LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles County health officials are urging the patients of a San Pedro health clinic to get tested for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV after a confirmed case of contamination.

Patients of the Advanced Pain Treatment and Medical Center in San Pedro tell CBS 2/KCAL 9’s Kristine Lazar that they have been concerned for years about cross-contamination at the clinic. None of the patients wanted to be identified.

A patient contracted Hepatitis C at the clinic, a case that was linked to a nurse who improperly administered an IV.

“They believe the nurse contaminated the IV line,” the center’s Dr. Kamran Ghadimi said. “She’s not a new nurse, she’s practiced more than 20 years.”

That nurse, who was not identified, is still employed at the clinic but is no longer administering IVs.

A case of Hepatitis B is also believed linked to the clinic.

Health officials say that patients who have sought treatment at the center between Jan. 16, 2006 and Aug. 18, 2010 should be tested for Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B and HIV.

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Comments (27)
  1. The Mad Man says:

    How sloppy of this clinic.Obviously these are not professionals or did they do the school on the commercials? This is devastating news. Close down this clinic!

  2. HollywoodSaint says:

    sounds like free money to me…….LAWSUIT TIME !!!!!!!!!

    1. DISGUSTED LOCAL OF 13 says:


  3. Bitter in San Pedro says:

    Yeah, he could have been proactive about the whole thing and started to notify patients himself. Instead hes just gonna let us all worry about it. ILWU- Shut this guy down. He advertises that he takes ilwu insurance. I doubt anyone will go there after this. I made a couple hundred copies of my letter from LA county public health and am going to post them everywhere here in my wonderfull town of San Pedro CA. I think I paid around $16,000 for my treatments at this practice. I am not healed and the only thing I got out of it was this letter saying I need to go get tested for hep b/c and HIV. Maybe he should pay for the tests. Maybe after all the results are in he’ll be paying for alot more. He’ll probably ditch town and run to Dubai- his favorite vacation spot where he’ll lay out on the beach with his millions of dollars.

  4. susan says:

    A woman with sharpy eye brows and dark olive skin poked a syringe into my right tricep…another woman said something in spanish to her, then she looked at me with a really confused look, then said “Porque?” then quickly left.

  5. ginny25 says:

    If there is the slightest possibility that there is contamination then why is this clinic being allowed to continue treating patients and why is the staff member still working, no matter what tasks he/she is performing.

  6. A patient says:

    GHadimi should have notified his patients in Aug 2010, instead of letting the disease fester another 5 months in anyone infected in his sloppy clinic!

  7. DISGUSTED LOCAL OF 13 says:

    My spouse is a local and has been going there 2+++ Years. The last month we have been in and he never once told us of the outbreak. He smiled to his face as he shook the hand, knowingly this was going on in his practice. He gave my spouse a perscription to get a hiv and hep c test. When my spouse was done and more coheirant i had asked what thats all about? I reminded my spouse, that two employees have left over the last 9months to a year. Something isnt right! I told my spouse we need to get a new doctor. We found out through the mail from the LA County. We have no idea, what was signed because everytime my spouse comes out their wasted! Who knows what he had my spouse sign!! My spouse is ANGRY, EMOTIONAL, DiSTRAUGHT, ANXIETY AND CRYING! I know there might be a slim chance according to the county, but my spouse was the one who was injected and its easier said than done! OUr childreen are worried too! Not only will my spose get tested, but I will too! THis so called doctor, gets enough money to buy all the family members BMWs! Maybe that why he smiles and looks at us as the doctor shook our hands knowingly, that this was going on! We agree that he should be taking off the list and lic pulled! We agree that local members should boycott him too. Where is his morals and Integrity? Dont they have to swear an oath before they become doctors? All he sees is $$$ The GREEN!

  8. OSHA says:

    If it makes all you guys feel any better, I will do a free OSHA Compliance / Infection Control Training for staff. My company will offer this service at no charge. I will allow Dr. or staff to contact me VIA my website to schedule free service. I’m myself a San Pedrian, and I hate to not give back to my community. I will guarantee that after my services, thie will be compliant. http://WWW.YOUROSHA.COM. -OWNER

  9. Marlo says:

    I completely understand everyone’ frustrations,but why do so many of you bring up the doctor’s financial well being? He’s a doctor,he studied hard and worked hard to become one. Doctors earn their money,more rightfully so than many other highly paid professionals. Enough with the envy, stop hating.

    1. Jane Pain says:


      ***********************GOT HEPATITIS? **********************************************

    2. Linda says:

      Mario, the point is…….he has the funds to hire “competent” employees, do extensive background checks, etc. so that this does not happen. My mother-in-law went to this clinic, she will be 84 next month……what do you think this will do to her declining health? This doctor is responsible for the health and well being of all patients. We don’t yet know the outcome of her exposure, blood tests being done next week. Her health started going downhill rapidly, maybe this is the cause of such a rapid decline? Maybe he didn’t study hard enough!

    3. Bitter as hell says:

      I only bring it up as I was charged $16,000.00 for treatments that not only didn’t work for me but now am being tested tomkorrow for hep-A/B/C and HIV I would like some of or all of MY money back from this MFER.

  10. PA-C Jenna says:

    Judging from the responses on this site. I gather most of you are not bright at all. and not a medical professional. This has been blown out of proportion and all you need is a simple test. I took mine last week and got my results today. I’m clear and Ive been going to this doctor for many years. From what i hear only one person had hep. Make sure you get your facts correct before you bash someone like that. be a little more professional.

    For those if you who feel the need to bash someone. How about getting an education and learning how to treat someone. bashing makes you sound childish.

    1. former patient says:

      Hey,tThe first death traceable to the clinic has been reported today. Think you need a little education to know how serious death can be.

    2. RLL says:

      Two patients from this clinic have DIED from Hepatitis.
      I too received a letter from the county that I have been exposed and I am scared. Yes, I was tested but have to be tested at the very least every 6 months for the next 2 years.
      If being frightened is unprofessional I don’t care. I am scared and have lost a lot of sleep worrying. No one has the right to put others health in danger.
      I always thought Ghadimi was very full of himself. Now he has proven that he is unprofessional and hasn’t a clue about what is going on in his own office!.

    3. PA-C JENNA BASH THIS says:

      Hope you’re not a medical professional!!! As you can’t even write proper english. Facts are still brewing in this matter, people are still being tested. Results are still comming in. This isn’t about being “bright” as you put it, rather about being negative or positive for HEP B,C and or HIV. The only facts we have been givin are the bills we paid for treatments and the letter from The Public Health department. There are other local doctors who have come forward to help with testing etc… Where were you??? You must not be one either.

  11. JA says:

    Several years ago my insurance company gave me a referral to this Dr. I went for a consultation. The Dr was so rude I told him off and walked out. Last June my insurance, yet again gave me a referral to him. I didn’t recognize the name and went to another consultation. When I got into the office I recognized him. He was still rude. I never went back. His office was very dirty and looked very shady. I wasn’t going to let this guy put a needle in my back. He should have been shut down years ago. I hope he gets what he deserves.

  12. Jane Pain says:

    JA you did the right thing by walking out and not having any treatments with IV sedation! He was the most rude doctor I have ever encountered! Very rude, angry, and hostile!!! I am awaiting my blood test results!

  13. Eric Shipley says:

    I received epidural from this clinic between the months of Jan and April 2010. I was diagnosed with chronic Hep C in June of 2010. This disease has turned my family upside down. It has affected me in too many ways to name. I have been going through treatment (chemotherapy) for 14 weeks now with 10 to go. The treatments are even worse than the Hep C. I am disgusted that I have had to go through this and even more disgusted to find out that one woman has died as a result. I am afraid that many more confirmed cases are soon to follow. How does this happen for 5 years??????? I am unsure what my next steps are going to be. This has changed my life in ways that I will never recover from.

  14. ILWU BE AWARE says:

    I am 50 years old. I went to this clinic 6 times, had 5 surgeries. Never got rid of the pain, while getting the surgery it hurt and I jumped. He screamed at me for 10 minutes. Had a fit. For the past 3 years I have been very tired, depressed and unable to do normal tasks around the house or work. I am going to get tested for HIV, HEP A?B?C?D?F as well as myy son who also was treated there and has also been unable to return to work. Don’t go to this clinic and don’t send your family members there or anyone for that matter. If it is true that he did reuse syringes- he is a terrorist. syringes cost less than 25 cents each. A needle is less than 3 cents each. I believe he may be a terrorist.

  15. Concerned in SP says:

    Vern Meissner attorney in San Pedro has agreed to represent the patients affected in this matter. He needs 30 patients or more to come forward and call him. Everything is confedential. 310-833-2335 becuase we are all going to need alot of medical care and compensation to leave to our loved ones when we die of HEP C/ HIV etc…. Please call the number and sign up.

  16. Dr. Schoenwetter says:

    Dr. Schoenwetter has offered to draw blood for testing and send to Labcorp or the lab of your choice. You’ll pay minimal charge for draw fee and you won’t have to wait in such a long line. He will check results etc… for you. 310-832-0258 Fresh out of retirement. Back in town to help. Office is open Tuesday,wednesday,thursdays. They open at 10;00am-4:00pm

    Also, offering pain therapy.

  17. SAN PEDRAN says:

    If he is reusing 3 cent needles, WHAT ELSE ARE THEY DOING TO US?


    How about this doctors wife who works in the back of the office. Who is a medical professional as well. If there is any chance of a lawsuit, I bet he is funelling all his money over to her. I s Gadhimi going to transfer all his money over to her like Dr. SAKS so patients get nothing? I think this clinic should have to at the VERY LEAST PAY FOR ALL TESTING IN THIS MATTER, hospital fees, and any associated costs to these HARD WORKIING LOCAL FAMILIES. Loss of income, pain and suffering. Wwe went to take care of pain and paid good money for our care. This AHOLE needs to be shut down. Homeland Security shoiuld check this guy out as a possible terrorist.


    Doctors have malpractice insurance. I believe the maximum a patient can receive from a settlement is $250,000 in the state of California. It is per case basis. Possible 2300 cases. Good Luck Doc. If your sick get tested and call Lawyer. Start your lawsuit as soon as possible, before he skips town.

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