CYPRESS (AP) — The uncle of a 2-year-old Orange County girl is facing trial for her killing and torture.

Prosecutors said in opening statements Wednesday that 33-year-old Michael David Balderas beat the girl with his hand and belt and sexually abused her before her death on March 30, 2006.

They say Balderas was angry at the girl because of potty training problems on the day she died.

Balderas became the sole caretaker of the girl while his sister and the child’s father were preparing to serve a term in federal prison in Texas in 2005.

Defense attorney Hong Nguyen told the Orange County Register after court that Balderas loved the child and that the evidence does not show that more than spanking occurred.

Nguyen will give her opening statement Thursday.

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Comments (6)
  1. MaskedMarvyl says:

    If this person did this to this two year-old infant, he needs to be dissected.

  2. Customer Service says:

    Who are you calling a person?

  3. Momwhocaresaboutkids says:

    I can’t wait for everyone at prison to learn that this loser beat and sexually abused a baby girl. He’ll have his fair share of beatings and sexual assaults. And he will deserve all of them. I wish this loser a long life in prison being beaten silly and sexually abused.

  4. asia says:

    i hope he burn in hell he don’t need a lawyer i pray to my voodoo sprits and saints that they take care of this monster

  5. Grand Mother says:

    OMG i can not even imagine what this little girl went through, i have a 3 year old grandson, and when he does something wrong my daughter would ask him why is he doing something bad, and i just look at his sad face and say sorry. I picture in my mind what this innocent child felt while getting hit and molested, i don’t understand how this Monster is still alive, because i heard that any man or woman who hurts not kills but hurts a child, they are like prime rib in the prisons, i wouldn’t doubt that this Monster is house somewhere in the prison being protected by correctional officers, i say put him with the other convinced and let them tier that prime rib up, he in my opinion shouldn’t be fed and taken care of, he’s living the good life while that little girl is no longer here with us the pain she must have felt, does this Monster have any other kids?

  6. Astonished says:

    I wonder what the defense attorney’s definition of “love” and “spanking” is. . .

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