LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Christina McLarty dines on a dime.

This week, her find is a downtown hotspot named Yxta.

The name may be hard to say (for the record it’s eeks-tah) but the food is awesome.

The restaurant is on the corner of Central Ave and 6th Street and serves delightful, fresh Mexican cuisine.

Fans love the slow-cooked carnitas, the sweet shrimp taquitos and salmon with mango-basil sauce.

And did we mention margaritas and happy hour!? And more than 30 different types of tequila? Ole, oh my!

For more about Yxta, click on the following link: http://Yxta.net

  1. Jennifer says:

    I Wana an Empanada
    The Empanada is the new IT food. There are so many IT foods I do not know what it is actually replaceing, all I know is that its the new one you should be chowing down. As I write this post I have 3 options sitting next to me. Not really but I am salivating thinking about this. In Los Angeles, Nonna’s Empanadas is brand new to the scene ready to offer you an option for your Latin cravings. At about 3 bucks a pop you can try the whole array of options. There are beef, chicken, veggie options to name a few. Get them spicy or not; have a breakfast option on the way to work. There is a wonderful sidewalk cafe to enjoy your treat. In addition to empanadas, there is an extensive menu to chow down on pizza, tostinos, and dessert for your sweet tooth. Everything is baked daily, which means fresher, than fresh. Can’t find the time to sit down. Get in on the combo deals: 3 empanadas and a soda or if you are hungry 6 and 2 sodas. Now get on trend and head to Nonna’s Empanadas,8570 W 3rd St across Cedars & Beverly Center.
    This message was
    Posted by Stephanie in another site but describe perfectly my point of view!
    Labels: Food and Drink, Los Angeles, Nonna’s Empanadas

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