GARDENA (AP) — A Gardena High School student is in custody after a gun reportedly discharged in his backpack and injured two people.

Doctors say a 15-year-old boy is in fair condition after being shot in the neck and a female student suffered a skull fracture, bruising to the brain and a significant blood clot.

Neurosurgeon Dr. James Ausman says the 15-year-old girl was unconscious when she arrived at Los Angeles County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Tuesday and went into surgery within 30 minutes to remove the clot.

She is in critical condition and remains sedated. Her family is by her side.

Deputy Police Chief Patrick Gannon says both victims were hit by one bullet that was fired when a gun in a backpack apparently went off by accident.

The 17-year-old student who brought the gun said he was sorry after it went off. He’s being interrogated by police.

The school was placed on lockdown, while police initially searched for the gun owner who reportedly fled to another classroom, according to Gardena police Lt. Steve Prendergast.

gardena high shooting 110118 4 2 Shot By Student At Gardena High School

Police take a student into custody after he allegedly shot three people at Gardena High School Tuesday. (credit: CBS)

The incident, which was reported through a 911 call by a teacher, occurred around 10:40 a.m. at the school at 1301 W. 182nd St., according to Prendergast.

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department, Gardena Police and Los Angeles Unified School District police responded to the school.

The High School has at least 2,600 students.

Parents can call 310-354-3400 for information regarding their children.

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Comments (77)
  1. Karen Linares says:

    This is such a tragedy,

  2. TCB1 says:

    And they wonder why some parents fight for their children to go to different school districts

    1. N R says:

      Very True. Exactly why they try to go to Narboone or Carson also

      1. N R says:


    2. ROBERT says:


      1. ROBERT says:


    3. Lynne says:

      Why should anyone be surprised. It is routine to move out of control students from school to school rather that removing them from the system. After all there is the ADA money schools receives for each student who is on campus. The Antelope Valley District has gone on record, in the latest budget proposal stating they need to “reduce home suspension(s)- [and] provide alternatives ($31 per day/ADA)”
      The bottom line is becoming much more important than student and teacher safety. California Ed Code requires that the staff be notified of potentially violent offenders. I would bet this did not happen in this case and was just another incident of sweeping it under the carpet. Discipline is so lacking in our schools today and until that and a minimum level of respect returns to the classroom test scores will continue to plummet and the safety of our students is in serious jeopardy.

  3. AJ Morgan says:

    Only a coward uses a gun.

    1. Lisa says:

      You do know that the gun went off by accident? He did not open fire at anyone. This is a horrible accident, and I feel bad for the victims, witnesses and for the boy who’s gun went off. Nothing worse than causing (serious) injury by accident, and possibly leaving one dead (one girl was shot in the head). This story really grabbed me. When are we gonna learn that guns kill people? This thug-lifestyle is promoted too much, but it isn’t a joke. It is real-life. I really hope guns will be illegal in the USA. They’re illegal in Holland, where I live.

      1. Geez... says:

        Really Lisa? He shouldn’t have had a gun in the 1st place, let alone a loaded gun at school. He’s 16- not even the legal age to posses a firearm. Guns can’t kill someone unless they’re loaded by a person- therefore PEOPLE kill, not guns.

      2. Paul says:

        Accidental discharge or not, this boy brought a gun onto the campus, which is a crime in itself. If the gun was in his possession, and it went off injuring people, he should be held responsible for the consequences.

      3. Josh Butts says:

        The guns now I really don’t think go off just by dropping it. There are safeties on guns that should stop that. I think he’s wanna be thug that opened fire. We’ll just have to wait to see what the real story is. I just don’t believe it just went off.

      4. watzittooya says:

        Stay in Holland & leave my gun rights alone!!!

    2. Sarge says:

      “Yep, hand to hand combat is the old school way to kill your enemies. Killing a man with your bare hands says ‘We’re all equals as men’ except I’m slightly more equal because I’m still alive and your dead.”

      (legal disclamer: this is supposed to be a attempt at humor and is not autored by me (it is a quote in fact). This is in no way a malicious attack or threat of any kind)

  4. Eric says:

    Channel 9 reporting on the shooting at gardena high school has proved their ignorance once again. The news caster said “If a student brought a gun in his backpack and it was dropped, how could it have struck 2 students? It must have been on automatic mode, making it very dangerous.” then later asking a district employee why a student was in custody if it was an accidental shooting. Come on idiots! Really? Bullets go fast, and have the potential to go THROUGH things. This is why the media is never taken seriously.

    1. aj says:

      My feelings exactly! When the female anchor was talking to the lausd spokesman she was making an implication that he was lying, wondering why someone would be taken into custody if the shooting was accidental. Its still a crime to carry a concealed weapon and bring a firearm on campus! And yes one bullet can hit two people. The reporting on this incident by KCAL 9 is extreamly poor.

    2. Josh says:

      If it’s a hand gun, then 9 mm rounds fragment/ricochet. Reporters need to get advised about fire arms before posting wild speculation and drawing half-assed conclusions.

    3. mike says:

      She probably watched the movie “True Lies” where Jamie Lee Curtis dropped the automatic machine gun which killed all the terrorists nearby

      1. Rudy says:

        Wow!!! That’s some good movie knowledge mike!

  5. Heather says:

    Why is the news channel calling the phone line for the parents to call and check on their children.How smart is that.You are clogging the phone lines just because you want to see if the parents are calling it.I don’t get it…..

  6. Pat says:

    Geez we can’t figure out what happened. Can you please repeat yourself at least 15 more times and figure out new ways to sensationalize it and then get back to the Young and the Restless.

  7. aj says:

    Someone get the female anchor off the desk. Her reporting of this incident is horrible!

  8. MIldred Hillard-Hunt says:

    My heart goes out to the students and families of the injured children and to the student(gunman) and his family. You see I went thru this almost 18 years ago when my only son Demetrius L. RIce was shot and killed at Fairfax High School 1/21/1993 while sitting in his English class. OMG this is a similar situation of how my son was killed. I bullet hitting the first student exiting his body and then striking my son in the chest killing him. 1 Bullet two children shot. I don’t understand why the children don’t get it that they can not bring a gun to school!!!

    1. Karen says:

      Mildred – I am so very sorry for your loss.

    2. Gary says:

      I’m sorry to hear that sad news about your son. Very diffucult to send your child to school and next thing you are making arrangements for their funeral.

    3. watzittooya says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss Mildred. Bless your heart for going through such a tragedy!!

  9. minister Arlene says:

    to all the faculty and students at Gardena High i speak peace to your spirits and soundness to you minds, as we all know this a very difficult situation but know this God already has us praying for you all.And to the parents of the students that were injury my heart aches right along with your for we are all one body when one hurts we all hurt. To the parents of the shooter I can’t begin to think what’s going on in your mind right now, but I can say this we are praying for you too. And this our prayer that God would grant you peace in the midst of your trials love minister Arlene

  10. GiGi says:

    This is crazy. Five more months and my last child in LAUSD is finished. I will breathe a huge sigh of relief this June! I’ve watched so many kids go from being the cutest little Kindergarten students to being thugs who wreak havoc in our communities. SO very sorry, Mildred, about your son.

  11. TCB1 says:

    My sympathies to the victims of today’s shooting and also to Ms. Hillard-Hunt. This has to be a parents worse nightmare. Children should not carry a gun to school or ANY where else!! They should only be concerned with carrying their BOOKS to school, not weapons.
    @ Sick of Nigero’s…….you’re an idiot and whatever race you are, I’m sick of you! I guess black people are the only race that has used a gun to kill…….Go look up the Columbine shootings.

  12. JC says:

    Remove offensive post!!!

  13. Will Campbell says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the injured students.

    But it’s absolutely ludicrous that an LAUSD spokesperson would call it an “accidental” shooting. As if the suspect mistakenly brought a loaded gun onto school grounds? That or perhaps the spokesperson thinks it was a Show & Tell assignment gone horribly wrong?

    1. Karen says:

      I am certain that the schools already ban guns.

  14. Annette Marie Huneault says:

    that is terrible thing to happen .my prayer are with the familly and the victims of the shooting. I heard that the NRA said that the students in school should carried gun and what for? To have thing like this happen over and over again? I dont think so.Bringing gun to school should be banned.

  15. daniel says:

    Quit saying he was “dressed in all black” like he was wearing some type of militant or tactical equipment. He was wearing a black tshirt with design and black jeans. There are probably hundrends of other students wearing similar attire at that school. The media loves to sensationalize events.

  16. Adelle says:

    In B4 someone starts blaming Sarah Palin

  17. Lourdes Renteria says:

    It brakes my heart to hear about these 2 students:(

  18. Me says:

    Hey, learn to spell idiot!!! I am sick of uneducated fools like you.

  19. marilyn milian says:

    Stop re-reporting the same information (that you haven’t confirmed) for 2 hours. Get the hell off, and put on People’s Court. The only thing that you’ve actually confirmed is that you suck at newsing.

  20. Naziir says:

    The schools (school police) need to secure our communities: rival neighborhoods, bus stops, parks, hot spots. This was an accidental shooting which gives rise to why students feel they need to bring weapons to school for protection. This is a sad day for ALL involved.

    1. ROBERT says:


  21. Clarence Bradford jr says:

    God Bless You

  22. larry lopez says:

    get over it ,this is overkill,an accident,it happens,the media will end up making timid children more frighten then they are all ready,is LA so deperate to have their tucson shooting,we always have to be in the news,but were boreing,just the truth

  23. Joan says:

    ACCIDENTAL? What’s accidental about taking a gun to school? Kid should be expelled and he and his (probably gang member) parents should be prosecuted

    1. Gary says:

      Joan, sometimes you cann’t control your kids and its very hard for some parents to keep up with their “bad” kids and worry about making it to pay the bills. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I know from my brother giving my parents hell and my parents are very good parents and tried their best. So I disagree with the parents should be prosecuted.

    2. minter Arlene says:

      Joan it’s so easy to judge when the shoe is on someone else foot but let it be your’s and it becomes a different story. you must not have any children or you’re just plan heartless. I’ll be praying for you,but you examine your heart. Much Love My Sister

  24. joy says:

    This is the last day my son will attend Gardena Highschool

  25. Karen says:

    Excuse me. Why is everyone commenting that CHILDREN should not bring a gun to school?

    No kidding.

    Why are NONE of you BLAMING THE PARENTS of this kid? That is who I BLAME.

    Why in the world does THEIR CHILD have access to a gun to bring to school no less? When is the last time these alleged parents spoke with this kid who brought the gun to school?

    I would never raise children in LA unless I could afford to send them to a private school.

    Our schools appear to be warzones.

    God bless the parents of the injured, killed children and especially Ms. Hillard Hunt.

  26. Lady Fart Blower says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the victims families. Such a tragedy!!!

  27. Sinder Klaws says:

    Really you guys? Sensationalize it some more, its looking like post-Tuscon gun grabbing efforts aren’t going to succeed

  28. berenice says:

    How many tragedies have to happen for lausd to do something towards student! About 10 yrs ago another shooting occured there, my cousin was walking the campus when the shooting happen and a bullet struck his friend! 10 YEARS AND SECURITY HAS NOT IMPROVED!

  29. Gary says:

    Thats not very nice if I think what you’re saying is correct.

  30. minter Arlene says:

    we’re not your problem.HATE IS, check your HEART for out of THE Abundance Of HEART The Mouth Speak Matthew 12:34-37. So everytime you open your mouth your heart speaks hate,anger,wrath,bitterness. Just remember we will have to give account one day and I hope and pray that your heart will have changed.For it’s appointed for man to die once and then THE JUDGMENT Hebrews 9:27 I’ii be praying for you

  31. Jonny says:

    This has nothing to do with security – it has to do with grabbing our guns. These people are going to shoot themselves at school or in the street, so who really cares.

    1. minister Arlene says:

      Jonny Who are these people? calm you heart your racism is showing and beside is listening

  32. Mr. Chinapeach says:

    Its not all about race or economic status. They dont know what the reason is on why he brought the gun to school. Before we start blaming parents, family, friends and other people lets figure out the situation from the horse’s mouth.

  33. Judge says:

    It’s amazing to me that there has been no comment on any of the news stations about what a HORRIBLE section of town this school is in. It’s in the unincorporated section of LA and up until recently had very little police presence. It’s smack in the middle of gang territory. These gangs are small, poorly organized, but violent none the less. Survival is job #1, not attending class. Living outside the law is very attractive to kids in this area. This child was carrying this gun because he was associated with gang activities or scared of someone with gang associations and felt he needed it for protection. Mark my words.

    1. Karen says:

      I hear you and just lament that our world is that way. He feels very sorry that the gun went off. Other students have vouched for his character and you know they would rat in a minute. I just feel terrible for the victims. Things happen and when it’s not your fault, you get a tad perturbed.

  34. ROBERT says:


    1. Gabbergirl says:

      It is hard not to blame the parents for not watching over these kids for whatever the reason the gun was brought to school, but from what I’ve heard, many (not all) of the inner city, lower scoring schools have homeless, imprisoned, or drug addicted parents. Or the parents are unable to read in any language and/ or are hard working parents juggling 2-3 jobs to support their family, that they don’t have time for their kids who end up w/no support and looked at as ‘lazy’ from other sides. It is sad. We need to start at the middle schools for change.

  35. Mihail says:

    Read this book for free on internet to understand their NWO plan,who is behind it,and who are the people that want you dead.
    Who Is Esau-Edom..Who Is Esau-Edom..

  36. wobbles says:

    Look at this kid. I’m sure his momma is absolutley SURE he’s a “good boy” and doesn’t hang out with gangs. Isn’t it what they are always spouting when these little monsters run around shooting each other, or step up to the cops and get shot? I’m sure someone will jump in frnt of the camera to tell us how this is “society’s fault” and he’s really a victim. I’m totally sure that’s not a stolen gun either….

  37. Ashley says:

    I fill bad what happen to the to the students

    1. Joan says:

      Ashley. Really. Go back to school and learn to spell. But avoid Gardena High School.

    2. Josh Butts says:

      Are you filled all the way to the top with bad???

  38. Ever Going says:

    Of course they are going to do it. School nurses should be providing free holsters so as to prevent the consequencee of an accidental discharge.To me, the photo indicates a possibly timid kid who could have been trying to seriously protect himself from bullies.

  39. Mrvikings says:

    The Parents are liable and responsible for the child bringing a loaded gun to school

  40. lexi says:

    It is not the school’s fault that this child brought a gun to school. Parents need to take accountability for what their children do. Why did a 16 year old need to bring a gun to school?? Where did he get it. It has nothing to do with race either. Look at across the nation and other schools that have had incidents like this. The constitution may give us the right to have arms but this is not the wild wild west for people to need to this still.

    1. watzittooya says:

      Agree!! ☺

  41. Gonzo says:

    This is not news. It is sad, real sad. Where are this boys parents? We checked our boys backpacks, and they knew that we would do un announced room checks. We keep an open dialog about what was goning on in school, and keept a proactive profile with the school staff. It’s the down loading of fear on our children, or the childs desire to have ‘machismo’. Whatever it is, it is up to the partent to keep the child safe, safe from the wrong mindset that he must carry a weaponl(concealed).

    When we lived in Cali we made sure that our boys knew the proper usage of pistols and rifles. We took them to the range and did some target practice. They learned what a firearm is, can do, and the proper saftey iinvolved when using one.

    We left Cali in ’06, to a state where you can carry an unloaded weapon holstered, down the street. Where you can get a carry conceled permit, and have that right after taking the appropriate schooling.

    Parents, teach your children, and if you can’t then keep a sharp eye on them.

  42. St says:

    Sorry to interrupt this engaging discussion, but when will they replay Y&R that was pre-emptied today by the repetitive blather of the bimbo and d-bag ?

  43. cp says:

    i go to gardena high andd i think that the boy should have not tooken the gun to school. i was very scared when i found out ! i understand they say its an accident. but why did he take the gun to school in the first place. he was probably planning something worse.

    1. watzittooya says:

      That’s possible cp. No matter his intentions, he broke the law & should be punished!! So should the gun owner!! I’m so glad your ok & I pray the 2 who got shot are ok!! God Bless!! ☺

  44. watzittooya says:

    His intentions had to be bad to bring a gun to school. I think if it was for protection, it would have been in his belt or pocket instead of his backpack. I hope he doesn’t just get a slap on the wrist for this!! No matter how sorry he is, he should have to do time!! That way, others might just think twice before doing something so stupid!!! I pray the ones hurt get better ASAP!!!!!

  45. watzittooya says:

    I hope & pray the kids in this incident make it out ok. I just want to know how this kid got the gun?? If it belongs to the parents, they along with him, need to be held accountable!! And NO slap on the wrist. Serious jail time for them all!!!!!

  46. Odell Smith says:

    its really tragic things like this kind of thing happend, but at anyone blaming the school discrict, we need to realized the school board is not blame. this time it was students. student make up the school district. student tend to learn from their community. if our community illustrates guns are acceptable to handle and tug around, well things like this happen. i believe not only schools should be involved in a students’ lives, but communities should be there with positive influences. to the best for the victims, and best of luck to the handler of the gun, this shouldnt be the way he has to learn a lesson.

  47. SPQR says:

    Guns and Mexicans don’t mix.

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