THOUSAND PALMS (CBS)  — Wally, the dog that had to be rescued after getting himself wedged between two walls,  was put up for adoption Wednesday, according to the Riverside County Department of Animal Control.

Wally, a Shar-Pei mixed breed, got wedged between two walls in Cathedral City on Jan. 14.

He can be had at a reduced $20 fee.

“We are looking for someone to come in and for him to find a loving home,” said Animal Control spokesman John Welsh.

Welsh said the dog’s owner surrendered his rights to the pet on Tuesday, saying he could not afford the $105 fee to redeem the 14-year-old canine from the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms.

The dog was initially thought to be around 4 years old during the rescue, but a veterinarian determined he was much older.

“Even though he’s older, he’s got some life in him,” Welsh said. “He was clearly able to get himself in this situation, so he’s a curious guy.”

The dog, whose listed name is Chubbs, will be neutered before a new owner claims him. Welsh said that should help keep him from wandering around the neighborhood, which is what got the dog stuck in the crawl space in the first place.

“Hopefully that will stem his desire to go chase cats or other critters,” Welsh said.

The Coachella Valley Animal Campus at 72050 Pet Land Place can be reached at (760) 343-3644.

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Comments (11)
  1. laurie says:

    If the dog is 14 years old, isn’t any kind of surgery a bit too risky? I wouldn’t put a dog under anesthesia at that age. I’d just secure my property.

  2. Kathy Boland says:

    The owner couldn’t afford the $105 redemption fee but they want someone to adopt him for $20??? Why don’t they just let the owner have him back for the $20 so the poor dog can go back to his home rather than face the possibility of being destroyed? STUPID PEOPLE!!!!

    1. Jim says:

      I agree! Just let him go back home where he belongs. Is it really worth the $20 to risk having him put down because he may be un-adoptable at his age.

  3. sunny in cai says:

    OK…so a brand new person can get the dog for $20 bucks….but the original owner has to give him up beacuse he cant afford the $105 ….perhaps there is more to the story or maybe the owner doesn’t want him back…with all this said..I sure hope the dog gets a really really nice home 🙂

  4. Blad says:

    How sad. Person is down on his luck and can’t afford to stay with his old friend who he has been taking care of for 14 years.

  5. swhitS says:

    $20 for the dog but the owner ……. Stupid Animal Campus!

  6. sandgirl says:

    Really …..they will let a new owner have him for $20 rather than let the orginal owner take him for the same price, makes zero sense. There has to be more to the story than that…..

  7. Madison Kendall Jones says:

    This poor baby!, the victim of STUPID HUMANS! If I was closer I would go get him right now!

  8. WhoAmi says:

    sounds like the owner doesn’t want his dog….i’m sure a reader would give him the $105.00 to get his dog back and I also agree with the comments above….how can you adopt to a total stranger for $20 and not let the owner do the same….i mean i’m not the smartest tool in the shed….but if I was the owner and I really didn’t have the money.,,,which is possible this day and age…I would have a friend go adopt the dog for $20 and then give it back….but who I am to say?

  9. Have mercy says:

    Give him his dog back.
    I will call in the morning and give you the 105.00 dollars
    Dont touch his dingleberries.
    My dogs would never forgive me if i had their dingleberries cut off.

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