Search Continues For Suspect Who Shot School Officer In Woodland Hills

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LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police say an LAUSD school officer wearing body armor was shot in the chest near El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills.

The officer, identified as 8-year veteran Jeff Stenroos, was in his car on a street behind El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills shortly after 11:30 a.m. Wednesday when he was hit, according to a Los Angeles Unified School District spokeswoman.

“He was shot in his vest. He wears a bulletproof vest so the bullet did not penetrate,” district spokeswoman Susan Cox said.

Stenroos was taken to Northridge Medical Center and was reported to be conscious and breathing, Cox said. Dr. Stephen Jones said that the officer is expected to be discharged late Wednesday.

Stenroos was released from the hospital just after 6 p.m. and he is now reportedly home and surrounded by family and loved ones.

The officer suffered some minor injuries to his head and back sustained in his fall.

UPDATE: KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports officers have detained at least one suspect, but it looks like they grabbed the wrong guy.

The suspect, who was reportedly breaking into cars, is described as a white male in his 40s with light brown shoulder-length hair wearing a dark bomber jacket and blue jeans armed with a semi-automatic handgun. A 12-block area around El Camino Real has been sealed off as officers search for the at-large suspect.

El Camino Real High, Hale Middle, Miguel Leonis Continuation School, Woodlake Avenue, Welby Way, Lockhurst and Haynes elementary schools are locked down. Lockdowns at Calabash and Pomelo elementary schools were lifted and students on those campuses will be released at their normal times.

School officials say no students were involved in this shooting, but officers are checking to make sure no one entered a campus, Deasy said.

A message posted to El Camino Real High School’s website requested that parents not come to campus to pick up their children. Parents can get more information by calling their local district office at (818) 654-3600.

This is the second shooting on or near an Los Angeles Unified school campus in as many days. On Tuesday, two students were wounded after a gun hidden in a backpack fired at Gardena High School.

At a press conference Wednesday evening, LAPD Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese said the search for the suspect had been called off for the evening.

» PHOTOS: Police Search For Gunman In Officer Shooting

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    • Andrew

      What the hell are you talking about Terri. They are saying that person was between the age of 30 to 40.

    • PJ

      Did anyone hear the press conference earlier where the LAPD spokesman actually referred to the search as “Operation Valleygirl”? Seriously…I’m not joking…just seemed kind of an off color name for something so serious.

    • specter

      It wasn’t a student that shot the cop..40YEAR OLD WHITE MALE…

    • Amanda Tucholski

      I agree, the parents and the teachers in the communitt really need to stand up and get involved with the youth in the low income neighborhoods. I also dont like the media coverage and how they make these kids sound like animals.. THE KIDS DONT FEEL SAFE and we need to figure out why.

      • Andrew

        Amanda, you need to think before you text. My guess is that you live in a lower income area than where this shooting took place.

      • Josh

        What part of “40 year old suspect” can you not read?

      • leo C

        Joshua your an idiot San fernando valley is not in the orange county!

      • watchful citizen

        Your right the KIDS DON”T FEEL SAFE,, BUT WE DO KNOW WHY.
        AND WE ARE DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT. Great news to hear the officer is ok.

      • paul

        The shooter was a 40 year old man ya big dummy.

      • Jeannette Mouallem

        Please to not judge without knowing the facts. Woodland Hills is not a low income neighborhood. It is an upscale urban community in the San Fernando Valley and El Camino is one of the top high schools in all of California. This did not happen on school grounds. You are absolutely clueless.

      • Gloria

        On the contrary, Amanda, Woodland Hills is not a low income area. It’s incredibly middle-class. And you would be surprised at how many of us parents in this neighborhood are very involved with our kids’ education and safety! As such, us parents feel like the government isn’t doing enough to give our schools the funds they need for proper education and proper security. The problem is our economy … not enough money to help our kids. This country’s priorities are all out of whack!

      • Joshua Hackney

        Amanda, Woodland Hills is the Orange County of the San Fernando Valley.. This has nothing to do with low income areas

      • LTucker

        The homes immediately surrounding the schools range into $4 million. This is far from a low income area. My daughter is now on lockdown at Hale and I am appalled at the fact that you assume that because someone was shot that it was a low income area. This type of stereotyping is what causes so much strife in this country. Educate yourself before you type next time.

      • Tracy MacDougall

        All kids should be treated equally, they should not have better or worse treatment due to their parents bad judgement and income status!!!!!!! PERIOD

      • Dave

        I’ll tell you why, the state is making over the top budget cuts, so when it all trickles down to the schools, the board of education, superentendants, and all the suits in charge make the dummest cuts, they cut the securtiy in your schools, they don’t take a pay cut, they rather cut the fat from the bottom, with people who make low wages, this will continue until there is no one left to protect your children, and this is a fact. the people who make these decisions have lost track of what it’s like in the classroom , and how to deal with kids, they no longer have common sense, and are all paper pushers now.
        All i can say is get involved with your school, amd press your board of education for the safety of your children.

    • Mike

      So, where in the report above does it state that it was a student that was responsible for shooting the officer? It seems you are making an assumption about the suspect that is not supported by the article above. In addition, reports on the news are stating that the suspect they are looking for is around 40 years old.

      It sounds like your critical reasoning skills could use some work.

    • LTucker

      What the heck are you talking about? This was not a student. Did you even bother to READ the article?

    • Gena

      This shooting wasn’t even done by a kid. The description of the perp says he is about mid-40s. I don’t know what your comment has to do with this specific article but I still agree with the sentiment of it.

    • Sandy Jones

      The suspect is a 40 year old white male

  • Jack Meyhoffer

    It happened at El Camino High School NOT at Hale.

    • Laurie

      At the school or NEAR the school????? NEWS MEDIA need monitoring

    • SB

      It happened in between the two schools, not on school campus, no students were involved, parents do discipline their kids and it’s not a low income area. please read the news before you comment on it

  • Lynda Barnes


  • Laurie

    First you say you are not going to say the name of the school, then you show the name on the side of the school. Then you say near or at the school, showing El Camino & your alert says Hale Middle School. Either get the facts straight or hold off reporting! You don’t want to worry parents but you are giving information to stall time that may not be accurate!!!!!

  • krg

    Where exactly in this article does it say it was a kid? It says it happened NEAR the schools. I was outside my office on break and heard the sirens. Didn’t realize this was what was happening though. If the guy is still loose then I think reporting it to give people an idea that it’s happening in the neighborhood.

  • George

    Yeah, time to hold parents accountable. It’s also time to prosecute heavily and stop being so lenient; people beleive, and rightfully so, that they can get away with anything.

  • juliemyers

    mental ilness is everywhere, and mostly intreated and misunderstood.

  • melody

    It was a 40 year old outside the school on the sidewalk not in the school itself…

  • jenn

    Terri … This was not done by a child. It is said that the suspect is an adult, white, male in his 40’s.

  • Dan

    ……white male with light brown shoulder-length hair wearing a dark bomber jacket and blue jeans…..

    Did not think this breed still exists in the valley!

    • Joshua Hackney

      I’m sure they do in Canoga Park or a Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks

  • Kathye Vriese

    These were 2 adults not children who shot the school officer!

  • krg

    Juliemyers, what in this article led you to deduce that this had something to do with mental illness? I believe it has something to do with a criminal running loose. Mental illness is an EXCUSE and it’s what lets a lot of people get away with this kind of stuff.

    For the rest of you, the Daily News now says the police has STRESSED this was not a STUDENT INVOLVED shooting. It was a man with long brown hair thought to be in his 40s. Shall we call his mommy too?

    • juliemyers

      anyone who randomly shoots another person, for no cause whatever, is loony and needs to be treated and held away from society.

      and I am at an elementary school nearby and we are locked down and listening to the choppers overhead search for the suspect.

      • krg

        Who said it was random? We don’t have ANY idea what happened and you are making quick assumptions. Should he be locked up? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean he’s mentally ill.

        And I’m 3 blocks away so I have been watching and listening to the sirens and helicopter too.

    • Gena

      Mental illness is an excuse? What planet are your from? Have you been sheltered like this your whole life or just the past few years? Is all your reasoning so flawed? Gosh, I have so many questions for you about your planet and the people there….

      It’s a stretch either way. There is nothing in the article to assume this person was suffering from some type of mental illness and there is likewise nothing to assume it should all be chalked up to a criminal running loose. There are no facts yet so just get over it people and move on with your day. Krg, stop being so ignorant and maybe read a few books or get out and look around planet earth before writing off mental illnesses.

  • Angie

    I saw a guy matching that description at the Shell station up the street a couple of days ago. He was a transient type using the bathroom….he might be nearby, or even on their surveillance camera. Good luck, hope you find him before he hurts some else….speedy recovery to the School Police Officer. Thank you for everything you do.

    • Jeannine

      Angie you should report your information to 1877-LAPD-247. Let them look into it. Who knows it might be the guy

  • Chuck

    Stupidity is not an illness! Neither is delinquency nor criminality!

  • gangstersarelosers

    hang both of the kids without trial.

  • jon

    Who cares about the cops they get what they deserve!

    • ROBERT

      so if some one shoots ur family for no reason n some one said who cares bout ur family member they deserve it how would u feel that’s some ones family member don’t hate cus he chose to b a cop ur an idiot for saying that

    • Leo

      Hey Jon you are Ass

      • Riptorn

        Freedom of speech foolio, if your nose is buried all up in PD’s brown eye thats your choice.

    • bdj

      Yeh! Who cares about the cops. And what about those crooked people in government, and how about all the teachers that cry about not getting enough money for schools? JON, GET REAL, AND GET A LIFE. I hope that you never need one of those cops.

  • lem

    It WAS NOT a kid nor was it at the school. It was NEAR el camino high and they shut down both schools for safety. The shooter is a male in his 40s.

  • anyonumus

    not in hale,6850 topanga canyon boulevard canoga park

    • Gena

      Not Anonymous. Anyonumus.

  • m

    Thanks to the NRA, handguns are available to all and sundry! The NRA lobbys to ascertain that jhandguns are on the street. Every time a person is killed or wounded by a handgun the NRA should be held accountable as should the gun manufacturers. Handguns KILL !!!

    • krg

      And cars kill, not the drunk or reckless driver. So we’ll so the car makers. Oh, and food makes you fat not the fact that people eat too much and don’t exercise. So we’ll sue the cows. And I got stabbed in the hand with a pencil so I should sue the company that made the pencil.

      Please. The guy that pulled the trigger is the criminal. End of story.

      • libragurl

        krg….u are awesome! Some of these people have no idea what they’re talking about. You tell them. Lol.J

    • B S B

      …and so do cars, hammer and knives. Guns don’t kill…it’s the wacko who pull the trigger that kills…it’s the drunkard who gets behind the wheel and drive that kills…think about it!

    • Shaun

      Of course people jump to blaming the NRA right away. Get over yourself. It’s not the NRA, it’s closed minded morons like yourself that are uneducated and pass that along to your kids who in turn grow up to be morons just like their parents.

  • anyonumes

    shotter spotted near canoga park high school

    • juliemyers

      the choppers are still circling vanowen near platt

  • Guy Joseph

    The offenders, teenagers or not, should be brought to book and treated as ordinary criminals. The Judiciary is giving criminals too much leniency, and
    that makes them bolder by the day.
    There should be stricter penalties for such offences. Even the death row
    is not enough. Only then will there be some calm areas where ordinary
    folk can get along with living their lives, instead of being timid to go out
    alone, espescially during the nights.
    The US is becoming as unsafe as many other countries, that we are warned
    to avoid as far as possible.
    When will we be safer once again, as in the days of the past?

  • gdog07

    Jon ur a piece of #### hope u never call for help.

    • Riptorn

      You must be a sniffer.

  • Arizona

    I guess people are just plain stupid, that and they can’t read…the suspect is in his 40s and it happened off campus — probably because the LAUSD police officer “had a wannabe cop attitude” and having an argument over a money that he owed the guy either drugs or gambling who knows. Just people, before you comment about kids and violence get your facts straight. The kids inside the lockdown are smarter than you all perceive them to be.

  • Tracy MacDougall

    Haynes Elementary School is also on lockdown- that is 6 schools on lockdown!!

    – Concerned parent of student at Haynes

  • Gary

    The whole point is people need to use there heads…life is to short
    No one values life anymore. Very sad!

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