Brown To Unveil Tight Spending Plan, Reorder Government

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(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

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SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has been cagey about his spending plans for California, offering few specifics about how he’ll tackle a $28 billion budget deficit.

One thing California’s new governor has made clear: nearly everyone will feel the pain.

Brown has warned interest groups, lawmakers, schools and citizens to brace themselves, as deep, across-the-board spending cuts are needed to address the state’s chronic spending imbalance.

Brown wants to restructure state government by shifting responsibility for a host of programs to cities and counties. He also says he wants to flatten state government by cutting outdated jobs and departments.

Voters also could be asked to weigh in on California’s future, if he seeks to extend the temporary income, sales and vehicle taxes set to expire in July.

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