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Behold, the world’s ugliest  most exotic mega-yacht. The builder is modeling it after his favorite playground, the streets of Monaco. It’ll be called The Streets of Monaco. See? It’s sort of like the “Small World” ride at Disneyland, but gaudy.

Stats: 155 meters (509 feet; or a football field, end-to-end with 2/3s of another football field), heliport, submarine, water falls (plural), and recreations of landmarks in the tiny little country.  Crew of 70, for 16 guests?  While I like the ratio, a ship this size should be able to carry about 14- hundred.

When I get a billion, I’m going to get a yacht  just like this one. Only I’ll fashion mine after … oh, nevermind. Why bother insulting some fine city in SoCal, the way these folks are insulting poor little Monaco…. 

(Complete article, here.)


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