Hollywood Foreign Press Apologizes For Ricky Gervais’ Jokes

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Hollywood Foreign Press is apologizing on behalf of Ricky Gervais, saying the British comedian went too far while hosting the Golden Globe awards Sunday night.

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Gervais had a take-no-prisoners approach, which at times seemed more like a roast than an awards program.

“It’s going to be a night of partying and heavy drinking, or as Charlie Sheen calls it: breakfast,” Gervais told the audience at the beginning of the show.

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Gervais also quipped that he was sure the award for special effects would go to the team who airbrushed the movie poster for “Sex and the City 2”.

“He definitely crossed the line. And some of the things were totally unacceptable,” Philip Berk, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, told the Hollywood Reporter.

Berk wouldn’t comment on whether Gervais will be back next year, but Gervais says he probably won’t return.

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  • Jim Granfield

    These are high profile people in an industry where you have to be thick skined, if they can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Some remarks were a tad off but some of the people commented on were a tad off i.e. Charllie Sheen.

  • Mike

    He didn’t cross the line. What did he hurt the poor little movie stars feelings??????Grow up you babies, he was joking around. These people think they’re gods gifts to the world anyway.

  • g

    aaaaaaaaaaaa who cares.

  • RICK


    • PMowery

      Yo got that right!!!

  • Barrister

    We turned the show (?) off early!
    Who in their right mind hired this guy, what a disgrace for those attending and us watching.

    We were shocked…

  • barrister

    Why did this appology require 48 hour delay on behalf of HFP.

  • Michael

    How about those who sat and laughed through the whole drive-by comedy?

  • steve

    He not the onlyt one who should apoligize, what about robert deniro

  • doug

    I thought it was great….some in the room need a little humble pie and he was serving it up.

  • Estelle

    It was absolutely unacceptable. There seemed to be no limit to his insults and low-level remarks. His last thrust—thanking God for making him an atheist—was offensive and challenging. How can there be hesitation about whether he’ll be invited back as host?

    • mister s

      That was a great line. Some of you need to get a sense of humor.

      • Nameless Person

        That last remark was the best part of the show. : )

        As for his jokes; so what? Those so called movie stars need to get thick skins. They chose to be in the public arena and with that comes the praises and insults/jokes.

        I’m just wondering why the HFP felt the need to apologize when it was them who invited RG back to host this year. They should be saying sorry for inviting him and grumble at the feet at those who were insulted. We’ll see next year who shows up to the awards and who’s feelings are still hurt.

        RG: Here’s mud in your face.

    • Dan Brownlee

      Of course the “Atheist” joke had to go in there. He is one of those God haters who feels that everyone not only needs to know but also wants to know that he hates God and all those who believe in him.

  • Joan

    Oh no Ricky Gervais didn’t kiss the butt’s of hollywood properly, now they require an apology.

  • Laughster

    Sorry folks, but this is really just ‘Much Ado About Nothing’…Learn to laugh at yourself, and others will laugh with you. Wearing your heart on your sleeve won’t go very far. Kudos to Ricky for making this night quite entertaining.

  • Rolf B

    It just shows, as always, we can not take a joke anymore. These jokes are no different than the ones that show up in our in-boxes or get told by friends and we laugh. Mr. Gervais makes as much fun of himself as others, yet we are afraid to enjoy the humor even if the target of the joke makes it so easy to laugh at them.

  • socal

    It’s all just to get attention because only the rich Hollywood freaks care. Very little watch or care.

  • talega

    Much truth is said in jest. Maybe that’s why everyone is so upset.

  • http://pullmovie.com/hollywood/9564/hollywood-foreign-press-apologizes-for-ricky-gervais-jokes-%c2%ab-cbs Hollywood Foreign Press Apologizes For Ricky Gervais' Jokes « CBS … | Latest movie Reviews

    […] The Hollywood Foreign Press is apologizing on behalf of Ricky Gervais, saying the British comedian went too far while hosting the Golden Globe awards Sunday night. The rest is here: […]

  • Lilly of the Valley

    Didn’t think he was funny. Doesn’t take much talent to offend people. I won’t watch these stupid awards shows for that reason. I will check out the fashions online instead.

  • ken

    Gervais and DeNiro were both off base. This was not a show designed to bash hollywood personalities but to award good performance. We get to watch, and we, the public, should not be subjected to outrageous conduct. Roasts are more private affairs; you buy tickets and leave if you don’t like it.

  • bdj

    I don’t remember just where or when I see it, but Ricky Gervais ( he doesn’t deserve a Mr.) said something to the effect that since he was asked to return, he felt the he needed to be harsher with his comments. If in fact that is waht he said, why invite him back, and then have to appoligize for his comments. I am not prudish, but one needs to know where to draw the line, even with the movie and T.V. industry.

    • Lilly of the Valley

      I thought I saw that interview on the Ellen show.

  • shaun hayes

    He was great! I guess he stepped on the wrong toes. If offered, I hope he declines any more hosting duties for these sensitive clowns. Another reason I despise celebrities. Besides, Mr Gervais told the truth.

  • Ray

    Bravo, Mr. Gervais! He just said what most of us already think about the people he made fun of. The HFP knew what they were getting into as his humor was already out there – this is why they hired him. If they were truly sorry about his behavior then he would have been pulled after the first segment. Again, like every “victim”, they are just sorry they got caught. The apology means nothing. Hollywood needs a little shaking up from time to time and this was a good start.

    Also, in regards to his Atheist joke… Religion is a PERSONAL thing and this would have never been mentioned if all you bible-thumpers would get off your high-horse and make it just that, personal. I am sick & tired of religion being pushed onto others and playing such a cowardly role in politics. Religion is a business, just like Hollywood and really needs to educate its members better. Why is it polite to push God onto others but it is offensive when someone says they don’t believe? Again, thank you Ricky!

  • Steven

    I’m surprised to find any support at all for a need to apologize for humor. Maybe Johnny Carson should have apologized to Ed and Doc for all the “unacceptable” things he said about them over the years.

  • Big Al

    If I am not mistaken, Mr. Gervais is British….They are a little more brash then we Americans are. Its a good thing Chelsea Handler was not hosting…..They are hired to tell jokes, make people laugh and sometimes push the pencil. Its all in the name of comedy, lets not get so serious. This country has gotten way to politically correct.

  • Peter

    I’m confused…..When the News Anchor on the Noon and 6pm News says virtually the same thing, it’s news. When Ricky says it at an Awards show in the evening, it’s offensive? Why, are thier parents watching?

  • Ray

    There is nothing new about scathing humor, but his approach was rather bitter as if he were flaunting his true disdain for the whole proceeding…..understandable, but not appropriate for a “host.” It’s one thing to roast friends, but such put-downs from a stranger come off as small, bigoted, and boorish….like a mean-spirited drunk. His closing mockery of any expressions of gratitude just about summed up his ingratitude for the whole gig.

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