Brown Orders 48K Cell Phones To Be Collected

SACRAMENTO (CBS) — Government-paid cell phones will be the first casualty of Gov. Jerry Brown’s cost-cutting measures.

Brown directed state agency and department heads to collect and turn in 48,000 government-paid cell phones by June 1, 2011, his first executive order since taking office last week.

Brown estimates that the state can save at least $20 million a year by cutting cell phone usage in half. The state now pays for 96,000 cell phones.

In a release from the governor’s office, Brown said that some cell phones may still be under contract with carriers, and wants to make sure that the state does not incur any early termination penalties.

“Because of contract obligations, it is possible that we may not be able eliminate all 48,000 cell phones by June 1, but it is also conceivable that we can do it earlier – and that is my hope,” Brown said in the release.

Brown’s estimate of at least $20 million in annual savings assumes that the average cell phone bill is a bit over $36 a month, which the Department of Finance has determined is the average cost.

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  • Sylverster Tillingsgrad

    ….but if you turn off all 96,000, then 4000 state employees don’t have to take a 10% pay cut

  • CAN

    Great start.

  • $20 Million Savings?

    WoW! $20 millions a year savings? in that case, that back ALL 96,000 cell phones.. That’s roughly $40 millions in savings noh?

    His should consider Eliminating Overtime Pay, Welfare, & Healthcare, etc..

  • Arthur R Spafford Jr

    Can you hear me now?

  • Josh Butts

    Why didn’t Arnold think of that?

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  • Rollerderby79

    Unfreakin believable! What else do “we” not know about??? What about car allowances? They have good paying jobs and can pay for themselves. The “freeloaders” need to stop it.

    • bugman

      Bell, upper level!

  • Reality Check

    If the average bill is $36 a month, that means that most of these phones aren’t being used anyway.

  • Nicolette Monroe

    Well trying to elminate overtime, welfare, and health care is just not a reasonable option but eliminating government cars and car allowences would and also the amount of travel they do will also help. That alone is a big expense. With the invention of the internet it is possible to hold many meetings and trainings over the internet or conference call thus elminating the cost of flying a person, paying for their hotel and the cost to rent a car for a certain amount of days. Hello.. that makes sense right? Come on Brown!

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