LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles Police Department is defending officers who fatally shot a naked man they say tried to take their guns, while community activists question the use of deadly force.

Activists Say They Want Answers From Chief Beck

Paul Weber, president of the LA police union, said in a statement Saturday that the officers were “fighting for their lives” while they struggled with Reginald Doucet Jr. in Playa Vista Friday. The officers say they opened fire after the unarmed 25-year-old man repeatedly punched them and reached for their weapons.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a prominent civil rights activist, questioned why officers couldn’t have used non-lethal means to subdue Doucet.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Hutchinson has called on LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to review the department’s training and tactics in dealing with unarmed suspects.

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Comments (12)
  1. Still Wrong says:

    The victim was athletic, combined with pcp/meth
    he possessed super human strength

    1. batteredbypd says:

      Where did you read the toxicology report…or are you just making up stuff to justify this??

  2. Jamaican Josh says:

    Hey Earl! Have you ever fought with someone on PCP? I’m sure this guy would have killed one of the officers if not both. I hate how these civil-rights people jump when a black or Hispanic is killed by police! No matter if they were at fault.

    1. batteredbypd says:

      Where does it say he was on PCP???Dang you people love making up your own versions of this tragedy…smh

  3. TINOMX1 says:


  4. Richard says:

    i would like Earl Ofari Hutchinson questioned why this guy did not pay his cab fare ran around NAKED and why Police were there in the first place I would like Hutchinson to reveiw this guys Tactics and his erratic behavior… if he were such an upstanding citizen why was LAPD called to the scene was this man coming home from Church we all know the answer to that question always the same. some civil rights activist pulling out the race card.

    1. batteredbypd says:

      Even if you don’t pay cab fare & cops are called, that doesnt equate a death sentence..Your question should be, why would officers get close enough to someone who is showing signs of ‘erratic behavior’….common sense would tell you to stay back & wait for backup, not zero in on the ‘crazed individual’ when u are apparently not strong enough to handle the ‘suspect’…And there is No need to question the victims tactics…..He wasnt a trained uniformed officer but obviously one who was not in his right state of mind….once again meaning the cops should have known to not get close to the man until they KNEW they could apprehend him…

      So yes this is an LAPD procedure problem….and being the cop who shot was only on the force 17 months..he was scary & apparently trigger happy…a bad combo!

      1. hater says:

        ever heard of MONDAY NIGHT QUARTER BACK??? apparently not..

      2. hater says:

        Your question should be, why would officers get close enough to someone who is showing signs of ‘erratic behavior’….common sense would tell you to stay back & wait for backup, not zero in on the ‘crazed individual’

        how do you know that he was showing signs when the officers got there.. maybe he was calm when the officers approached? and he didnt flip out until the officers put hands on him? maybe thats why they approached in the first place and did not wait for back up…

        get your facts straight first before you start telling other people about them making up stories.. what a hypocrite

      3. batteredbypd says:

        @Hater ummm bc the police stated that themselves DUH!!!! Have you read ANYTHING about this case or were u just thinking U KNEW IT ALL & was about to try & debate w/o even knowing the story??

        The police said when they arrived he was acting ‘crazed’ & was ‘naked’ so yeah does that answer your question!

        And then did u not read that the officer said they ran after him 3 times..bc he kept running away from them? I guess not bc u are askin me some idiotic questions as to which have been answered already Mr Know it All!

        U are the one who needs to get facts straight..lol…Every article out there, the police admit when they arrived he wasnt acting normal & he was supposedy jumping on cars naked…Do more research & then try to respond to me…until then u sound * I’ll leave u to figure out what u sound like* lol

  5. 2958 says:

    Dam all this cuz the guy had the last donut!!!!!!!!!

  6. Renee Venegas says:

    The Policemen used excessive force and took the life of a son and father. There needs to be remorse and change. It obviously is not a race issue but a Los Angeles Police Department training issue. There are either other alternatives to guns as a way for The Police to control unarmed persons such as, Taser guns or batons or there should be. The way the policemen acted was not acceptable perhaps not all officer’s are cut out to “Serve and protect?” I feel a combination of both applies in this situation?

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