RIVERSIDE (CBS) — Witness some strange lights in the sky over Riverside County Thursday night? You are not alone.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department says the lights that many people have reported in the night sky were simply civilian parachuters with flares.

The parachuting group warned the sheriff’s department that they were going to make the jump at night.

The lights were seen around 10 p.m.

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Comments (4)
  1. B JONES says:

    Skydivers? “Don’t believe everything you see and only half of what you hear.”

    Telivision news is canned. It’s all the same.Same thing,on 2-3 different channels (2,4,7) at the same time.
    There used to be over 50 different media outlets. Now there are only six, easier to control them AND YOU!
    It’s not what they tell you, IT’S WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU!

    People need to stop worrying about what happened to Lindsey Lohan today or
    whether Paris Hilton has any panties on when she gets out of a car.

    WAKE UP!
    Our government has been hiding information from us and lying for longer than they’ve been telling the truth.


  2. stewart says:

    I saw the lights and I watched them break up. I saw each light fly over simi valley. None of the lights went out. Each one came and flew off. I thought maybe there was a delay at burbank airport and it was just a few plains waiting to land. But now that I hear this lie I feel it’s something more.

  3. stewa says:

    correction this report says the lights are over river side on the 7th. I saw them on the 1-10-11 over ventura CA about 9:00pm or maybe 9:30pm. How many parachuters with flares are there these days?

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