SACRAMENTO (AP) — A state assemblyman is seeking a constitutional amendment that would prohibit a California governor from issuing last-minute pardons and commutations.

The bill by Republican Assemblyman Allan Mansoor of Costa Mesa would prevent the kind of deal Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger extended during his last hours in office to the son of former Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez.

The former Republican governor cut the sentence of 21-year-old Esteban Nunez to even years from 16. Esteban Nunez pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon in the stabbing death of a college student in San Diego.

The victim’s family says they had no notice about the governor’s action. Schwarzenegger later wrote the family an apology for not notifying them sooner.

santos letter Calif. Bill Would Bar Last Minute Clemency, Pardons

Read Schwarzenegger's letter to Mr. and Mrs. Santos.

Mansoor’s amendment would require a governor to give interested parties 30 days’ notice before granting a pardon, reprieve or commutation.

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Comments (4)
  1. alan hart says:

    They will never pass it. They want it in case they need a pardon themselves.

  2. Onclewillie says:

    A governor is governor for his or her entire term. Limiting their authority in the last few days, weeks or months is just wrong. The outrage is only because the whiners are upset over the person getting the commutation. If the Governor had issued the commutation six months earlier there would have been the same outrage.


    They should propose a Bill to Never allow any Governor or Mayor to grant any pardons or commutations.

    Everything should be done through the Courts system.

    If we have to go through the Courts, so should they..

    It’s NOT a Governor/Mayors job to grant Pardons/Commutations, let the Judge/Jurors/Courts decide the faith of the Victim(s)/Suspect(s).

    That is fricking why we ALL have to serve JURY DUTY.

    Fair Sentence or Not, let the Judge/Jurors decide..

  4. Bad Governator says:

    What sucks in the whole thing is that Nunez already took a Plea Bargain to a lesser sentence from the Courts..

    Nunez already took a Reduction in Sentencing, if he didn’t take the 16 years Plea Bargain Deal, his Actual Sentence could’ve been 35 Years to Life in Prison..

    The worse part in this all is that Nunez will probably get out of Prison in 2-3 years for Good behavior, political maneuvering by his dad, & dirty politics..

    May God be with you Mr Santos & Family..

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