TUCSON (CBS) — Pima Community College officials released a bizarre, rambling YouTube post in which alleged spree killer Jared Lee Loughner talks about the campus as being “genocide school.”

The video, almost four minutes in length,  is what finally led the college to suspend the troubled Loughner.

The Los Angeles Times has a link to the just-released posting.

Loughner is accused of killing six and wounding 14 others in a shooting rampage outside a Tucson supermarket last Saturday.

His intended target was Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who was shot once in the head.

In addition to calling the college, “genocide school,” he says the school will be why he is “going to be homeless”, as well as calling out to a former teacher who happens by. “Thanks for the B…I’m pissed off. I lost my freedom of speech to that guy.”

Walking around the campus like he’s giving a tour, Loughner says “I’m in a terrible place…” the school is a “scam” and calls out his fellow students for “being such illiterates…it affects their daily lives.”

He also points out the campus police station where he says “all the illegal activity [happens].”

Click here for the link to the LA Times and the video: http://latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-arizona-shooting-20110115,0,6932026.story


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