LA Movie, TV Commercial Shoots Up 15 Percent

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hollywood producers taking advantage of state tax credits helped boost movie and television commercial shoots 15 percent in Los Angeles last year.

FilmLA, the not-for-profit quasi governmental agency that coordinates and processes film permits, says in a report Tuesday that there were 43,646 permitted production days last year. There were 37,979 in 2009.

The Los Angeles Daily News says FilmLA reports movie shoots off studio lots jumped 28.1 percent and TV location shoots jumped 49.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010 compared to the previous year.

FilmLA credits the rise on the state’s production tax credit program that took effect in July 2009.

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  • H Ervin

    Up 15 “Perfects”? Perfect!

  • Seeder

    Great headline, idiots. I remember the day when newspapers used to proofread for typos.

  • Drew

    Um, your headline. It’s “percent,” not “perfect.” That is all.

  • guest

    Shouldn’t the title read “LA Movie, TV Commercial Shoots Up 15 Percent” ??

  • A

    You need to check your copy more carefully – title should read “…Percent” not “Perfect.”


    oh my god hollywood freaks are out again run for your life

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