Surf Shop Apologizes For Black-Themed Sale On MLK Jr. Day

LAGUNA BEACH (AP) — A Southern California surf shop owner has apologized for its black-themed Martin Luther King Jr. holiday sale and a digitally altered ad showing the civil rights leader in a wet suit.

To honor King, a Thalia Surf Shop online advertisement titled “Respect” slashed 20 percent off black-colored products, such as wet suits and T-shirts.

The Orange County Register says Monday’s promotion also showed a likeness of King in a wet suit holding a surfboard.

Surf shop owner Nick Cocores on Tuesday posted a apologetic blog on the Thalia website, saying he didn’t intend to offend or hurt anyone. He says the surf shop will be more careful in its promotion campaign.

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  • Brent

    Apology for what? He’s not Muhammad. Are races owning likenesses and colors now?

  • Wally Wharton

    This surf shop has NOTHING to apologize for! And from the looks of that super-imposed picture of MLK, I think we can ALL agree (even IF we ALL “can’t get along) that MLK never looked so good!!!

  • BillyBoy

    Some people have no sense of humor. MLK would have approved.

  • notlovinLA

    So the shop owner had a sale for some items? So what? Geez, people, grow thicker skin!

  • leslie

  • allen key

    typical mentality. shows a complete lack of respect and understanding in a predominately white community

  • HollywoodSaint

    then I dont wanna see black men wearing the statue of liberty costume on a corner sign twirling for cheap taxes or 30% off on a nappy weave

  • Steve A

    I DEMAND a retraction of the apology ! ! ! If the shop owner ever wants my respect, he MUST Retract the apology!

  • Barbi Winters

    I’m NO racist, but we laughed for a really long time. It’s kind of like Ricky Gervais….it may have been over the line, but it was still hysterical. Everything black on sale…..hahahahahahahhahhaha

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