. PODoyle says:

    I recommend diverting to LA County whatever US Foreign Aid is given now to the illegals’ country of citizenship.

    1. wobbles says:

      That’s actually one of the finest ideas I’ve heard. I cannot comprehend why our federal government continues giving money to other countries for nothing while it’s own states suffer and get nothing.

    2. Matt Woods says:

      You have an excellent idea there, repeat that over and over and maybe it’ll catch on.

  7. Jackie says:

    These freeloading leeches also need to be sterilized so they can’t continue to multiply their anchor babies!!!

    1. Gabby says:

      @ Jackie I agree with you

  8. SWATK9 says:

    You would think that the minimum requirement to receive assistance in the US is to be a US citizen. Does not make sense. We don’t help our own. Ridiculous.

  9. Clara says:

    I’m leaving this welfare state. Not another dime out of my hard earned money for this cesspool of a state to go to illegals welfare. I have had enough.

  10. TCB1 says:

    And they wonder why we’re in financial ruin…….The cut jobs of citizens, cut their hours, dictate that our children go to overcrowded schools, all to accommodate who? Certainly not tax paying American citizens…..I’m all for whomever wants to come here legally and pay their own way…just not on my thin dimes!!!

  11. llee says:

    Who’s fault is this? People, we need to elect officials that will stop this major infestation in our city!

    1. ufos8mycow says:

      It’s the fault of anyone who has ever voted Republican or Democrat. There is no difference between the two. They have just traded power back and forth for 100 years.

      And it won;t change because you have allowed them to give these illegal immigrants a vote so they can stay in office.

  12. Lame comment fron Efrain says:

    There is a huge difference to those that have paid into the system and their families that have paid intio the system.
    Obviously, you are illegal probably robbing the US tax payer1

  13. Rick Giordani says:

    This is why California is bankrupt we support South of the Border trash start sending the bill to there 3rd world countries they come from to see if they will pay us back since there citizens will not go home.

  14. D417 says:

    Why WOULDN’T people come here illegally? If I could get all these great benefits, I certainly would! My kids could get a better education than they would wherever I’m from. I would get to live for free on the back of taxpayers! Not to mention the health care… Runny nose? Emergency rooms are made for that! Sadly, I’m an American citizen. My family came here legally generations ago. So, no free stuff for me! I’m forced to pay for others to break the law.

  15. Joshua says:

    Are you guys like REALLY racist or just ignorant? You do know they all work under fake socials, as a tax preparer I know this to be true because most of my clients are illegal. Guess what, they are paying for your social security when you get old and cover the gap. You know the IRS and U.S. government arent stupid why you think they issue them ITIN numbers to file taxes? You know they also pay into medicare with taxes? While you idiots continue to blame illegals how about this, blame your American Apperal, your Charlet Rousse who hire illegals and buy from sweatshops. Blame U.S. companies who you buy from that done give back by buying or hiring U.S. H.P. Computers to India service, and Walmart buying China. you guys let corp America mess you up all they want but pick on people who DO pay taxes and spend more than half their earnings in the U.S. and buy from local markets unlike yourselves. SHAME!

    1. Gabby says:

      @ Joshua your an idiot!! All of these people come from diffenrent Countries don’t work or take care of their own kids but come here to have 4-6 kids each. Why don’t you open your eyes!! Maybe your a person also collecting Welfare benefits!!! IThink about it if their were no welfare benefits do you think we would have Illegals here??? I HOPE THEY REMOVE THIS PROGRAM ASAP !!!!

    2. TipOpen says:

      This has NOTHING to do with race. NOTHING!
      Every time legal residents complain about paying for benefits to ILLEGAL ALIENS the same lame RACE card is played. When you have NO argument that’s the only card you have.
      This has EVERYTHING to do with what is RIGHT. People who do NOT respect our laws do NOT deserve our hand outs. They should not be in our schools or hospitals, they should not be on our roads or marching in our streets. When found they should be put to work building the border fence, then after a year of fence building returned to the heart of MEXICO or what ever country they came from.

    3. Carol Larson says:

      Most of them DO NOT pay taxes…they work UNDER THE TABLE! I also know this for a fact. The construction contractor my son-in-law used to work for didn’t have enough work for him – he paid illegals under the table. My U.S. citizen daughter and her family had to move out of state to get work. Don’t tell me how they are paying for everyone else’s retirement!

  16. Albert says:

    I came here from C.A. (Central America) I paid for all my studies and became an engineer and I contninue to pay and I do know a lot of people (women) who come here and have babies so that they can collect wellfare check. Those women are ilegal, of course.

  17. Guillermo says:

    California has a law mirroring Arizona’s SB 1070. It’s been on the books since 1997. Check it out: California Penal Code 843b. It still goes unenforced.

  18. ufos8mycow says:

    Maybe some of you people from California can answer this. When you make these illegal immigrants citizens do you really think they will continue working in the fields after they get citizenship?

    I’m guessing no. They will go out and look for better jobs and more illegal immigrants will come in to take their places. And it will become a never ending cycle.

  19. Susan West says:

    Time for America to realize their up front low costs for goods and services are added on to the back end, with dreadful consequences for all but the elite.

    This race to the bottom is only good for the owners of this country.

  20. soopacrip says:

    I think America should go back to how it was with just blacks and whites.

  21. soopacrip says:

    America need to go back 2 how it was with just blacks and whites.

  22. alalataylor says:

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